Gear up! You can master your gaming skills with all the fantasy cricket apps in India. Play on India’s best fantasy cricket apps and win a huge cash prize with the same. You can master the skills by playing daily on any fantasy cricket app. Just download the app, sign up for it, start playing with all the other live players, and win big. 

You will be amazed to see how big you can win with these real money gaming apps. There are so many fantasy sports that you can enjoy, like cricket, basketball, kabaddi, and football! Just choose your comfort sport and dive into the fantasy app. You will have a good time playing and also earning at the same time. 

Look at some of the best and most downloaded fantasy cricket apps that you can have on your smartphone. Make your team now to ensure your big winnings with these fantasy cricket apps daily.


Come up and download one of the best fantasy cricket apps in India. You can trust this fantasy cricket app for your best playing experience and have smooth gameplay throughout. The players are already making money from this app and enjoying the fun leagues and tournaments daily. 

You can download this app from the official website of Fantasy Dangal and sign-up on the app to start playing. You will find less competition here and more money prizes with this app. Participate in the daily cash leagues and tournaments if you are a pro with the game. Have the chance to win money with your skills and knowledge. 

Download the app now and win a big bonus by referring the app to your mates, friends and family. Enjoy the matches with your loved ones and win big cash rewards daily to make your pocket happy. You can download this app from


It is also one popular fantasy cricket app that you can download on your smartphone and have the best time out there! It is a new fantasy cricket app that was launched in 2020 and has already gained a lot of users till now. 

The Gamescraft launched it, and people have found it fun for their gaming sessions as well. You can also download the app and sign-up to receive a good sign-up bonus. Make your team now and avail the best features of this app to play more, experience more and win more!


It is also a great app for your gaming session. The app has a 100 per cent lag-free interface and also gives its users a good sign-up bonus of rupees 300 on your first sign-up. 

You would know that Manish Pandey is the well-known brand ambassador for this fantasy cricket app and has already gained many users. 

Now, the referral schemes for this fantasy cricket app have been changed, and the user who has referred and then the user who has come will get the bonus for that. And also, the user will get 20% real cash in the winning balance for a lifetime. 


This is one of the best fantasy cricket apps you would encounter in your gaming time. This fantasy cricket app has some of the best features that a user finds in any type of new fantasy cricket app. 

Make sure you are a pro with the game to don’t lose money in these games. You must know how to make your team in the fantasy cricket app and then join the leagues that involve cash. 

Download the app now and enjoy some of the best bonus deals, cash deposits and big offers daily. 


It is also a new fantasy cricket app that users enjoy for their gaming purpose. You will get a 100 bonus for downloading the app and a 25% cash deposit for a lifetime whenever you make a new referral. 

Download the app to enjoy some of its benefits of this app. Have the best user interface, smooth gaming experience, and a lot of other players who can play with you and make a fun session and the game fair for everyone. 

You can enjoy some of the best fantasy sports on this app, and the minimum withdrawal for this app stands to be rupees 200. You can make you are winning cash withdrawals from Paytm or the Bank. 

Ensure you are done with your KYC so that you don’t face any difficulty in your withdrawals. 


This is one official gaming app from the Paytm app. You can play fantasy sports and other casual games as well. There is an immense audience for the app as Sachin Tendulkar is the brand ambassador for the gaming app. 

The users get up to Rupees 10,000 for every referral they make for this fantasy cricket app. You can easily send the invite to your friends and family and have a good bonus from the app as well. 

The app has also added Rummy, Tourney, and Lobby in the app for the users. You don’t have to do the KYC process if you already have the Paytm KYC on your number. You can avail a lot of benefits from this app and have a rewarding time with this app. 

By this time, everyone fully trusts the Paytm app, and it is reliable on this app. Playing on its gaming app would give you much more enjoyment and fun. So, download the app now and have a great time playing some of your favorite games daily. 

Also, enjoy the instant cash withdrawal service with your Paytm app. 


You can play on some of these fantasy cricket apps and win some great rewards with the same. You should be knowing all the basic rules for the game so that you don’t lose your money in the cash leagues. Have a great time playing with your mates, friends and family to win big. 

Know how to make your team and choose the best of players so that you don’t lose any of it.

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