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Why are yellow page directories so important to B2B prospects?

To grow a business, you need to drive sales. If you can sell your products or services you will stay in business, and if you don’t sell then you are destitute, having a great sales team helps a lot, but every sale starts with one thing leads. yellow pages scraper

If you are looking to extract the business contact that causes you to need yellow pages, yellow pages are a business directory filled with valuable business information, millions of businesses registered in yellow pages from different countries. You can search for business details like company title, phone, email, addresses, and many more just by scraping for business niches or keywords.

How to extract data from yellow pages for a marketing campaign?

By knowing the contact details of your prospects related to your business, you can generate thousands of leads and maintain direct relationships with them instead of spending a lot of money on ads on social media and other platforms. But the question here is, how do you extract the data from the yellow pages?

The other method is to use data extraction tools that allow you to automatically extract the data of your required field from the yellow pages and export it to an Excel spreadsheet. You can use this data for other marketing campaigns.

 What is the best data scraping tool to extract yellow page data?

There are many data extraction tools available in the market, but choosing the best data extraction tools can be difficult as many tools require skills to operate, but if you are looking for a tool that is easy to use and capable of ‘extracting the data with a few simple clicks and browse all the yellow pages,

Yellow pages Lead Scraper is the best choice for you because it is free to download and install,  Yellow pages Lead Scraper is a project of United Lead Scraper you can extract the data for free in its free version, in the premium version it will do allows you to export data to an excel spreadsheet. By using Yellow pages Leads Scraper, you can extract the following business data from the Yellow pages:

  • Commercial titles
  • Addresses
  • Telephone
  • Links to websites
  • E-mails
  • Comments

Before data extraction like if you are interested in email scraping will work as yellow pages email extractor which will only extract yellow pages emails with its personalized function.

Main advantages of Yellow pages Leads Scraper:

  • Extract contact details and initiate email and telemarketing for your business.
  • Develop your business opportunities by maintaining direct relationships with potential clients.
  • Achieve a high return on investment by eliminating business opportunities.
  • Export all data to an Excel spreadsheet or CSV form.
  • Earn money selling leads to telemarketers. Main features of Yellow pages Leads Scraper:
  • Have a desktop application with the Chrome browser
  • apply filters on the data, location, and keywords fields.
  • Automatically recover unsaved data,
  • Support on X road bases.


You are not required to purchase the license for each country’s website as you can extract data from the websites of all these countries.

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