Dubai holds a huge population of health-conscious people and that is one reason why yoga is gaining immense popularity in Dubai. If you are too aware of the health benefits of yoga, then you might want to consider setting up your own Yoga Centre as it can be a good business opportunity. 

Yoga is an ancient Indian practice that involves a series of exercises and breathing techniques. It has gained immense popularity in the last few decades as it helps in keeping the body fit and improves overall health. Yoga can be practised by people of all ages and levels of fitness. The best part about yoga is that it can be done anywhere, at any time, with just a mat, some props (like blocks or straps) and music to help you stay focused.

As long as you have the right knowledge and just follow the steps outlined below, you can open your own yoga centre in Dubai easily:

What Are The Benefits of Setting up a Yoga Centre in Dubai? 

The population of Dubai is health conscious, and yoga has become increasingly popular among them. As a result, there is demand for high-quality yoga centres in the city.

According to statistics from the Government of Dubai, approximately 27.5% of its population in 2022 will be Indian residents—a large potential market for yoga studios.

Yoga is no longer just an Indian phenomenon. Western cultures—including Dubai’s—have embraced the practice, making it very popular among residents and visitors alike.

After the 2019 pandemic, many people turned to yoga as a way of building up their lung capacity. This interest in yoga has led many instructors and centres to expand from local environments into online communities that attract yet more customers.

Yoga centres in Dubai receive support and incentives from the government, since they are considered health-related organisations.

Because yoga is so popular in Dubai, you can easily expand your business to other emirates of the UAE once you establish yourself.

Now that you have learned about the benefits of yoga, it is time to learn how to set up a yoga centre.

What is The Process of Setting Up A Yoga Centre in Dubai? 

  • Decide the Legal Structure

To legally operate a yoga studio in Dubai, you must first decide on the type of legal entity your business will be. Although partnership and proprietorship are viable options, an LLC is the best business set up type in the UAE.

The LLC gives you greater freedom and flexibility to expand your business into other cities.

  • Choose Your Location

After that, you have to pick a good location for your yoga centre. It’s best to look into places where yoga is popular and there are few competitors—like the Dubai mainland region.

You can also consider opening a studio in a place where there are lots of expats who want to practise yoga. The UAE is full of people from all over the world, so you’ll definitely have plenty of customers.

  • Get Approval

To open a yoga studio in Dubai, you need to get approvals from two different departments. The first is the Yoga and Sports Welfare department since yoga is classified as a sport—and this will help make sure you have adequate space for classes and that your equipment meets safety standards

In addition, the Ministry of Public Health requires a second approval for yoga classes because it sees public health benefits in promoting this practice. It takes about two to three weeks to complete this process if all other approvals are granted by third parties such as fire departments or building management companies.

  • Submit Necessary Documents

After receiving approval, the document collection process begins. Your list should include your professional experience certificate or any other recognition letter, copies of passport and visa documents as well as several others that are required by law.

A business setup consultant such as Al Hadif Setup can handle all the paperwork required to obtain a licence or registration to set up yoga centre in dubai

  • Open A Bank Account

To enable your customers to pay you, you must open a corporate bank account and get the necessary approvals. If your business is licensed, it’s important that this process be easy for both cash and online payments.

That is why having a corporate bank account in Dubai can save you time and help with seamless transactions. Note, however that it will take about 4 weeks for to open a bank account in dubai once all documents are submitted.

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What is The Cost of Opening a Yoga Centre in Dubai? 

Yoga centres can be opened at minimal cost in Dubai. Some yoga professionals choose not to make any investment because they believe that yoga is best practised outdoors.

However, some customers prefer to stay in air-conditioned rooms—and that is where a centre works best.

The cost of setting up a yoga centre in Dubai can range from about AED 25,000*

Al Hadif is here to help

If you want to earn profit from your yoga business, setting up a yoga studio in Dubai is just the thing for you. The UAE has become one of the most popular destinations for yoga enthusiasts due to its cultural history, warm weather and urban life. And now that you are well aware of the process of setting up a yoga centre in Dubai and have an idea of what it takes to get there, you can establish one of your own within a few weeks.

Al Hadif setup, a business setup consultancy in Dubai, will help you establish a yoga centre in the Emirate with ease. We are highly experienced and can guide you at every step—preparing your company’s formation documents as well forming a proper business plan.

Setting up a yoga centre in Dubai may take 6 to 8 weeks, during which Al Hadif Setup will help you gather all of your necessary documents and get approvals from relevant departments.

However, the business consultants at Al Hadif Setup can help you set up your recording studio quickly and easily. All you need to do is call us, tell us all your requirements and the rest is upon us. 

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