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Every industry is growing its competition nowadays. In order to survive their respective markets, companies look for ways to improvise their product. A high amount of money is being invested to strengthen their market strategies. Amidst all this hassle, these manufacturers neglect the most important factor that has the chief most contribution to grab their customer’s attention.

Packaging is the topmost factor with the highest influence on boosting and generating sales. With attractive packaging, you can easily stand out in the market. Moreover, there will be a drastic uplift in your brand value. Attractive packaging is the key to generating and enhancing your sales. Not only that, it becomes your brand identity.

Yes, attractive packaging undoubtedly becomes your brand identity. It signifies the value and equity of your brand. Moreover, it becomes your brand representative. In simpler words, your packaging is the silent salesman for your brand. The personality of a brand and its loyalty towards its customers lies in its packaging.

Donuts: the most loved food item.

Probably the only food item loved by people of all age groups is donuts. A vivid increase was seen for donut manufacturing companies and restaurants in the market. Moreover, Donut manufacturers also make a large amount of profit annually. But somehow they feel that there is one particular thing they always lack about their product. What they don’t realize is that the problem lies in the packaging of their donut boxes.

The regular pink donut boxes have their own grace and simplicity. But you can enhance it even more. A solution to this is customization. With customization, you can make your packaging a lot more attractive. Therefore, your packaging will be able to stand out the most amongst your competitors. With customization, you are in the freedom to enhance your box the way you want. You can be as creative as you want. Your thought of perfect packaging henceforth becomes your very own custom donut boxes.

Choose a style for your custom donut boxes!

Customization allows you to be in freedom and choose a style for your donut boxes. Now there are a number of box styles that you can choose for your pink donut boxes. You aren’t told to be within certain boundaries in order to customize your donut boxes. All you have to do is decide what shape, style, and size suit you best.

Following are some of the box styles you can consider while customizing your pink donut boxes.

• Sleeve boxes:

The tray and the sleeve are the two parts of the sleeve boxes. The sleeve acts as a shield of your tray in which your donuts will be placed. The sleeve glides over the tray and conceals it in order to protect the product.

• Pillow boxes:

Pillow boxes are wide and spacious. The packaging won’t be able to touch your donuts since it’s wide. They can prove to be the perfect fit for your donut boxes. This means that your donuts will be safe and hence, no damage will be caused to your donuts.

• Two-piece hexagon boxes:

With its unique shape, your two-piece hexagonal boxes will prove to be an amazing choice for your pink donut boxes.

Add a die-cut window to have a better glance at the donuts!

A die-cut window is perhaps the game-changer for your custom donut boxes. As the name suggests, the die-cut is a hole cut onto your box that acts as a window for your custom donut box. With this window, your customers will be able to have a better look at your donuts before purchasing this.

To be true, die-cut is one of the most important factors a packaging must consist of. Think from a customer perspective; you would want to have a look at your products without buying or opening them. Hence, a die-cut eases this job for the consumers and allows them to have a sneak peek at the product before purchasing it.

Your die-cut window doesn’t just have to be a circular or rectangular shape. This is where you allow your creativity to take over. Your die-cut window can be of any shape you want. For an instance, the shape of a cereal box blank or a donut, a triangular or circular shape, anything can be customized for your window shape.

Moreover, a high-quality PVC sheet covers this window. It ensures a proper covering of your die-cut window and protects your donuts from coming in contact with any germs.

Utilize foiling stamps!

If you have a logo personalized for the pink donut boxes of your company, you can make it look even better. Your logo is the trademark and badge of your brand. It is your representative in the market. Your brand value and worth drastically increase in the industry with a logo. Hence, personalizing an attractive yet elegant logo is every brand’s prime concern.

For this purpose, foiling stamps are what you need. The foil you’ve selected will either outline your logo or the logo will be entirely printed out of the foiling. Your customized foiling can be of any color you want. However, gold and silver foiling is widely utilized due to its attractive look on the pink donut boxes.

Do a little magic on your donut boxes!

The simplistic patterns on your donut boxes have their own calming appearance. However, you may intensify and enhance your patterns by embossing and debossing effect. To be true, these effects hint magic to your custom donut boxes. With embossing effect, your pattern will be uplifted onto the box to give it a 3D look whereas, with debossing, your pattern will be imprinted into the box.

The final touches!

To give some final touches to your custom pink donut boxes, coat them. With a gloss coating, your box will be given a shiny appearance. The matte coating will provide a more dull and tough yet elegant look to your box. Whereas Aqueous coating gives a high gloss and soft touch to your packaging!

Following all the points and elements mentioned above, your pink donut boxes will have a better and more attractive outlook. And you will eventually succeed in dominating your industry by grabbing the highest attention of your customers!

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