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On-demand apps are extremely dominating our lives in various aspects. These apps make our day complete right from buying groceries to booking a taxi for our office; they will play a huge role. When digitization takes over our lives, we are left with options like on-demand apps to order our services with just a few clicks. This drastic transformation from bricks and mortar to digital platforms made entrepreneurs seek an online forum to conduct their business.  

Obviously, it must be a dream for several entrepreneurs to come up with a multi-service marketplace where they can provide a range of services for people. Gojek, the game-changer in the on-demand app market, meticulously figured out the demands of the individuals. Moreover, they came with the idea of providing a series of services at one single destination. Would you also like to develop a similar multi-purpose app to become an all-rounder in the market? This blog will carry out important insights to launch an on-demand app in the market.  

Why choose the Gojek clone app for our on-demand app business? 

Multi-purpose apps are the apple of the eye for almost all individuals. However, the major concern about mobile apps is that they consume a lot of space on our mobile phones. Individuals are almost frustrated with a bunch of apps occupying their mobile devices. This was the intention behind Gojek to launch a multi-services app.  

Now, there are several multi-services apps in the market that have caught the attention of users. They are extremely satisfied with these apps that they do not have to mind keeping the rest of the apps on their devices. Therefore the tool to attract the audience is lying right in front of you. Yes! Kick-starting your on-demand super app service like Gojek is sure to attract millions of users globally. 

By launching a Gojek clone, you can establish a massive forum and invite a plethora of services to provide to the users. Moreover, the users will never ever think of shifting to other apps when they can get everything in one place! This is where you have to be very careful in finalizing the list of on-demand services you will list in your app. However, some of the most popular on-demand services among people are,  

  • On-demand taxi booking services 
  • Food delivery services 
  • Grocery services 
  • E-commerce services 
  • Courier delivery services 
  • Flower delivery services 
  • Babysitting
  • Plumbing
  • Electricians
  • Gardeners
  • Laundry services 
  • House cleaning 
  • Furniture assembly services 
  • Beauty services 
  • Tutors services
  • Pet care
  • Car washing 

Explore the reasons why an on-demand app like Gojek is quite popular in the market  

When discussing multi-services apps, it is important to have a word about the huge reputation of these apps. Come, let us figure out them in detail,

Easy accessibility  

Smartphones are important gadgets in our life, and without them passing, even a day is quite tedious for all of us. Moreover, in the success of the on-demand apps, a majority of the credits go to smartphones and the internet. By installing an app like Gojek on their mobile devices, they are also able to order necessary services swiftly. Their multi-purpose forum lets users access different services. 

For example, when someone places an order for food delivery, someone on a different edge can book a taxi from your app. Thus, Super app functions. 

Convenient and easy to place service requests  

Post-pandemic, people are literally scared to step out of their comfort zone. Even during the complete lockdown, people completely depended on these apps to order their services. Be it for groceries or food delivery; people ordered necessities through these apps. 

Okay, let us consider your case. When launching an on-demand app, you will develop a forum for the customers to meet their respective needs through service providers. After much deliberation in finding their service providers, people are almost exhausted. So, what you offer through the Gojek clone app will impress them strongly. 

A steady flow of revenue 

Multiple services mean earning revenue through multiple mediums. Super apps provide a plethora of options for entrepreneurs to earn their revenue. You can also integrate various on-demand services and earn your revenue through their fee. Apart from this, there are also advertising fees and promotional fees which you can collect from brands for advertising their products and services in your app.  

Technically sound on-demand app features to include in the Gojek clone 

  • An in-built GPS technology for the users to track the live location of their service providers.
  • The in-app chat and in-app calls should be enabled for the users to contact and communicate with the service providers. 
  • Ensure the hygiene level of the service providers by updating their temperature in the app for the users to know. You can also encourage the service providers to share their selfies with face mask before attending the customers. 
  • On some occasions, the users would also want to cancel the services. So, provide an option for them to cancel the services. 
  • Diverse payment options for customers to pay according to their feasibility. However, integrate options to support cashless transactions during this uncertain time. 

Wrapping up,

The lucrative nature of the on-demand market is inviting a sphere of individuals to venture into this digital medium. A technically sound Gojek clone app will lay you a perfect foundation to mark your entry into the market. Hence, focus on finding the best app developers’ team to get your well-crafted solution.

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