We are all more or less familiar with a handyman, especially when we need to fix household chores. Whether it’s simple house repairing work or electrical repairing works, you might seek expert handyman services first-hand.

But what type of work can a handyman do legally? Do they entitle to do any work? Then what will be the safety? Let’s know here. Yet, if you’re trying to have a handyman license, this article will help you.

Here you’ll find out about handyman laws and license along with 4 ways to get a handyman license. Let’s get started.

Handyman Laws and License

You may start the handyman service without knowing the laws. However, it’s very important to know about the handyman license and rules.

The requirements differ in every aspect while you start your handyman business. In addition, you will also find that the laws are different in every state.

Therefore, you need to find state laws, and there are many state guides available for such acts.

However, it is also very important to research well while you start such services. This is because you can come up with many limitations for which you need proper knowledge.

In some cases, you will also find customers who will ask to do a few tasks. However, those might go against your limit. Eventually, you’ll end up in trouble.

If you’re providing a service, it is necessary to do the best for your customers. Also, not having a proper license could hamper the customers.

There might be cases where you end up damaging the work rather than fixing them. So, if you’re a handyman who doesn’t have a license, the insurance companies aren’t responsible for the damage.

4 Ways to Get a Handyman License

There are a few ways through which you can stay out of trouble. However, the list below has the 4 ways to get a handyman license:

  1. State contactors board
  2. Investigator
  3. Handyman business
  4. Marketing strategy

Let’s look more into them!

State Contractors Board

The easiest way to get a handyman service is through the state contractors’ board. You will easily get hold of the board if you search online.

Every country or state has its website with contracting laws. However, it would help if you searched well to get the authentic information.

When you get proper sources, it’ll help if you read the information with attention. In most cases, you will find the government stated the required details on handymen and their services.

The state board didn’t mention that you can’t work without a license. But in most cases, customers don’t feel safe with taking such services.

On the other hand, it isn’t necessary to have a license for small repairs in some states. So, you can read the contractor’s license to know everything for handyman services.


Once you contact the state contractors board, you can easily get a lawyer for yourself. However, it would be best if you reach your lawyer as they have good legal opinions.

In most cases, you will find unclear information about the contract laws. However, everyone wouldn’t understand which information is authentic.

So, the investigator will help you out with the relatable information. Additionally, you can ask them about your queries, and they would also clear them.

Handyman Business

Sometimes, your investigator wouldn’t have enough information for you. So, it might be frustrating that you didn’t receive as much information as you need.

If you are into majorly working with electrical issues, you need to have specific requirements for the license.

It would be best if you researched your area. As you will easily get many handyman businesses, you can ask them about the license.

The established businesses will surely help you grow. Additionally, it is good to take the help of your competitors because they have experienced much more than startups.

Marketing Strategy

One of the most important points is to follow a proper marketing strategy. So, if you’re advertising, you need to be sure about the laws of home repairs.

If you’re advertising online, make sure you are a licensed before you claim. So, people wouldn’t be confused about their requirements.

Additionally, you can provide specific services where it isn’t necessary to be a licensed handyman.


To sum up, there are many jobs that you can do as a handyman. However, you will get the best options if you have a license.

A license can open up many ways to help you grow. Additionally, a licensed gets more customers than others.

There are many ways through which you can get help for a license. The state contractor board and proper strategy, other handyman services, and investigators will boost your handyman business.

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