We are living a fast-moving, hectic life that has led to several innovations. Sometimes these advances in technologies have failed, and some have succeeded.

Mobile app technology is booming worldwide and the pandemic has only increased the demand. Last year’s trend highlights that On-Demand Economy has tripled because of these applications.

It is no surprise that On-Demand Applications whether they are multi-services or a single niche have become the first choice of entrepreneurs.

So, if you haven’t joined the race, it is the best time to take the plunge by developing an awesome Gojek Clone App Thailand.

There are a lot of ready-to-launch clone script solutions available on the market. However, to stand out from the rest, you will need a pro app development company that has at least a decade of experience in developing and successfully launching On-Demand Clone Apps.

Brief About Gojek Application

Gojek Company was one of the first companies to come up with all-in-one services. The application started with taxi booking services, later adding 30+ on-demand services.

This concept of on-demand services in one app was brought by Gojek Application in Indonesia. It allowed users to book 30+ on-demand services like taxi booking, moto bike/rental services, food delivery, parcel delivery, grocery delivery, handyman services, etc. Thus, helping people to have a relaxing day after their hectic work.

This On-Demand Multi-service App concept was a huge hit and was accepted quickly by the people.

Many startups and established entrepreneurs were quick to analyze the success and demand ratio of this app. Thus, were quick to start enquiring about the Gojek Clone App Development Thailand.

There is a variety of Customized Gojek Clone App available in the market, analyse your business requirements and choose wisely.

The application is a huge success and has had over a million downloads in just two years. No wonder entrepreneurs are looking forward to building an app like Gojek Thailand.

Why Does Entrepreneurs Choose Gojek Clone App Over Any Other?  

The Gojek Clone App was developed to meet the growing needs of modern consumers.

Today’s modern customers don’t prefer going shopping in a physical store. They love the convenience of ordering through a mobile app.

Gojek Clone has changed this scenario by offering 70+ on-demand services. At an event, a non-technical person can use the app, which can be managed in a few swaps.

The application offers easy booking and scheduling of on-demand services that help them streamline their day-to-day activities. This includes quick taxi booking through an Uber-like Taxi App feature, store-based deliveries such as groceries, food, wine, alcohol, water bottles, medicine, flowers, and gifts, and so on. Furthermore, your users can also avail of On-Demand Parcel Delivery Services where they can send one or multiple packages at single/multiple locations accordingly. 

This gigantic application also offers on-demand services like handyman services, electricians, plumbing services, babysitters, pet walkers, on-demand beauticians, tutors, doctors, lawyers, etc.

COVID-19 has increased the overall demand for these services. People still prefer to order their stuff online. Therefore, it is the right time to launch your app, making it a high possibility for your business to become successful.

Make sure you pick a reliable app development company for developing an app like Gojek Thailand.

What Kind Of Features Entrepreneurs To Include In Gojek Clone App

When you are competing against well-established on-demand apps, you need to look at their feature offerings.

A reputable multi-service app development company will advise you on the latest features to implement in your app.

When implementing new features, it should serve the following purposes:

  • Automating the entire business operation
  • Simplify your users’ needs by offering more than 70+ services from a single app.
  • Generating higher revenues
  • It makes it easy and quick to book services, taxi services, and rentals.
  • Customers can prefer their desired language with multilingual support.
  • This allows the app owner to keep updating their services as per the received feedback.
  • Live-tracking of the services/orders
  • offers secured in-app payments.

In Conclusion

We have no clue when the pandemic will be over.

Even though the vaccination drive is in full swing and the cases have gone down, people do not prefer going to the stores and restaurants. They prefer ordering online.

So, the timing can never be right for building an On-Demand Multiservices App.

Connect with an app development company in India that would provide you with more detailed insights.

The team will provide you with a demo that explains the workflow of the app. You can request customization. The team will proceed with the white-labeling process and provide you with the licensed source code that allows you 100% customization. All in all, to say, Gojek like apps have attracted several entrepreneurs worldwide, so don’t miss the opportunity by launching it in a location where people have yet to experience what multiservices apps are all about.

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