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If you want to attract clients to your cleaning service business, then LinkedIn is an excellent platform to advertise in. Not only does it let you showcase your skills, but it also allows you to easily reach and form connections with company decision-makers. 

To get you started, here’s a guide to promoting your cleaning service business on LinkedIn.

Set up your profile

First things first, you need to set up your LinkedIn profile and make sure to completely fill it out. Although it might seem like an obvious thing to do, there are still many people who never bothered completing their profile on LinkedIn.

An unfinished profile page makes you look unprofessional. This, in turn, makes people less inclined to connect and work with you. After all, first impressions do matter. 

Make sure your profile has a smiling professional picture of yourself. Keep in mind that LinkedIn isn’t like Facebook, which means it’s less casual than you might be used to. 

Then, add a cover photo or a banner to your LinkedIn profile. If you’re out of ideas, then there are tools online such as PosterMyWall that offer LinkedIn banner templates for free. Having a proper banner for your profile will allow you to stand out when you’re looking for clients.

You’ll also want to include a call to action in the description portion of your profile. To make sure that clients will immediately know who you are, you can add the name of your company and your mission and an easy way to contact you whether it be through phone or email.

Structure your About section to attract clients

Expand on the description of your business in the About section. Go into further detail on the services that your business offers, as well as how your company stands out from others. The key here is to not only list the features and experiences of your business but to also list the benefits of hiring you.

This is where you can convince those who visit your profile to patronize your business. Don’t put all the focus on how great your business is. Emphasize how you’ll be able to help your potential customers.

Then, add a call to action at the end to generate leads. There are different CTAs that you can use. There are some businesses that add their phone numbers while others encourage customers to instead visit their websites so they can learn more about the business.

Look for prospects

This is the part that makes LinkedIn an incredibly useful marketing tool. All the magic happens in the search function. For instance, if you want to mostly work with property managers then you can simply type “property managers” in the search function and thousands of people that have “property manager” in their business title will show up.

You can also narrow it down and reduce the numbers by being more specific with your search. For example, you can type “property manager + the city your business is in.” You can also take it a step further and include the specific industry you want to work with. 

Connect with people

After finding the people you want to work with, you can then connect with them. You want to make sure to connect with those that have profile pictures as most people who don’t have one tend to not be active on LinkedIn.

However, be careful with connecting with too many people. If you keep connecting with others and have many who don’t connect back with you, you’ll end up getting flagged as a spammer. You should only connect with those who are more likely to connect back with you. 

You’ll also notice the number of mutual connections you share under their info. The more people you connect with, the more your mutual connections grow.

Produce value-based content 

Another way to gain significant exposure for your business is by producing value-based content that caters to your target customers. You can share blog posts or create articles on LinkedIn.

However, it’s more advisable to focus on creating blog posts instead. This way, you can capitalize on the free traffic through SEO. You can also choose to add cleaning service graphics to your posts. You can use tools online, such as PosterMyWall, for free templates or to gain inspiration. 

If the network that you have slowly built sees your posts and realizes their value, they’ll want to visit your website to check out your content. Then, once they have visited your site, they can now become leads that could potentially be your next customers.

Final Words

Getting quality leads for your business is easier said than done. Although it’s easier to build a network on LinkedIn, it still requires significant effort. With the guide above, your business can easily establish its presence on LinkedIn and attract new clients and more revenue. 

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