Guest Post Guide

Why did I make this guest post guide?

Actually for two reasons.

The first reason is that many times I receive emails to collaborate on the blog with an article as a guest (guest posting) and this is something that I love because it gives variety to my blog.

What’s more, for every blogger (or company) that is doing a Link Building strategy within their SEO, this is key because it helps a lot to better position the website and obviously attracts traffic.

At the same time, for the blog that agrees to have collaborators, it gives the benefit of providing its readers with the novel, quality content, and obviously with good information.

However, it is good to know that many times making a Guest Post is not just sending a text and that’s it, but depending on the blog or blogger there may be certain rules or conditions.

The second reason is that the Guest Post guide that you are going to see. But it should be almost a rule that you should respect every time you want to send an article anywhere you want to collaborate.

I am sure that by following it, you will be able to generate benefits for yourself and at the same time the blog or website you choose and thus generate a WIN / WIN relationship.

Clarification: A Guest Post is not the same as a sponsored post, where the inclusion of an article is accepted, but clarifying many times that this article is being paid for by an advertiser (The sponsorship)

If you are interested in doing Guest Post. Then these are the conditions:



One of the keys when making a Guest Post is that your content is really consistent and in tune with the blog in which you want to participate.

It wouldn’t make sense to post an article on auto engine calibration to a life insurance blog.

On the contrary, for this reason, they could REJECT YOUR GUEST POST

In order to provide quality content to faithful readers of the blog, the topics on which you can write an article are the following:

  • Marketing
  • Advertising
  • You go out
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Social Media / Social Networks
  • Digital marketing
  • Business
  • Public relations
  • SEO / SEM

The best way is to see that your article fits into some of the categories that already exist on the blog.

As a tip, you can navigate the menu to see the categories and subcategories and that your article has its space.


The minimum length of the article should be 1500 words.

What’s more, I would love for it to be at least 2000


Perhaps a short article would be something only informative or with a very commercial tinge.

But a good article of more than 1500 words ensures that it really is content that gives good information, that it was worked on and time has been devoted to it.

On the other hand, remember that Google does not like THIN CONTENT (Low-value content) and will position an article better if it really has good content, extension, and serves the user for its relevance.

Example of positioning according to number of words (Via Backlinko )

It is even a matter of RESPECT for the web or blog in which you write, that you are not doing it lightly in exchange for one or two do-follow links.

As you can see, with a good article we all benefit.


It goes without saying but I remember.

The item must be 100% original.

By this, I mean that it is not published in another medium (Otherwise Google would take it as duplicate content and it could penalize my blog)

Nor should it be a verbatim translation of an article from another language (But you can use it as a source)

Clarification: Any article that exceeds 30% duplicate content (I use tools to analyze this) will be discarded.


For me, the style is something unique and that must be respected. When an author decides to do a Guest Post.

The style is free, but I always recommend reading about Copywriting techniques to improve it and make people feel tempted to continue reading.

For example, I often like to use humor or personal anecdotes when writing my blog.

However, other bloggers tend to have perhaps a more technical style, others more serious, and others although the subject matter seems very academic, use humor very well.

I invite you to have your article have your style, just like when you write on your blog or in a medium.


Many people do Guest Articles or Guest posts because they want to get links from other sites that have some authority (DM or PA) to channel a little and strengthen their SEO.

And this I totally understand.

It is for this reason that your guest article can have up to 2 links (DOFOLLOW).

SEO affects us all and an article that generates an external link helps YOUR WEB, but due to the low quality (Extension, Keywords, Etc.) it affects mine, it does not seem correct to me.


The structure of an article is also key to its positioning. Google takes this into account when analyzing a website and seeing its H1, H2, H3, etc.

The article must have a Title (H1), at least one Subtitle (H2), and good writing, free of spelling mistakes, and obviously a good syntax.

On the other hand, try not to have sentences or paragraphs that are too long.

What’s more, many SEO tools and professionals nowadays recommend having short sentences and paragraphs, as they greatly improve reading and appeal to readers.

Short sentences and paragraphs look much better.


All the articles that I upload usually want to promote one or more keywords.

I recommend you include keywords (keywords) in your article.

It is more I encourage you to repeat it between 1.5% and 2.5% at least throughout the article so that it has a good density and Google interprets it (Which will better position the article)

If you want, you can give me the keyword or concept in detail so I add it to an SEO section within the article to optimize it.

Some tips to optimize keywords

  • Include the keyword to be positioned with a density between 1.5% and 2.5% in all the text.
  • Try to include your keyword to position in a heading H1, H2, H3, etc.
  • It would be good. If your keyword to a position is included in the name of the images you attach.
  • Do not use the SAME keyword to position for an external or internal link to my blog (SEO Cannibalization)


Including images, examples, or even videos in your article is a great idea to capture people’s attention and break a bit with very long texts.

The featured image of the article you send me (Header Image) should be 745px by 483px.

It is also important that you have the rights to the images or captures that you are going to use (Don’t let us get into a mess).

If you are looking for good images or designs you can try Shutterstock,, Pixabay, PicJumbo, or others of your liking.

Very well, I hope that with this guest post guide that I just gave you, you can really take advantage of the opportunity to collaborate with blogs and thus obtain interesting benefits.

If you want to write on my blog, you can simply contact me.

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