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Communicating by voice is the new norm in today’s world. There is one platform that is at the centre of all this. It is none other than Clubhouse. The San Francisco-based social media platform has disrupted the tech era like no other. Users have downloaded it more than 400,000 times in September 2021. Entrepreneurs can succeed in the social media space by creating a Clubhouse clone. This blog aims to simplify the process of developing a voice-based social networking app.

What is the meaning of a Clubhouse like Platform? 

  • It is a customized social media Clubhouse clone platform with a special focus on voice interaction. Users can be part of hallways, events, talk shows, and also create their own rooms and podcasts.
  • Besides that, netizens can listen to conversations round the clock irrespective of their age, background, gender, and location.
  • This advantage of remote communication will help techpreneurs moderate conversations with ease.

Deciphering the rise of Clubhouse

  • As the coronavirus pandemic wreaked havoc across the world, Clubhouse made a dramatic entry in April 2020.
  • Alpha Exploration Co, the creator of the Clubhouse social media platform created a blockbuster. The California-origin voice network has got more than 10 million downloads within just 18 months.
  • Above all, Clubhouse got 558,000 downloads in August 2021 and its valuation has surpassed $4 billion.

Why is a Clubhouse Clone Platform ideal to rule the Internet era? 

  • Uniqueness – In this era of multimedia content, a platform homogenous to Clubhouse stands out with its special focus on audio. It helps introverts to express their opinions and thoughts in a free manner. They can choose different genres and listen to the viewpoints of celebrities and influencers.
  • Request to invite – While the user base of Clubhouse is expanding continuously, techpreneurs need to maintain consistency. Interestingly, the Palo-Alto based platform was invite-only but later it was released generally. However, existing users can tap the new Waves feature. They can speak casually with their friends and family members by pressing the Hallway. Cyber surfers will get notifications and they can join a room, become a member, and expand their social circle.
  • Friendly user interface – This is one of the special aspects of a Clubhouse similar platform. Cybernauts across different parts of the globe can easily enter and join conversations as per their fancies and whims. They can easily utilize options like backchannels, live chat facility, start a room, and become members of numerous clubs scattered around the world.

How does a Clubhouse like Platform function? 

  • Users need to register on the audio-agnostic social media platform. They must add information like their age, email address, phone number, and social media accounts.
  • The admin of the virtual app homogeneous to Clubhouse will approve their accounts after checking their background.
  • Further, cybernauts can choose different genres and topics based on their preferences and tastes.
  • Users can check the Hallway which acts as the main content feed of the Clubhouse like platform. They will receive real-time information about the ongoing conversations, podcasts, and rooms.
  • What are the 3 kinds of rooms they are part of? Users can create and join Public, Closed, and Social Rooms.
  • Moreover, members can add information about their professional backgrounds. They can sync their social media accounts like Instagram and Twitter.
  • Other users will receive real-time information about their joining date, the person who recommended them, and the clubs they are a part of.
  • Live information is available about the name of the club, the topics being discussed, the total members, the hosts, and the admin.
  • After a conversation starts, users will receive alerts. They can choose to enter a discussion. They can listen to interesting conversations for a certain time. Later, members can tap the Raise Hand option.
  • The host of the voice-based conversation will receive an update. They can accept requests from users one-by-one. Once a request from a member is accepted, they can raise questions to certain speakers.
  • Later, a specific orator will answer their queries. The admin of the Clubhouse clone can also set time slots for each speaker. This will help in managing a large volume of traffic and prevent arguments.

Does a Clubhouse clone ensure efficient management of schedules?

  • Yes, of course, users can press the Upcoming For You section. They will receive details about the date and time of the discussion, name of the event, and the topics to be talked about.
  • Finally, cybercitizens can use options like add to calendar, share, tweet, and copy link.
  • They can also tap the Bell icon to receive alerts when the events begin.

Check out the new features of a Clubhouse Clone

Pin Links to the Top – People can share links of hallways and rooms outside and monetize their content with ease. This helps listeners to attend different kinds of events like news articles and podcasts and share opinions on polls and subscribe to newsletters.

Entrepreneurs can captivate talented game developers, musicians, journalists, and writers. Moreover, moderators can add and remove pinned links anytime.

Share Clips – Whenever users join public rooms, they can record an initial part of the audio conversation. Subsequently, they can share their clips across instant messaging apps and virtual networking platforms. The persons who start a room have permission to accept or deny the recording.

Integration with the Stripe payment gateway – Entrepreneurs can enthral content creators with monetization opportunities. The Clubhouse clone synced with the Stripe payment processor helps performing artists to receive payments for every conversation, session, and speech. Techpreneurs can introduce an accelerator program with monthly stipends. This will help content developers to enhance their financial position and make profits from their unique audios.

Universal filter and search mechanism – An audio-based platform indistinguishable from Clubhouse helps users to discover rooms effortlessly. Users must press the Explore section and enter clubs, people, and topics. They can also tap the Follow panel to know the activities of entrepreneurs, filmmakers, journalists, politicians, sportspersons, stand-up comedians, venture capitalists, etc.

Wrapping Up

Unquestionably, Clubhouse has become the one-stop destination for brand ambassadors, content creators, influencers, and ordinary users. This has made the social media platform a strong force despite intense competition. Innovative entrepreneurs can get ahead in the tech space. You can partner with an app development company for developing a one-of-a-kind Clubhouse clone.

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