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How to Choose a Rug Design Style that Fits with the Feel of Your Home

You know the feeling of what they say, “Home is where the heart is.” We all have a favorite room in our home that we love to spend time in. But often, some things can make it feel less welcoming or cozy. A rug is one of those things. It can ruin a good vibe when you have the perfect room but an ugly rug that doesn’t suit your decor or tastes. So how do you find a design style and feel for a rug to match up with what feels right in your home?

Whether adding a new rug to freshen up your décor, or you’re just starting and need guidance on what style of rug to choose, many factors go into designing the perfect and best area rugs. For example, do you want one with intricate patterns? Is contemporary design more your thing? Do you prefer natural fibers like wool or cotton? The possibilities are endless! But don’t worry; we’ve narrowed it down to these great options that will suit any home’s needs. Read this article for some fantastic tips and tricks on how to find the perfect rug for your space.

Consider the Look of Your Home

When choosing a rug for your home, you first want to consider the overall look of your home. Depending on the style that you’re going for, this could be either a strict or loose guideline. For example, if your space is more modern and sleek with rustic elements, perhaps an animal print rug would not go over so well in the room? However, these are just some general rules; it is important to remember that you’re designing your space around YOU and not the other way around.

You Need a Rug That Fits Your Space Appropriately

Size matters no matter what type of rug design style, color, or pattern you pick for your home! And we don’t just mean how big the room is but how big of a rug you need. If your space is ample, then it is best to go with one that spans the whole room, but if not, then perhaps focus on an area where there is more foot traffic, like in front of the TV or couch might be better suited for the size of your space. Similarly, if the room is tiny, a large rug might feel overwhelming and take up too much space. It would be best to look for something smaller or perhaps an area rug that you can switch out with different styles as your decorating needs change over time?

Consider the Feel of Your Room 

Think about what you prioritize when it comes to your home decor. What style suits you best? Are you looking for a rug that will tie all the elements together? Or are you more concerned with finding something beautiful and stylish on its merit, regardless of how well it works concerning the rest of your space?

If you want a rug that will stand out on its own, it is best to look for something bright and bold. In this case, color blocking or graphic patterns will be the most successful choices because they provide strong focal points in any room. One great example of this would be a large-scale, black and white checkered rug. Not only would it add a touch of sophistication to your space, since the pattern is usually associated with high-end fashion brands, but also because it’s bold colors stand out against any backdrop in the room. If you’re more interested in finding a great rug that will blend effortlessly into your home decor, then you should consider something with a more subtle, muted color palette.

What You Want in Your Rug

The primary and foremost important thing to consider when choosing a design style for your rug is: what do you like? If comfort and luxury are essential in shaping the look and feel of your home, then something with an ornate pattern might be best. However, if modern simplicity better reflects your aesthetic preferences, then that’s also perfectly fine! Ultimately, it all is up to your taste and the overall feel of the rug concerning how it interacts with your surroundings.

What Style You Want to Convey

The style, vibe, and message you want to convey are also important factors, which might be more relevant if you’re thinking of buying a rug for somebody else’s home. That being said, it can still serve as an exciting consideration when purchasing one for your own space! For example, suppose there are already many ornate furniture and decorations in the room where you intend to display your rug. In that case, you’ll want to avoid purchasing a rather simplistic design that will just get lost in the sea of more attention-grabbing elements. On the other hand, if there are only neutral tones and minimalistic decor on your walls or tables, picking something more intricate like ivory or beige rugs is key!

DO You Love Colors or are Neutrals Your Shade

The colors of your rug can have a big impact on how you feel when in the space. If you are drawn to bold colors, then having an eye-catching pattern or contrasting tones is excellent! On the other hand, if more fabulous shades and neutrals tend to be more appealing for whatever reason, you must choose something with these types of hues. Picking a rug color that clashes with your other home decor can make you feel uncomfortable, so it’s essential to know what style of shades are right for you!

DO You Like Simple Shapes or More Detailed Forms?

If symmetry and simplicity are more appealing than intricate designs, you pick something like an oblong-shaped rug with clean lines. If you want something more ornate, however, adding patterns or shapes that are pleasing to the eye will give your room an extra boost of personality! The shape and style of a rug are essential because they will define how your space looks. If you want to bring out the warmth in your home, choosing a round-shaped rug with reds and oranges as its highlight colors would be perfect!

Does Your Rug Need to Fade into the Background?

If it’s important for your rug color not to stand out too much, choosing neutrals such as greens, greys, and black is a great way to make your room comfortable. If you want the rug design style to be the focal point in your space, adding a bright red or blue rug with an ornate pattern would draw attention!

Is Contemporary Your Mood or Traditional is the Way

The rug design style that’s right for your home depends on how you want it to feel. If your space is more contemporary, adding a modern rug with geometric patterns and pops of color would be the perfect fit! The Style goes to your home and the mood you want it to have. A contemporary rug design style can help complete the look of your home. If traditional is your mood and you’re looking for a more classic or transitional room, then more natural fibers such as cotton, wool, or jute will give this feel.

On a Final Note

There are so many different kinds of area rugs to choose from. The style you pick should reflect your home’s feeling or mood and not just what looks good in a picture. Take some time before deciding on one rug design. Consider if it would be better for your space with light colors or dark tones? Would any textures complement the room’s existing decor? Is there an animal print rug pattern that matches your interests? You can find all these answers at RugKnots! We have hundreds of options available, delivered right to your door within days of purchase. With our easy returns policy, we’re confident you’ll love whatever product you end up choosing!

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