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By means of an RPL application, an ICT professional without any ICT qualifications or even tertiary qualification can submit an RPL report to ACS. By doing so, they can have an RPL ACS skill evaluation.

ACS is the authorized assessment authority, which assesses the applications of ICT professionals for Australian migration. In simple terms, the authority takes candidates’ qualifications, work experience, and ICT professional skills into account for evaluation. If the candidate has a successful evaluation, they can migrate to Australia and work there as an ICT professional.

An applicant must have two RPL Reports in their RPL application. Each of the two reports must give descriptions of career and employment history in detail. The following kinds of ICT professionals can apply for ACS RPL assessment:

The first one is those candidates without ICT qualifications need to have a minimum of six years of work experience in the ANZSCO code occupation.

The second one is those without even tertiary qualifications. These candidates need to have at least 8 years of work experience. However, their additional 2 years of work are not mandatory to be related to the ANZSCO Code occupation they chose.

RPL ACS skill assessment requirements (documents):

One of the major requirements for an RPL ACS Australia skill assessment is supporting documents. So, here, we have prepared a list of necessary documents that are submitted with an RPL application:

Personal documents:

  1. Birth certificate or passport: You must provide a color scan of the passport. Moreover, you need to present the passport identity page, having your full name, address, and other necessary information.
  2. Name change evidence: it’s wise to submit a clear color scan of the document if you have changed your name.
  3. Resume or Curriculum Vitae: As per ACS criteria, you need to upload your CV in the personal part of the application form.

Educational Qualifications proof:

  1. Academic qualifications:

For your Australian qualifications, you need to send a color scan of the academic transcript and an award certificate or completion letter. I have attached the master’s degree, you also need to submit a bachelor’s degree. Provide the following information in your qualifying paperwork:

  • Degree title or award in education.
  • The university name where the degree was conferred.
  • The date of educational degree completion.
  • The details of the courses like the marks or grades you obtained for each unit or subject.

Vendor assessment:

You need to submit the vendor login information for verification purposes to become eligible as a Microsoft vendor.

After the submission of the form, you may be told to put in your login credentials for the Cisco vendor qualification. This information can be attached as a PDF file.

Experience documents:

You need to give a color scan of your job references on the business letter or a third-party statutory declaration.

Requirements for work experience documents (RPL ACS skill evaluation):

  • Your job experience needs to have the starting and ending dates of your employment. If you are still working, then write the data as ‘To date’.
  • For the chosen occupation, you need to explain all of the jobs and obligations you performed during your employment.
  • The number of hours per week you worked. Apart from that, you need to mention whether you job was a part-time job or a full-time one.
  • The country in which you did your job. You need to mention the date and job location if it is in the same country but in a different place.
  • Organizational letterhead has to be signed by the author. It must have their name, address, position title and phone number.

Requirements for third-party Statutory Declaration:

Third-party colleagues who are at the executive level give the statutory declaration. The third part needs to state their working connection with you and responsibilities performed for the entire employment period, together with the related dates.

It must mention that the document was witnessed before authorized officials and the date location of the declaration.

RPL ACS skill assessment processing time:

There is nothing fixed when it comes to the RPL ACS skill evaluation processing time. On the submission of the RPL report, it takes nearly eight to ten weeks. ACS usually takes and suggestions an applicant to allow a minimum of ten to twelve weeks to complete the ACS skills assessment. However, you should also remember that the processing time tends to vary as per the quality of the submitted documents and given details.

Key considerations for the online application form of the assessment of RPL ACS skills:

PDF file requirements:

The documents have to be merged into a single PDF file. These documents must provide information related to your qualifications and work background. Keep your PDF file size no more than 3 MB.

Keep checking to see whether the PDF file is encrypted or kept on read-only mode. The PDF file was copied and pasted into the application form on the website.

Documentation supplements:

In case, ACS finds your claim not enough, they can ask you for additional documents. In such cases, you need to submit additional or updated papers, supporting your claim. You need to rename the document to differentiate it from other files, already submitted.

Uploading original certificates:

You need to ensure that you provide high-quality color scans of your original licenses, certificates, resumes, passports, and the like. They should be with a resolution of a minimum of 300 dpi. Before the online submission of papers, check the digital signature many times.

Translation of documents:

You need to submit a paper written completely in English. If the document is in any other language, then you also need to include English translation. You need to submit both original and translated documents together.

 Translation of documents inside Australia: Translations can be accepted provided that they are approved by NAAT (National Accreditation Authority for translators and interpreters) for use within the country.

Document translation outside Australia:

Translations are acceptable only if they fulfill the below-given criteria:

Award-winning institutes, private or commercial translators

Embassy of Australia High Commission Consulate

The Australian Education International Section, Ministry of Justice or equivalent where the qualification was achieved (AEIS).

Need further information regarding the RPL ACS skill evaluation? Contact them freely.


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