You need a lot of practice, painting tools, and effort to paint a mural art. It is basically a big artwork that is performed directly on the walls. Some basic procedures are needed, as for basic paintings, but it requires some careful methods as it is painted on a large scale. 

If you want to paint a mural, some bunch of the experiences of professionals can be a great help. For this, you can check out the sites related to mural arts. However, you can see the artwork of mural painters in Sydney, who are very talented and specialize in huge scale mural art. 

Mural art can be an extremely enjoyable task for many mural painters who like to watch their artwork on a huge scale. If you are passionate about this artwork, here, in this article, we are describing how to paint it.

Tips To Follow To Paint A Mural Art

Prepare A Wall Surface

Mural arts are much visible on big walls. To start the work, prepare the wall by making the surface clean and smooth. The space you require depends on the size of the mural’s design.

There might be flakes, spots, or other defects on the wall. Fix those defective areas by filling the gaps or cracks with spackling paste. Furthermore, clean the surface thoroughly using a soap solution to clean the dirt and then let it dry. In addition, before you initiate your work, apply a coat of primer specifically if any color is already present there.

If your mural needs a base layer of coating of a uniform shade, use a sponge or paint roller for coloring the whole wall. Before you move to the next step, wait an hour to let the paint get dry.

Sketch Your Design

If you have a precise mural design, draw it properly on the surface of the walls. Additionally, you can also use reference photos of the art of famous mural painters to sketch a mural. Furthermore, people can also use stencils art. For this, find out the art supply stores of stencils Brisbane, providing various designs and patterns that can ease your work. These are highly profitable tools creating the art more beautifully. You can combine several patterns to create unique art. The best manner to mark the mural design is utilizing a grid method.

In the grid method, first, you need to mark a grid over a reference picture. Make use of a pencil or pen you are comfortable with. After that, mark the same ratio of grid squares on the surface where you want to perform a mural work. Ensure the grid is exact because the complete artwork will be established on it only. If it is inaccurate, your sketch will be wrong. Additionally, the measurements of the wall surface on which you are going to portray your mural should be exactly that of the reference photo.

Work accurately on each square until the complete picture is placed on the wall. You can rub out the grid lines or make them remain as it is to summarize your work progress. This method takes a long time, but it is a simple way to execute an exact mural design.

Paint The Mural Designs

Use those paints that can withstand sun rays, for example, try acrylic ones that are very good light fastness as they resist a change on getting exposed to light. These are very expensive, therefore, confirm your budget before purchasing them.

If you are performing art on indoor walls, use latex paints because they are easy to cleanse, have less fragrance, and are affordable. Although you would be using a lot of paints, do not overuse them while mixing. Make use of a single color one at a time to avoid wastage. 

Start shading the background first, and then proceed to big areas of the design. Use paint rollers or sprayers to color those regions. Additionally, utilize the paintbrushes to shade small and complex spots. Let each paint dry first before you move to another one. 

You probably require 2 to 3 layers of color to create your mural to look flawless. Therefore, before applying a new layer of color, wait for a minimum of 30 minutes. However, acrylic and latex paints get dry quickly within 1 hour. If you are using colorants other than acrylic and latex, you must prefer the company’s guidance given on every paint container. It is because different paints have dissimilar drying periods. 

Furthermore, you can look out for the artwork of mural artist Brisbane to learn how they have designed and painted their murals. At last use a suitable brush to draw the outlines and shades. These elements are such a light portion of mural art, so it requires proper attention to add them on a large scale. If any error occurs, carefully clean up the paint using a soapy solution.

Sealing And Coating The Design

Just examine your work and look out for the mistakes if any to fix them correctly. There can be a few areas where the paint did not merge well. Therefore, let the mural work dry firstly, and then go for the correction of the damaged spots with the next level of painting color.

Before coating, wait for 1 day to let the paint dry as moisture may be present beneath the topmost layer. However, thick layers of coatings take a longer time to dry. 

Just as the paint gets dry, start the sealing process using a varnish. Prefer transparent, water-soluble, and non-yellow staining varnishes. They cover the paint from scraps, cracks, or any damage. Make use of acrylic varnishes for outdoor mural arts.

You must use matte finish varnishes as polished ones look too glossy on the art. Furthermore, when the varnish dries completely, apply a second layer to finalize your mural work. Also, ensure that the varnish can be easily rubbed off when any repairment beneath the paint is required. 


Whether it is indoor or outdoor mural arts, they always make the place colorful and attractive. If drawing on a large wall surface, it will take a little while, but your hard work will make it valuable. It is an extremely satisfying task for those mural painters who like to enjoy their artwork on a large scale.

You do not need to be an expert in painting, but it is the right belief to have some experience of the work of famous mural painters. Moreover, you need to be relaxed when drawing your mural design and making use of different paints. So, if you are looking out for motivation and knowledge, we have suggested some tips above to paint a beautiful mural.

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