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Hindi language is certainly the most common language spoken in India. The majority of people living in the northern part of the country speak Hindi. We can see the massive presence of Hindi language in Bollywood making foreigners more interested in learning Hindi. Learning Hindi by taking Hindi home tuition has definitely so many advantages, especially when children live in India. Hindi is one of the school subjects and students living in India get a chance to study this language from the starting only.  But despite studying Hindi since the beginning, many school students face difficulty while understanding the concepts. Now all age group learners can learn Hindi. Our tutor offering Hindi tuition at home has mentioned some of the easiest ways to learn Hindi. If you have decided to learn Hindi but don’t know how to begin with? Then check out the ways mentioned below that help you move on the way to progress.

Best ways to learn Hindi

1. Structured Approach is important 

Students need to make a structured and well-defined preparation strategy and must know Hindi as a language and its importance. Try to gather information about the most interesting facts of Hindi as it improves curiosity among children to know further. Ensure that you stick to the daily routine and give sufficient time to Hindi learning.  Students planning to learn Hindi can also take online home tuition for Hindi at Ziyyara to get additional help in alphabets, phrases, etc. Follow a regular studying schedule and focus on the revision part as well. 

2. Opt for more practice Sessions

Apart from learning Hindi by referring to the books, take out some time for practice lessons as well. This way you will be able to focus on your weaknesses as well. Students can opt for online hindi tuition near me at Ziyyara where focus is laid on practicing as well.  Ziyyara is not like any other formal tutorial classes where more students sit in one class and take the session. However, Ziyyara provides one-to-one online Hindi tuition classes to make the entire learning more customized.  At Ziyyara, students taking online tuition for Hindi are encouraged to learn in a more fun learning way so that they can feel motivated. Doing more questions is essential to develop a better understanding for attempting the questions of the reading section. Students at Ziyyara taking online tuition for Hindi are given enough time to focus on their reading skills. Also different practice sessions in this regard are arranged in between the classes as well.

3. Focus on writing skills

Students planning to learn Hindi must take home tuition for Hindi to focus on their writing skills. Start writing letters, essays, report writing, etc. as it helps improve your writing skills. Candidates learning Hindi must prepare all the topics by writing so that they can get a good score in the exam. Also they can get familiar with different topics as well.

4. Focus on experiential Learning

Hindi learning for kids might get boring if they are studying in a regular way rather than applying their creative skills. Students must try to make all the learning sessions experiential by adding some element of fun and surprise. 

5. Use better online resources 

While studying Hindi, try to use online resources that are more interactive learning procedures. Kids can easily understand new Hindi words and phrases if technology is included as part of the learning process. Even Ziyyara’s tutors providing Hindi hindi Language use different and more engaging ways to help children understand the concepts easily.

6. Audio Visual Entertainment

Students learning Hindi must refer to different audio-video entertainment ways to get exposed to different kinds of learning patterns and styles. Play cartoons, watch shows, stories and rhymes in Hindi to make Hindi learning more enjoyable. Students must watch programs in Hindi so that they can maximize their potential to learn Hindi. Even the purpose of offering audio-video classes for home tuition in Hindi at Ziyyara is to improve a child’s learning skills. We include something interactive in the learning. While learning Hindi, one must always remember that a child can absorb much information by listening too, so be an active listener as well.

7. Regular Feedback is important

If you have some friends or relatives who know Hindi, then you can interact with them and share your thoughts in Hindi. Also make sure that you are talking in Hindi regularly as consistency is very important.  Try to communicate in Hindi with your Hindi tutor so that you can get a chance to pick up the new words. Don’t feel afraid asking more questions, no matter how small or silly they are. Students can also opt for online Hindi tuition near me to continue learning in a more customized manner.

8. Children’s participation 

All the children taking online Hindi tuition at Ziyyara are encouraged to participate in different online quizzes, etc. where they get a chance to show off their Hindi speaking skills.

Ways to get a good score in Hindi exam

One of the biggest worries among school going students is how to get a good score in Hindi language. Hindi is considered as one of the tricky subjects and it becomes difficult for the students to get good marks in the same. But focusing on certain aspects can help students in getting a good score in the exam. Some of the useful tips for school students that help them perform well in their exam are mentioned below:

Useful tips for students

  • First and most important thing is to revise all important chapters mentioned in textbooks and revise them regularly. Questions from textbooks hold significant weightage and thus revising all the chapters is important. You can take the help of Ziyyara tutors offering home tuition for Hindi.
  • Make sure that you know all the grammatical rules related to topics mentioned in your syllabus. Start practicing more grammar based questions as this way you will understand the grammatical rules and can get a good score.
  • Know the latest and updated format for essay and letter writing as these topics hold a significant weightage in the exam.
  • While solving the questions mentioned in unseen passages, try to read the passage completely and note down all the important words and phrases.
  • Attempt those questions first in which you are more confident. Don’t waste your time on the ones whose answers you don’t know. In the case of the descriptive section don’t choose questions which you have not practiced at all.

Studying Hindi by taking online tuition for Hindi is always fun. It helps the learners of all ages to focus on their individual learning skills. Hindi is one of the most beautiful languages to learn. All you need is a little bit of participation and encouragement, and it can help children understand, absorb, and even ace this language like an expert. So book a free demo at Ziyyara’s home tuition for Hindi to begin your Hindi learning right away.

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