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Cupcake boxes in the UK have always been a popular treat that adds sweetness to any occasion. 

There’s nothing quite like a good cupcake. The miniature treats are usually covered with a delectable cream that is a flavourful addition to any tea time. They come in various shapes and sizes. Furthermore, the range of flavours possible is countless. 

Many home chefs have success with their cupcakes and want their tasty confectionaries to have more outreach. To make that possible, they need secure packaging on which they can count. 

Hence, the demand for bulk cupcake boxes is increasing. Big and small brands alike are searching for cupcake boxes wholesale UK suppliers that can create packaging solutions that increase brand outreach while giving the cupcakes secure housing. 

As a brand looking for cupcake packaging, you should know the various parameters that can help you make sturdy packaging. This blog will learn about various packaging materials that can help you make cupcake boxes. 

Whether you want to make wedding cupcake boxes or bulk cupcake boxes, this blog can help you out. 

Let’s get started. 

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Packaging Materials For Cupcake Boxes

There are numerous types of materials that can be used to make cupcake boxes. We will take you through some of the most popular ones. Here they are:

Cardboard Boxes 

A box made using cardboard is usually preferred for its sturdiness. They are also known as corrugated boxes.

If you want an ideal solution for your customers, consider these boxes. Their strength and structure are incredible, and cupcakes fit snugly into each of its corners. 

There’s an added benefit to using these boxes. You can use different colours on it, add printing you like and make customers reach out for your product when they step into the kitchen section of a retail store. 

The variety in the content will certainly give cupcakes an edge over other products. It can even provide you with a competitive advantage. 

A cardboard box will be easy to customise because you have the freedom to choose your colours, motifs and size. You can also personalise the box by adding inserts, including brochures or pamphlets for additional information about upcoming deals or promotional events. 

Rigid Paperboard Boxes

Rigid paperboard is another type of paper packaging material that you can use to make cupcake boxes. These boxes are ideal for holding hefty products that need secure housing with strong, durable properties. 

As long as there are no dents or scratches on the box, you can expect it to keep your product safe even if it falls from a height. Plus, these boxes can withstand compression strains. That means you can stack these boxes on top of each other for worry-less storage. 

They come in various styles, and some of them allow you to store them as flat sheets. They are cut in a way that makes it easy for you to assemble them without using any tapes or glues. 

Moreover, they offer incredible print quality. Thus, you can use these boxes to increase brand awareness. 

In some cases, the marketer might have new flavours that they want to bring out. In those cases, a rigid paperboard box will come as a blessing as it is suitable for printing superior quality images and motifs. 

You can even print vibrant colours on them with professional-grade inkjet printers. 

personalised cupcake boxes

Clear Plastic Boxes

Clear plastic boxes are a good option if you’re looking for bulk cupcake boxes. You can decorate these plain boxes with attractive colours and make customers curious about the product inside. 

You can also add inserts to highlight free samples or promotional events on their box lids. 

They are waterproof, so moisture won’t affect the cupcakes when you place them inside these boxes. And because of their clear features, they will add an element of attraction to the box. 

You can even add a small window in these boxes to afford customers a sneak peek into what’s in store for them. 

These boxes have some drawbacks compared to other options for all their benefits. First, they are pricey. Second, they won’t hold heavy products because the plastic used in making them is flimsy. 

Therefore, you will need to look for a substitute if you want durable and sturdy. But in most cases, clear plastic boxes might prove to be an excellent choice and can best serve your purpose. 


Whether you want the best cupcake boxes UK or wedding cupcake boxes, learning about the various materials can help you out. 

This blog has given you an idea of what kind of packaging material is suitable for each situation. So, consider the factors mentioned here before choosing a box for your needs.

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