Is your cellular data not working efficiently? Are you facing hassles while watching videos or browsing social media? We can understand how daunting it could be to work with a slow or poor data connection, regardless of which mobile device you are using. 

The problem of data speed and signal strength can be temporary in most cases and the reason could be network congestion or the location. However, there can be other causes that can lower the mobile data speed for hours or days also. 

So, instead of only blaming the network or phone for not working efficiently, give the mobile data speed and signal a boost with these tips. 

What Causes Low Data Speed?

There are plenty of factors responsible for poor mobile data speeds. Some could be carrier-related and others may be external ones. 

Carrier related factors that cause slow data speeds:

  • Reduced the Level of Data Priority: In this case, network carriers typically restrict internet speeds and prioritize other users.
  • Mobile Data Inhibiting: Here, the speed of mobile data slows down when you have reached the daily limit. 

External factors that result in sluggish data speed:

  • Environmental factors: The trees, valleys, hills, and other elements of mother nature block and reflect the radiofrequency waves. Thus, resulting in poor data speed. 
  • Distance Between Cell Towers: The mobile data service will be weaker if you are very far from the carrier’s tower.

Ways to Boost Mobile Data Speed and Signal

Turn Off and On the Mobile

Of course, restarting the phone most of the time works the best. Especially, when you don’t remember the last time you booted your phone. Also, you can put the phone in airplane mode. Sometimes, it is just about a quick reboot that can make your device up and running. 

Just follow these simple tips shared below to restart your mobile. 

  • For an iOS device, press and hold the volume and side button together. The power off slider will appear. Switch it off and again turn the phone on holding the side button. This is for devices without a home button. For older iPhones, simply hold the side button to both switch off and on it. 
  • If you have an Android phone, simply press and hold the power button on an Android phone until you see the power options on the screen. Select Restart from the menu.  

It’s recommended to turn off your phone for a while before turning it back on, regardless of the device you’re using.

Migrate to Another Network Carrier

The existing mobile phone service provider can also be the culprit in making the data speed slower. In case you experience that there are better network services than this, it is time to migrate. The best is to employ the DAS antenna signal booster. It is the most prominent of all amongst the vast range of carriers that strengthens the mobile signals and reduces the hassles of data speeds. 

Determine Any Network Outages

Commonly, each carrier service provider praises its network for reliability. However, outages are also common in every case. This results in reduced speeds and mostly lost connections. In case you experience poor signal or bad mobile data, you can check for outages. 

For this, you can utilize tools like Downdetector. You will already see the reports from other people if the cause is the outage. 

Also, you can contact the carrier’s support to confirm the same. This will rest assured you to do other tasks while waiting for the network to come in functioning mode again. 

Remember the Data Capacity

Of course, you would be aware of mobile data capacity. Here, if you reach the limit, the mobile carrier is going to switch to a slower data speed. Also, network congestion hampers the speed even when you have an unlimited data plan. All in all, you will need to wait till the data cycle resets or you buy the DAS antenna booster. 

Hence, it is always a better idea to know your data limit before the carrier slows down the connection speed. 

Buy Signal Booster

The mobile signal booster is an ideal solution to boost the cellular data speeds permanently at your preferred location. 

Do you know how it works?

Remember that the cellular data speed and signal work together. The phone’s LET speed increases when the phone receives a strong signal. Here, be it the Vodafone signal booster or any other carrier, all boost the data speed and deliver the benefits of noise-free calls and quick texts. In addition, you can opt DAS antenna for better connectivity.

Furthermore, cell phone transmissions reach farther than WiFi signals. A signal booster is the most reliable method for increasing internet speed if facing any bad cable connections.

Remove your SIM card and ReInsert It

You can check if removing and reinserting the SIM card improves the mobile data speed in any way. This will resolve any issues with the phone’s carrier connection.

The placement of the sim insertion differs from phone to phone. The SIM slot is located on the right edge of iPhones, just below the side button. Some phones, however, have it on the left side.

On the other hand, the sim slot in android devices is on the top, bottom, or side of the phone, in case of a removable battery. 

So, try removing the sim and reinserting the same. This always comes with the chances of improving or fixing any phone internet speed issues. 

Reset the Network Settings on Your Phone

Resetting the network settings on your phone is a common way to quickly fix a poor mobile data connection. It is, however, a difficult step. Resetting simply means that all settings will be set to default.

It includes removing Bluetooth devices, Wi-Fi access points, and more. You will have to deal with the hassles of reconnecting to the same devices and Wi-Fi networks again. 

How to reset the mobile settings to boost the signal strength? Follow these steps shared below. 

  • Go to phone settings.
  • Click on General and choose reset.
  • Now, select the reset network settings option. 

The phone will prompt you for a password before starting the restart process.

For the Android mobile, the procedure of settings is different.

  • Go to Settings and then click on the System option.
  •  Now select the Advanced option and then Reset.
  • You will have the option to Reset mobile, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth.

Although the android mobiles require no restart, it would be better to turn it off and on once you are done with the resetting

Contact Your Carrier’s Customer Service Department

If none of the options work for you, contacting the service provider is essential. Cable connections, mobile towers, and other factors could all be at blame.

Expert technicians will be dispatched by service providers to assist with problem diagnosis and resolution. Keep in mind that some of the experts may recall the same steps to perform. Of course, you will refuse as you have tried them all. Ask them to visit in person and perform the troubleshooting their way. 

Summing Up

To conclude, you can speed up the mobile data performance and strengthen the signal using the best DAS antenna signal booster. However, there is always the choice of seeking help from carrier service providers to get the hassles fixed. 

Don’t overlook the issue of a slow data connection. Examine the problem’s core cause, then look for a solution and consider how to put it into action.

Thanks for Reading!!

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