Google Analytics Individual Qualification Exam (IQE) is an examination conducted by Google to assess your knowledge about the Google Analytics platform and digital analytics. Once you pass this exam, You receive a certificate from Google via which you are able to display your expertise in Google Analytics to your external customer/client/organization. This certification proves that you have grasped the fundamental concepts and abilities related to digital analytics.

The main aim of the Google Analytics Individual Qualification Exam (IQE) is to gauge the knowledge and skills related to the usage of Google Analytics on the internet. This certification proves that you possess basic understanding of how Google analytics works, which further enables you to interact with your clients and use the software more efficiently. Moreover, this will also help you gain more knowledge about how internet marketing works.

Before we proceed with the Google Analytics Individual Qualification Exam, please note that this service is provided free of cost. You need to access the link below to access this service free of cost. If you would like to proceed then please note that you will receive a reminder email from Google after you have submitted your profile.

Just like other exams, you will receive a Google Analytics Individual Qualification Exam through email. Please note that this exam is different from the one that you can find in the web site. You will receive a Google iQ badge through the email that you will have to print out and hang on your desk or shirt.

Once the iQ badge is printed out, it is advisable that you study hard so that you can pass the exam with flying colors. When you go through all the questions in detail, there will be an option for you to rate your accuracy and speed. If you want to become qualified as an analytics engineer, then you better ensure that you rate properly. As you progress in the course, there will be tests that you will have to pass. Please note that each question is explained in detail, so if you do not know the answer, just ignore it and proceed to the next question.

After the Google Analytics Individual Qualification Exam, you will receive a confirmation email. This email will contain all the links and instructions for you to pass the final test. If you want to become qualified as an analytical engineer, then you better ensure that you read this email thoroughly. Failure to read this email could result in you failing the individual qualification exam.

The final part of this training session will include the creation of three project teams. You will be given instructions on how to use the Google Analytics application with the project teams. The application will also explain the dimensions in which you need to analyse the business metrics.

Once the trainees complete the training section, they will receive a comprehensive explanation of all the topics covered in the training session. There will also be an explanation of the terminology used in the application and metrics. All the necessary reference materials will be provided. Before you leave the training session, Google Analytics will inform you on how many points you have achieved from each section. Google Analytics also provides support for external third party tools and applications and it is recommended that you use them so that you can increase your knowledge about the website and its usage.

The third and last session that you will receive after you have successfully completed the training is the explanation of the custom dimension feature in Google Analytics. This is one of the most difficult concepts in the application and it will be quite difficult for you to understand at first. Once you have learnt how to use custom dimensions in the Google Analytics, you will be able to understand the explanation of the dimensions. Each of the custom dimensions can represent one or more dimensions in the Google analytic interface.

The last stage will include a practice report that teaches you how to create a custom report. Creating a custom report is very easy once you learn how to use the advanced features of Google Analytics. Once you have created the custom report, you will be able to see how it would look like in Google inspector. You will see the primary dimensions that are shown in the Google inspector as well as the secondary dimensions that are calculated based on the values that you have entered in the input boxes. The last thing that you will see in the last stage of the training is a summary report that gives you all the information that you have received during the training.

The Google Analytics Individual Qualification training gives detailed explanation of each of the custom dimensions in the Google analytic interface and how they work in Google Analytics. The training also explains the importance of the different kinds of information that are gathered by the Google analytic software. It also explains the importance of the traffic sources that are used by the Google analytic programs. In short, this training explains everything that you need to know about Google analytics so that you can complete your tasks well. You will not have to worry about anything when you take advantage of the many benefits offered by Google analytics.

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