Summary: This article compares and contrasts the best free and commercial options to export emails from OST to PST format. We also recommend using expert software to convert your damaged or uncorrupted OST file to PST format. So that you may import translated data into Outlook 2019, 2016, and earlier versions as quickly as possible.

In Microsoft Outlook, both OST and PST files are required. PST files are used to keep the copy of data from Outlook on the configured machine, whilst OST files are used to preserve the offline copy of data from the Exchange Server. There are numerous obvious reasons why people convert OST files to PST files. Let’s go through everything.

Reason Behind OST Emails to PST Export

For Outlook users, exporting OST to PST provides several advantages. As an illustration:

1. You won’t have to worry about data being mistakenly lost from Exchange if you convert OST files to PST format.
2. In the event that your karabağlar escort
Exchange server fails for whatever reason, you may still access your data.
3. Once you’ve converted an OST file to a PST file, keep it somewhere secure.
4. OST files stored offline become unavailable during Exchange maintenance. 5. To use such files, convert OST to PST and then import them into Microsoft Outlook.

Now you know the why many users wants to export emails from OST to PST format.

Note: If you desire an instant solution and want to convert OST to PST without Outlook installation, then try expert third-party solution.

Challenging Face While Exporting OST Emails to PST Format

Users may easily regenerate OST data files when Outlook is linked to Exchange. However, if your Exchange server is down, whether momentarily or permanently, there are a few things you may do. Re-creating OST files isn’t doable. In this case, a PST converter programme is required, but what difficulties do users have while manually export emails from OST to PST?

1. Users must use the same Exchange user account to view an OST file. Only the exchange account that was used to build it has access to it. All I want to add is that only Outlook users with the original version of Outlook may convert their OST files to PST files.

2. It is not possible to convert a corrupted OST file: You’re probably aware that Outlook won’t let you open data from a damaged Outlook OST file. When your exchange server is offline, you won’t be able to reconstruct your OST file to replace a corrupted one. This is the point at which manual OST file conversion is no longer feasible.

3. Cannot recover orphaned Outlook OST eyup escort
files in Exchange Mailboxes: Orphaned OST files are OST files that aren’t connected to your Exchange server. When Exchange fails, the orphaned OST file becomes the only source of the user’s mailbox data. Surprisingly, no manual procedure exists for converting orphaned OST data files. Only manual procedures are used to convert an OST file that is linked to your Exchange server.

4. High-level technical expertise is required: manual approaches are best suited to users who are familiar with Outlook and have technical data migrating understanding. We recommend that you avoid these procedures if you are a newbie in terms of technical skills. It’s possible that it’ll make your OST file unavailable to Outlook, or perhaps damage it.

Top Free Method to Export OST to PST Format

There are two methods for converting an OST file to an Outlook PST file format. The first technique is the manual migration of OST file data, which is the old way.

Method 1: Manually Export Emails from OST to PST Format

The manual export consists of three different methods. Let’s check out what they are –

#1: USe Outlook Import/Export Tool

1. First, open the Microsoft Outlook programme.

2. Select “Import and Export” from the “File” menu.

Outlook Native Import-Export-1

3. Select “Export to a file” and then “Next” in the next box.

Outlook Native Import-Export-2

4. Select Outlook data file (.PST) and press “Next.”

Outlook Native Import-Export-3

5. Choose the mailbox folder from which you want to export. Subfolders can be included if desired.

6. Click “Finish” after browsing and selecting the folder where the PST file will be saved.

Note: You’ll need an Exchange server connection and Outlook installed on your local computer for this way to work.

#2. Export OST Using Archive Method to Move Mailbox into PST

1. Go to your Microsoft Outlook programme and open it.

2: Navigate the “File” menu and select the Archive option.

Archive Step 1

3: Now select the file/folder you want to archive.

4: Choose a location for the archived file to be saved.

Archive step2

5: Finally, click Finish.

Note: You may transfer all OST data except contacts using the archive approach.

# 3. Export OST file to PST Using Drag and Drop Method

You may convert OST file Mailbox data items to a new PST file using this procedure.

1: Open Microsoft Outlook.

2: In Outlook, create a new PST file.

3: Drag all of your mailbox folders to the newly generated outlook file.

Note that you can’t move objects from the usual folders into a PST file, such as Inbox, Contacts, and so on.

The three manual methods to export OST emails to PST file are listed above. These are free solutions that anyone who wishes to convert OST files may utilise. Manual approaches, on the other hand, are not recommended for customers who cannot afford to take any chances with their OST file data. Manual approaches have limits, which must be understood.

  • It takes a long time to use the manual technique.
  • It’s always changing.
  • They may entail a number of stages that are difficult to follow.
  • It’s possible that they’ll require to practise to do it right.
  • Data loss or file alteration are both possible outcomes.
  • There is no assurance that your information will be  safe.
  • Size restrictions for OST files
  • For corrupt ost files, this method is not recommended.
  • Limitations on what may be sent over email, and so on

However, if you want to avoid these drawbacks, you may utilise automatic professional solutions to convert OST to PST.

Professionally Export Emails from OST to PST Format

The OST converter is a trusted tool for reliably converting OST files to Outlook PST files. Without any prior knowledge, the  Converter utility quickly repairs and converts corrupted and non-corrupted OST files. This utility may be used by both novices and pros to export their OST files without difficulty.

Benefits of Using Automated Too For Exporting

1. Multiple OST files may be converted to PST, Live Exchange, and Office 365.
2. There are no file size constraints for added OST files; users may easily upload huge OST files.
3. Keeps the OST folder structure intact.
4. Use field names to search for certain OST elements.
5. The programme transforms OST files that are unavailable to other file formats.
6. Export OST file elements to a variety of file formats, including EML, MSG, HTML, and vCard.
7. During the OST to PST conversion, split big PST files into smaller PST files.
8. View things in a file preview before migrating from OST to PST.

How to Export OST to PST Using Automated Tool

1. Download and run SysConverter for OST on your computer.

2. Go to File >> Open >> Email Data File >> OST File >> Choose a file from the folder.

3. Select PST as the saving format from the Export menu.

4. Finally, browse to the desired location to save the PST file and press the Save button.

Here complete the process. The above mention methods are the workable solutions to export emails from OST to PST format without any data loss. You can apply one of the given method and transfer OST emails to Outlook PST file.

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