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It is usual for websites to discuss the features, benefits, and drawbacks of implementing AdvancedMD EMR software. But today, we will discuss two of its significant pillars, telemedicine, and billing. It undoubtedly offers a never-ending list of functionalities, but these two are the essential services that attract a considerable customer base.

So, let’s get into the details without any delay.

AdvancedMD Software

AdvancedMD is an intact EMR software that revolutionized the norms of healthcare practices. The company is based in South Jordan, Utah, and serves an extensive national footprint of around 40,000 care providers, 13000 clinical practices, and 850 medical billing companies. This effective software offers a list of customizable services to ambulatory care practices.

It aims to strengthen the relationship between practitioners and patients by featuring patient-centric services. The software primarily focuses on patient engagement above all clinical aspects. Also, it works to simplify the financial procedures of clinical practices and speeds up the payment clearance processes. This helps enhance the overall profitability level.

It also handles e-prescription, reporting and analysis, voice recognition, virtual care, medication lists, task management, and insurance verification tools. The valuable services of AdvancedMD EHR are documentation management, compliance checks, and workflow integration. Lab integration and clinical summaries also come in its feature list.

This robust system streamlines all clinical procedures by putting all its services into effective use. It reduces the burden of medical professionals to a large extent by automating energy-draining processes. With its intuitive list of services, AdvancedMD software improves visibility into patient records and minimizes errors in care management.

The Pillars of AdvancedMD Solution

Telemedicine Solution

What is Telemedicine?

Telemedicine is the name of virtual care or remote care facility provided by healthcare solutions.  Telemedicine means delivering care via online interfaces across the globe. It is not limited to a particular geographical region and just demands both parties to be in the presence of a Wi-Fi range. Through this service, effective treatment is provided even to chronic care patients.

AdvancedMD Telemedicine:

AdvancedMD provides a compact telemedicine service for all its users. It isn’t just a tool for remote interactions but offers a professional healthcare environment. Patients can send requests for virtual appointments whenever they want. This solution helps patients residing in distant areas to get treated conveniently at a low cost as it eliminates the transportation cost.

This solution scored AdvancedMD a significant revenue amidst the Covid-19 era. Healthcare providers shifted to this solution to a large extent. Reviews of AdvancedMD which is one of the top EMR systems are enough to understand how vendors admired this reliable and trustworthy communication tool. It helped doctors deliver care by minimizing exposure to this lethal virus.

Also, this interoperable solution offers secured data sharing enabling them to make effective decisions. Providers can not only use this interface for virtual interactions with patients but also online consultancy with other specialists. It serves as a room for safely connecting medical professionals globally.

What it Costs:

There are no separate packages for telemedicine services. As this technology has become a necessity for care providers, the vendor offers pricing packages inclusive of telehealth solutions. So, it isn’t heavy on the pockets of medical professionals. Investing in EHR solutions is like a two-in-one package. They can avail both on-site and off-site care management solutions.

Revenue Cycle Management

What is RCM? 

Revenue cycle management is a module that caters to the financial side of all-sized medical practices. This technology is designed to boost the revenue generation of clinics and other care facilities. It does so by managing the bills, clearing online payments, and handling the claims management process. It offers a complete package of financial tools and services.

Simply put, RCM is a solution that handles the after-care processes. It tracks payment by patients to assure that providers get what’s rightfully theirs. This system is used over the entire United States care practice. It simplifies all patient check-in processes from appointment to encountering the due payment balances.

AdvancedMD RCM

The revenue cycle module offered by AdvancedMD EMR handles all financial processes. It caters to the entire medical billing cycle in and out. There’s no such thing as handling only bills or only claims. Both operations are managed side-by-side with to-the-point services. The system understands the delicacy of the process and thus offers HIPAA-compliant billing services.

Billing Management:

AdavcnedMD encounters the due payments by keeping track of in-process billing statements. Its next-generation tools even keep tabs on the bills associated with virtual appointments. Doing so ensures no payments are left unhandled and thus improves the clinical revenue. In addition, it offers a fully transparent and flexible billing experience to meet customers’ expectations.

Claims Management:

Then it handles claims by featuring an integrated clearinghouse. The personalized clearinghouse simplifies claims processing by automating the insurance verification process. It filters error-induced claims and rechecks all claims to ensure no coding errors. Above all, it provides a 99% first-pass claim rate, leading to minimal denials and maximum profit.


The last aspect of the RCM solution is financial reporting. AdvancedMD includes performance and financial reporting too in its pricing structure. In addition, it generates full-length reports to help medical professionals gain valuable insights into where they stand in the market. Besides creating reports, the vendor analyzes them keenly to highlight any flaws in financial procedures.

What Reviews Say About AdvancedMD EHR?

Reviews shower light on the quality of the outstanding features offered by AdvancedMD software. It is evident from the users’ opinions that for its extensive range of facilities, AdvancedMD costs nothing. Therefore, it is a reasonable solution that all practices can rely on. The system comes with a gentle learning curve, and it’s easy to get the hang of its features.

It allows clinical practices to scale their business with its impressive telemedicine service. Also, it enhances productivity, efficiency, effectiveness, and profitability. This all-inclusive solution is a one-stop-shop for doctors regardless of their requirements. All this ensures that providers can rely on the services of AdvancedMD through thick and thin.

Our Two Bits About the Vendor

AdvancedMD price tag, as compared to its broad spectrum of services, convinces physicians of the benefits of this unparalleled solution. It wins the ground by simplifying the billing management and providing a best-in-class telemedicine service. Check out its reviews and schedule a demo with the vendor if you are interested in learning more about this unique solution.

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