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Did you know that 93% of buyers form an opinion about your product in terms of the appearance of the logo design and packaging? Therefore, in the graphic design of the visual component of the brand image, not only aesthetics are important, but also the cold calculation of marketers.


In the face of increasing competition in the market, the company’s branding and its reputation play a crucial role for the consumer.

We see the product and build associations that tell us about the values of the company and allow us to make a choice in favor of a particular brand.

The task of any business is to make a profit and, accordingly, increase the number of customers. We can talk about direct sales when the owner hires fifty managers and they call trying to find customers.

And we can talk about hidden sales – in this case, we just work with the business logo design and visual expression of the brand.

For example, if a young man every morning in a cafe sees someone at the next table with a diary that has the logo of a certain company, then this company will receive his loyalty. He will say: I have known them all my life!

The logo can be a means of communication and act as part of the image when we talk about “business packaging”.

In this case, it is important to think over the construction of the entire promotion concept. For example, when you come to the salon of Mercedes-Benz, you do not ask the question: why is it so expensive?

Because you understand that you pay for stability, reliability, and quality. In this case, the logo is a visual support for the image.

In addition, the logo works when you are trying to “shape” the corporate culture. You have branded notebooks, notebooks, pens.
You have decided to give someone a diary. If it is a quality product, a person will not part with it. And his office neighbors will see and ask about the manufacturer, and at that moment the brand will start working – unobtrusively and accurately.

Despite the development of digital technologies, paper and printing have not lost their value.
Business cards and diaries are essential. This can be explained by the fact that the consumer is strongly influenced by tactility.
You take a business card, you feel what kind of paper it is made of, and you remember it. It can be convex, shiny, embossed, with foil – whatever you like.
The person reacts to this. We play with children’s toys, grow up and continue to play, but with more expensive things.

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How to create a selling logo?

In order for the logo to provide recognition and loyalty, arouse trust and motivate purchases, consider the following factors when designing it:

  • Color psychology.

Remember, 80% of the information a person learns through the eyes. A competent color scheme is one of the best ways to ensure brand recognition and logo memorability!

Through emotions, an attitude to the product is formed at a subconscious level.

It has been proven that different colors have different effects on perception. Do you want to get the most attention for your brand?
Notice the red. This color is the leader in shopping motivation. No less effective is orange, which, unlike red shades, is more friendly and attractive.

Is your target audience women? You won’t find a better visual magnet than pink!

Are you targeting a serious target audience? The brown color in the logo will help to create a long-term and trusting relationship with the client.

It attracts attention and creates a positive impression. Popular corporate options are green and blue. These are traditional symbols of stability, reliability, and financial success.

Purple is always associated with out-of-the-box thinking and mystery. White – with purity and openness. Logos of luxury-segment products are very often decorated with black colors. Therefore, this color has become a symbol of high cost, elegance, and sophistication.

logo effect on sales

  • Form perception.

An equally important factor when creating a logo. Just like color, the shape can attract and repel the attention of a potential client. Thus, increase/decreasing your sales.

The right combination of brand concept and logo design is the key to success.

Behind each form are hiding certain emotions.

For example, circles are associated with friendliness and unity, curves with femininity and pleasure spiral with growth and evolution, triangles with power and aspiration.

72% of successful companies prefer rectangles and squares. This shape indicates trust, order, and stability.

  • Emotions and fonts.

The right choice of font not only improves reading but also increases memorability.

Want to make it easier to understand?

Choose simple, uncomplicated fonts. Need to amplify the message? Then without serifs, you can not do. The font is able to create a mood and stimulate loyalty.

Handwritten motifs are in demand this season. This logo design will look elegant and sophisticated. The popularity of text emblems is also growing exponentially.

  • Designer professionalism.

Only a cool specialist is able to create a selling masterpiece! Contact professionals right away and you won’t have to pay twice for logo design.

Are you ready to grow your business?

Simply put, there is far more reason to invest in strategic digital marketing than there is no reason. An excellent digital marketing company will work with you to meet your unique business needs and your budget. If you’ve been thinking about investing in strategic digital marketing, now is the time to start. Before long, you may have no choice.

Now is a wonderful time to invest in smart digital marketing for your company, if you haven’t already.

Stay true to your brand voice

If your brand comes off as professional, so should your product description. If your brand is snarky, then so should your product descriptions. Is your company’s name amusing? When creating your product description, be amusing. Your company’s essence and philosophy should be conveyed in the description.

People at DEEM not only drive ideas to the top but also are seating behind the wheel to accelerate the company and communications industry.

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