How to Convert Google MBOX to PST?

For the last few days, I have been facing issues using my Google Gmail account to manage all my emails. As my emails are very important to me I finally decided to take backup of all my data information. Therefore, I extracted all emails via Google Takeout. Now, I have .mbox files and want to convert Google MBOX to PST. I tried some online software but failed to find the one that can easily clear up all my issues. Need Help!” 

In this fast-growing technology, there are plenty of solutions to convert Gmail MBOX to PST. As the manual approach is very difficult to execute. For implementing the manual technique, you need to have full knowledge about both the file format and perfect technical skills. To make this task easy use the automated MBOX Converter wizard for Windows & Mac OS.

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But if you don’t want to put much effort, there are solutions available to convert Google  MBOX to PST within a few seconds.

First, let us discuss Google Takeout and also Know How Google Takeout works?

What is Google Takeout?

Google Takeout is a product of Google that allows its users to export their data to a downloadable file. It downloads all your Gmail Emails, YouTube videos, Google Drive Files, and many more in .zip or.tgz files and would not harm your account in any way.

Google Takeout lists 51 kinds of Data, including Contacts, Photos, Google keep notes, Gmail, and bookmarks.

How to Download Data via Google Takeout

Step 1. Login into your Gmail Account and go to Google Takeout.

There you see Download your data, click on it. Accessing the Gmail data consists of two steps:

. Select Data to include

. Choose file types, frequency, and destination.

Step 2. First, you need to click on Deselect all. Otherwise, you will get the data from all Google services.

Step 3. Select Gmail to download data 

Step 4. Click on “All mail data included”. Select your mailboxes/labels if you do not want to export to the bottom. Click “Next step”

Step 5. We are now in the second step, selecting the file type, frequency, and destination.

Select the “Delivery Method”. There are five options

. Send download link via email

. Add to Drive, Dropbox, Onedrive, box

Step 6. Select the “frequency”. I only want to export the data one time and the other option is once every 2 months for a year.

Here, File type & size. Here you can change the file type and max size.



Step 7. Google is now working on the export. Depending on the amount of data the export may take hours.

You will get an email in your inbox. After clicking on “ Download your files” you will be shown a webpage with a link to your download.

 After extracting the .zip file you will receive all data in .mbox file format. Now, you can convert and export the mailbox to PST file format.

Reliable Solution to Convert Google MBOX to PST

Without wasting much time, let us have a brief discussion of the conversion tool. As we all know, Google Takeout has a .mbox file. But, there are some circumstances where users need their mailbox files in .pst format with attachments. The software will instantly give you accurate results without any single mistake. It makes it very easy for the users to convert Gmail MBOX to PST. The tool is designed with an easy-to-use interface.

Steps to Convert Google MBOX to PST

 1. First start the software and load the files you want to convertlaunch the tool

2. Here, you will see the preview along with its attachmentssee the preview

3. Choose PST format choose PST file format

4. Press the Export option to begin the conversion on Export

Features of the Software

  • It is a powerful software to convert multiple mailbox files into different file formats.
  • There are a number of circumstances that urge the users to import the files into an Office 365 account. This software provides the feature of easy migration of MBOX files at once. This facility is only available in businesses and enterprises.
  • The software allows you to break the resultant file at the end of the Mailbox conversion process.
  • It does not require any email client installation to convert Gmail MBOX to PST including Outlook. 
  • While working with the tool, there is no size limitation required. Any size of the mailbox file will be converted.

Ending Remarks

In this particular article, we have explained how you can convert Google MBOX to PST. And we have also provided the users with the best technology. If users have zero or less technical knowledge, they must try the utility. It surely saves time and completes the task in the blink of an eye.

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