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Today the role of SEO is gradually increasing. It is the way you rank on the Search Engines. Good SEO strategy and well-prepared content will highly impact the number of your site visitors and accordingly the conversions. And one of the most important steps to take first while writing content is thorough keyword research. By choosing the right and high-volume keywords you can succeed in your SEO strategy. So, in this article, we will encounter the greatest keyword research tools to promote your website SEO

Why Do You Need Keyword Research Tools?

First of all, these tools will ease your working process as a Content Manager or SEO specialist. Besides, they have a well-prepared system to bring together all the good and highly demanded keywords that should be used to get the best results. As well as you can see the average number of content conversions by combining them in one place. So, at this point, we will discuss the tools one by one.

  1. Google Keyword Planner 

This is a very comprehensive tool. As it is made for not only keyword research but also for Google advertisers. With the Google Keyword Planner, you are able to acknowledge this or that keyword’s rank and volume and find the needed forecasts. As well as easily search new keywords and copy them for your further use. Besides, it enables you to see the average search number, competition, etc. for your selected keyword combination. 

What is more important about this tool is that you can localize your search by choosing your keyword area, and language, and writing appropriate words to find the related keywords from the low, medium, and high categories.

Yet, before using the Google Keyword Planner you should consider that these statistics are brought according to the Google advertisers. However, they can still be very effective and helpful.

  1. UberSuggest

The second tool is Ubersuggest. That is also presented in the Google Chrome Web Store. From there you can install it and use it immediately while you are doing something in the browser. It will provide you with Search Engine Optimization metrics and measurements and works with not only Google but also Amazon and YouTube. So, it is beneficial for bloggers, too. Along with the mentioned features, it gives you content ideas, CPC, keyword analysis, domain score, backlink profile, etc. 

  1. Keywords Everywhere

Here is the third tool called Keywords Everywhere. It is a free tool providing the results of keyword volumes, Cost Per Click. As well as competes with 15+ sites including Google, YouTube, and Amazon. Search Console, etc.

It is true, that the Keyword Everywhere tool provides also with the Premium paid version including many more advanced features. Yet, being a free plan use you can highly benefit from the features mentioned below:

  • Trend chart
  • Related keyword
  • “People might also search for”
  • Trendy keywords
  • SEO difficulty metrics, etc.
  1. Keyword Surfer

Here is the fourth tool that is absolutely free to use. It enables you to see your search volume directly in the Google results. 

With this tool, you can rapidly analyze your search details, make keyword research, and obtain content guidelines. You may get information about the search volumes, Cost Per Click, have some keyword suggestions, terms, and SEO metrics. 

And what is the most engaging fact about this tool is that it is 100% free forever.

  1. SEOStack Keyword Tool

The last but not least keyword research tool is the SEOStack Keyword tool which is also absolutely free to utilize. Due to it, you can reveal long-tail keywords very rapidly and without any hustles. One of the best features of this tool is that it gives you keyword suggestions not only from one Search Engine (for example Google) but also from other Search Engines (including YouTube). As well as you can export the keyword in the available CSV format.

Some Keyword Research Tools For WordPress

As you may know, WordPress is one of the best Content Management platforms. The majority of websites are built with WordPress as it is simple to use and provides many free plugins and tools for almost all your purposes. So is the case of the SEO plugins. Here are some of them presented below:

1. Rank Math


The first recommended plugin is Rank Math which is also very famous. It has over one million activations and 4,197 5-stars. Due to it, you can find many valuable keywords for your SEO-friendly content. Here are some of its many features:

  • Unlimited keyword optimization
  • Google Keyword Ranking
  • SEO analysis
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Multisite support, etc.

2. Google Keyword Suggest


Here is the second popular keyword research plugin which has over a thousand activations and a 5/5-stars in the WordPress Repository.

Due to it, you have the capacity to find the most matchable keywords for your particular content. For finding good and proper keywords you just need to enter the focus phrase in the search line and wait for the results.

3. Keyword Research Tool


So, this is the last but not least plugin from our best keyword research plugins list. It has over 1,000 activations and a 5/5 rating.

After its activation, it is added as a menu. This enables you to search keywords without leaving the page you are on.

Who Can You Trust for Your SEO-Friendly Content?

So, writing SEO-friendly is a big deal. As your website’s success and high ranking are closely related to the well-prepared and keyword-rich content. So, if you are not a content writer or simply do not have time to write professional content then you can trust this significant work to Content Writing Agencies such as WPGlob Content Marketing Agency. It has a big team of professional content writers, SEO, and design specialists, editors, etc. who will complete your work at all 100%. You may make sure that your whole project will be conducted in a short time due to thorough research and group work.


So, as you understood, keyword planning is a crucial part of SEO and content writing. And you can highly benefit from the above-mentioned tools which are also presented in the Google Chrome Web Store to make the keyword research process easier than you might think.

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