Makeup is a brilliant way to temporarily (yet dramatically) change up your look. Compared to the potential cost of buying a new outfit every time you feel that your style had changed, experimenting with makeup is relatively affordable. Makeup application is a skill that takes time and practice to perfect, but if you have the desire and the will to improve then you will quickly notice progress. Here are five fun ways that you can experiment with makeup to test your skills and express your style.

1, Perfect Everyday Makeup

If you enjoy wearing makeup, chances are you would like to get better at honing your everyday skills so that you can quickly and effectively apply your cosmetics before heading out. Although everyday makeup sounds dull, it doesn’t need to be. You can choose any kind of style to be your everyday look; some people like having a touch of mascara while others create a detailed goth look. The main point is to work on your everyday makeup so that you can do it as quickly as possible.

2. Glam Makeup

If you don’t tend to wear much makeup (or any at all) then it might be fun for you to try your hand at full-glam makeup. This involves a lot of techniques such as contouring, baking, shaping, highlighting and blending. Glam looks are intended to be impactful and bold so don’t be afraid to get creative. Just be warned that a full-glam look can take a lot of time to apply if you want it to look good.

3. Special Effects Makeup

This kind of makeup has the potential to be the most transformative when it comes to your appearance. It is unlikely to make its way into your everyday look unless you are particularly adventurous, but it can be exciting to see how different you can make your face with special effects makeup. The techniques require precision and a gentle touch as well as an understanding of chemical reactions. This is a great skill to have if you enjoy dressing up.

4, Minimal Makeup

Minimal makeup can be different from everyday makeup since some people enjoy applying a full face early in the morning whereas others go barefaced on most days. If you are someone who is used to doing their makeup almost all the time, it might be worth experimenting with a reduction in the products you use in your routine. Try cutting out one or two elements at a time to see the difference. If you like how it looks and feels, you might just save yourself time getting ready each day.

5.  Expressive Makeup

There are plenty of makeup artists out there who have cultivated followings based on their ability to create impressive makeup looks, but makeup isn’t just about looking good. It is about being playful and expressive of your personality. You can experiment with your makeup looks by trying out unusual methods of application to come up with your very own unique style.

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