For many individuals, getting a pet is like adding a new member to their family. We establish bonds to the animals in our lives just as readily as we do to the humans we care about, whether it’s something traditional like a cat or a dog. However, keep in mind that pets are not humans at the end of the day. They lack human intelligence and communication abilities, as well as a sense of social awareness and responsibility, and they do not have human legal rights. You have to be extra attentive and careful with them as they stay babies all their lives demanding and needing your unconditional and undivided love and attention. Below are some of the most common Pet Care tips that you must always keep in mind.

Owning a pet is a big responsibility and a lifetime commitment. No matter how small a pet is, they cannot look after themselves and take care. Giving care to your pet ensures the bond between the two is strong and healthy. It is up to us to offer them care, whether for regular check-ups, feeding them food or outdoor exercises, or simply indulging them.

Avoid Leaving Your Pets Alone in Cars

People, upon getting pets, tend to take them everywhere with them which is a good thing but avoid doing so if you have to get off somewhere and will have to leave your dog behind in the car, alone.

Leaving your pets in a car can have serious repercussions and cause them to have heat stroke or asphyxia. You should definitely not leave your dogs in the car in summer, but avoid doing it on normal days as the temperature is high enough to overheat their bodies. 

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Whenever you do take your dog out for rides, ensure carrying water and a dish with you. 

Keep a Regular Check at Ticks

Check to see if your pet is protected against ticks, fleas, and lice. Ticks are most active between March and mid-May, and then again between mid-August and November.

Once the temperature goes above freezing, ticks become active. It is a good idea to keep an anti-tick spray-on since it aids in the destruction of ticks and alleviates your pet’s itchy nightmare.

Do Not Overfeed

People fall for the puppy eyes too easily and end up overfeeding their dogs which can make them obese. Obesity further leads to many problems related to joint and heart.

It can also cause diseases like cancer or diabetes. Pets are adorable creatures and might make pet care difficult for you but you cannot give in to their temptations as this restraint is for their benefit. You should consult a veterinarian before deciding how much food to give to your dog and adhere to the total number of calories recommended by the doctor.

Dental Hygiene

Although it is ideal to brush your pet’s teeth every day, most doctors acknowledge that this is not always practical. Keeping this in mind, some doctors recommend yearly anaesthetic dental cleanings to remove tartar and polish the teeth. This can aid in the prevention of periodontal disease and bacteria, both of which can harm the heart, lungs, kidneys, and liver.

Ensure Surfaces Are Not Overheated

In summers, not only the car surfaces or roofs but also the platforms and roads become rather hot. The surfaces outside are overheated because of constant exposure to the sun, which can hurt the paws of your dogs. Additionally, this is not going to hurt just their paws but may have some internal effects as well. The heat is going to pass through their body and might lead to hyperthermia. 

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Healthy Diet

Giving your pet a healthy diet will ensure good immunity and make their body far more effective in combating infections and viruses. Feed them the right amount of food. Overeating leads to obesity in animals, which will further lead to more health problems like cardiac illness and renal problems.

It should be kept in mind that pet food and their dietary needs are far different from human food, so table scraps or human food, in general, should never be given to them. Salt, garlic, and onions are harmful to your pet’s health and cause serious health issues. 

Pet Insurance

Pet Insurance is a must-have and you must not overlook this. Taking your pets to doctors can be pretty expensive and having pet insurance would help you save up a lot of money.

Pets need regular check-ups and it is not easy to diagnose them on your own so they ask for more routine checkups which would be made easier with pet insurance.

Do Your Research About Vet

Word of mouth is a tried-and-true way for finding a good vet—but do your homework. Check the website of your province’s licensing body to check whether your veterinarian has a history of disciplinary procedures.


Grooming begins with cleaning and combing the fur, followed by grinding and nail trimming. Pet massages are frequently used in grooming to help the pet relax. Summer also requires a fashionable dog haircut. By going for a full shave, you are interfering with their temperature regulation system. It is a good idea to get your dogs groomed on a regular basis since it keeps them relaxed and comfortable.

Choose the Correct Accessories

Your dogs also need air to breathe so do not keep them covered in clothes. Especially in summer, their coats need to be in contact with the air to be able to breathe and not sweat. Keeping them covered the entire time will lead to irritation and annoyance. 

These are some of the very basic Pet Care Tips that can keep your mind, but there are myriad other pet care tips available that are specific to the dog breed that you are going to get or have. You must look up enough information on your dog and talk to a veterinarian about the appropriate precautions, checkups, regular showers etcetera. Getting professional help is always advisable.  

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