Conclusions are an important part of any research study. Writing research study conclusions is, of course, a challenging task. The ample information available on the topic makes it hard to write. Although it is hard to write a conclusion, it is not impossible. You must know all the dos and don’ts of writing a research conclusion.

It is necessary because it is where many students fail. They do not know what they need to write in the conclusion part of their studies. They start mentioning the results again in this part, which is bad. So, keeping this in mind, today’s article is about to do’s and don’ts for research study conclusions. It will mention all things you need to avoid and talk about in your research study. Thus, let’s start our discussion with the following question.

What do you write in the conclusion of a research study?

Writing a conclusion for your dissertation or research study can be difficult. Concluding, the research study means that you need to sum up all the information and provide a summary of it. Many students do not take this into consideration. They just take the results and mention them again in this critical section of their research study. Therefore, when writing a conclusion, you can consider the steps mentioned below;

Restate your research topic

Reading through tons of information can make your readers forget the research topic. The readers often forget the main theme of the research. In this case, before starting to write research study conclusions, you must restate your research topic. It should not be longer than one or two sentences. This part of your conclusion should be clear and concise and only state the central research theme. You can get help from a PhD dissertation writing service in case of any issues.

Restate the thesis statement

The next thing you should do in your conclusion restates the thesis statement. You can do this by revising the original problem statement. It allows the readers to return to the original research and think of the conclusion in light of the original thesis. Always remember that restating the thesis statement does not mean that you are allowed to write it word by word. You need to paraphrase the original statement. It means that it should be different from the one you wrote in the introduction part of the research study. Its length should also not exceed one or two sentences.

Summarise the main points

Writing research study conclusions is all about summarizing the results of your study. You should also do the same and summarise the main points. You need to discuss all the points in relation to the research topic. Also, you should not include any other information except the main results. Adding new information in the conclusion section is strictly not recommended. The purpose of summarising the main points is to remind the reader of the importance of the research topic.

Conclude your thoughts

As you finish writing research study conclusions, you might create a call to action. This call to action will be the concluding thought of your research. It allows the reader to think about the research topic further and act based on that.

What should be included in the conclusions and recommendations part of a research study?

The conclusions and recommendations are the cruces of your research study. These two sections also mark a formal end to your study. The conclusion and recommendations parts follow a specific structure. You need to discuss only things that are relevant to the study. Let’s see what you need to include in the conclusion and recommendation section.

What can be done?

You must talk about the call to action in the recommendation section. As you have done your research and know the results, it is time to take action. You should explain the steps that the readers can take based on this research. It includes steps needed to implement particular policies or actions discussed in the research study.

Explanation of the benefits

In the conclusion and recommendation section, you can also mention the benefits of your study. Talk about how this study can be helpful in mitigating the problems discussed. You can also talk about the gaps that need to be filled in. the explanation of the benefits makes your research more practical. The readers understand its applicability well and act accordingly.

What additional research is needed?

It is critical that you must include in the research study conclusions and recommendations. As no research is perfect, so is the case with your study. Every research has limitations, and your study also must have some limitations. Therefore, in the recommendation section, you must include what can be done in the future. What can other researchers do to increase the validity of the research? The conclusion and recommendation section must include an explanation of this.

What should not be included in a research paper conclusion?

After discussing things to be included in the conclusion, let’s see what you need to avoid. A brief description of all the things that you should not include is as follows;

Avoid stating minor points

The research study conclusions are short in reality. You do not have enough space to discuss all the points in a limited word count section. Therefore, you should not talk about the minor points in your conclusion.

Avoid introducing new information

The conclusion of a research is based on the research results. It discusses what is already known. Introducing last-minute information can distract and offend your readers. Therefore, it is always advisable not to discuss anything new in the conclusion section.

Avoid the phrase “in conclusion.”

The use of the phrase “in conclusion” leaves an impression that you do not know what to write in conclusion. It is because the heading of this section is already telling the readers what this section is about. There is no need to repeat it in the text.


Writing research study conclusions is a hectic job. Along with discussing all the points, you also have to be concise in your discussion. The things mentioned above can help you structure a perfect conclusion section.

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