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For the story, revision, or maintenance of the medical website of public institutions, please get in touch with our agency. We will consult and prepare a commercial offer for free within one day.


  • What should be on the website of state medical organizations
  • Requirements for the technical part of sites
  • How is the creation of the site of the clinic?
  • Conclusion

Websites of medical institutions (as well as websites of government organizations) fall under certain legal regulations. Each medical organization (MO) must have a website. This requirement applies to:

  • hospitals, clinics, and polyclinics;
  • honey. colleges;
  • hospices;
  • dispensaries and sanatoriums;
  • maternity;
  • family planning centers;
  • Research Institute and CDC, etc.

What should be on the website of state medical organizations

According to it, it is recommended to make the following areas of the web portal:

  1. Institutional information.
  2. Information for visitors.

2.1. On the territorial program of state guarantees free medical care.

2.2. Dispensary.

2.3. Information about the provision of paid services.

  1. Information for specialists.
  2. Staff.
  3. Vacancies.
  4. Medical supply.
  5. Higher authorities.
  6. The documents.
  7. Reviews.
  8. Contact Information.

Access to sections should be from the main page or the navigation menu, but not more than three transitions.

Consider what information should be written in each of the areas.

Main page

On the main page, write:

  • full and short name of the organization;
  • addresses, telephones, including the help desk and hotline.

Also, on this page, there should be a banner of the Unified Portal of Public Services with an active link. YoIt would help if you also had a flag for an independent assessment of the service quality, including a link to an interactive questionnaire.

If the institution has a blood transfusion unit, it is important to place a donor traffic light in creating a hospital website.

About the medical institution

There should be the following information:

  • State registration date.
  • Enumeration of structural subdivisions.
  • Information about the license (along with a scan of the document).
  • Information about the head, deputy, and department head indicates the full name and position.
  • Structure and governing bodies of a medical organization.
  • Contacts, location map, email.

Information for patients

It is important to point out here:

  • Leadership schedule.
  • MO working hours.
  • Rights and obligations of citizens in the field of health protection.
  • Inner order rules.

In the subsection on territorial programs, it is necessary to list:

  • Types of medical care provided.
  • Information about the conditions for rendering medical assistance.
  • Data on the availability of honey. Help.

The subsection “Dispensary” contains information about:

  • Rules and terms of hospitalization.
  • The results of the ongoing medical examination.

In the “Paid Services,” it is important to indicate:

  • The list of rendered paid honey. Services and their prices, which can be freely downloaded.
  • Information about doctors providing paid services and work schedules.
  • Sample contract for the provision of paid services.

It is better to list the categories of citizens entitled to preferential use of paid services in a separate section.

Information for specialists

It describes the procedure and standards for the provision of medical care with links to documents.

Medical workers

Each medical organization is required to indicate information about health workers, namely:

  • Name and position;
  • qualification;
  • specialty according to the diploma and the year of its issue;
  • schedule.

Photographs of employees may accompany this information if they have consented to their publication.


This section publishes information about the availability of vacancies.

Medical supply

It is necessary to compile and place a list of essential drugs that the patient can receive at a 50% discount.

The documents

Here you need to place scans of documents of the Ministry of Defense and information about regulatory legal acts.


Here the form for electronic appeal and patient reviews is set, for example, as on the website of RD No. 16.


The section prescribes the name of the head, addresses, and telephones, and the location map is indicated.

This is the basic information that should be present on state clinics, hospitals, etc., medical websites. Institutions.

It would also not be superfluous to indicate:

  • on preparation for clinical examination and research;
  • the order of registration for the initial appointment with specialists;
  • rules for visiting patients by relatives.

Other materials are placed at the request of the medical department’s founder and (or) head. Organizations.

The titles of the sections and their hierarchy may differ from the recommendations in the training manual. The main thing is to indicate the data required by law.

In addition, information about the activities of the medical organization (name, full name of the chief physician, contacts, list of services, email, and link to the site) is entered in the section

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Requirements for the technical part of websites

According to legal requirements, the website of polyclinics and clinics must comply with the following statements:

  • Information is provided in the public domain and can be freely viewed and downloaded.
  • The information is written in an understandable language and placed in a visual and accessible form.
  • All information must be current and reliable.

Domain and hosting

A domain name is usually an abbreviated name of an institution with its number, but usually without a territorial reference—for example, http://rd16.ru or https://pol83.ru.

Version for the visually impaired

The site must have a version for the visually impaired. On the page, all materials must be accompanied by text, and a description must accompany graphic elements.

To learn more information please visit https://www.healthcaremarketingagency.net/


You also need to create a search. Again, it can be made simple or extended so the user can quickly find the necessary information.

Form for filing an electronic appeal

If the user does not find the required information, he can submit a request through the feedback form. Also, for convenience of consumers of services and the organization itself, you can create a record for online registration on the pages.

Privacy Policy

The medical organization works with the data of visitors. Therefore, the institution must ask permission to process personal data and tell about the conditions for their processing.

In addition, the medical facility must notify that the site is processing personal data.

Site map.

The Health Committee periodically checks websites for compliance with the legislation. In addition, heads of medical organizations under the jurisdiction of the Board of Health may be asked to provide data on the resource submission with legal and regulatory requirements.

You can check the site for compliance here. Then, it would help if you answered a few questions.

How is the creation of the medical website of the clinic?

Medical Website design for institutions has its characteristics:

  • Development studios participate in the tender. MO selects the most attractive commercial offer in terms of price, terms, and scope of work performed.
  • Usually, payment for the services of a web studio occurs with a deferred payment.

Therefore, when choosing a development studio, it is important to look at the relevant experience and the terms of service.

The development of a medical website for an institution itself consists of 6 stages.

Discussion of the task and preparation of TOR

The customer describes the task in detail, based on which the studio prepares the terms of reference. This will avoid unplanned expenses and unnecessary alterations.

Drawing the design

Then the design of the main page is prepared. When the layout is ready, the customer needs to accept it or make changes.


The pages are laid out at this stage, and their adaptability is ensured. First, the desktop version is made up, then the mobile version.


The finished layout is installed on the CMS. Then, finally, the site takes on a physical form.


This is the most important of the steps.

Employees can create content: institutions or web studios. Usually, the latter do it.

When preparing some texts (for example, information about a disease, preparing for research, etc.), the help of an employee from a medical website is desirable so that the data is reliable.


This is the last stage of development, which checks the performance of the site as a whole and its elements.

The creation of the site does not end with the delivery of the project. According to the requirements of the law, the MO must:

  • Monitor website performance and resolve issues on time.
  • Protect the resource from hacking, attacks, unauthorized copying, and destruction of materials.
  • Notify patients on time about changes in tariffs, working conditions, etc.

Suppose an institution decides to participate in any program (for example, Lean Clinic, Anti-Corruption, etc.), post-survey forms or information to the public.


So, when creating a medical website for a state institution, it is unnecessary to adhere to the recommended page structure. The main thing is to provide the most important information, place banners on the Unified Portal of State Services and, assess the quality of services, create a version for the visually impaired.

The medical website of an institution is a large web portal with many pages and information. To create it from scratch, you need the strength of more than one specialist.

Contact only professional studios. Specialists of the Internet agency FireSEO will be able to create a web project that will not only comply with the requirements of the law but will also become a convenient and useful platform for visitors.

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