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In the law few years, there has been immense growth in the digital marketing industry in the UAE. And, it is getting bigger with time. Such substantial growth offers huge opportunities for individuals with marketing skills and determination for running a successful business in marketing.

Advantages of Setting Digital Marketing Company in Dubai

Running a digital marketing agency is a challenge, however, it could be a rewarding experience. All you need to do is put effort as well as time into learning everything that is necessary to run a profitable agency. Starting a digital marketing business might seem overwhelming and scary. However, you could not ignore the benefits of digital marketing company formation in Dubai.

Easy Set-Up

Working with a reputable agent could make the Freezone Company setup Dubai easy. You need not worry about going through the complex process alone. In many cases, the individuals get their license for trading within a matter of days.

Growing Market

As the digital marketing industry is growing steadily in Dubai, there are chances of growth for different companies. Starting a digital marketing agency in Dubai could enhance the chances of growth and gaining success.

Availability of Human Resources

It is another key advantage of starting an agency in the UAE. Because Dubai is known as one of the best business hubs and attracts a wealth of varied talents from the globe. It provides you easy access to the resources you require for the growth of the business.

Apart from these, another deniable benefit is low tax. The emirates continue to charge 0% on both personal as well as corporate income. With the Freezone Company setup Dubai, you could also benefit from repatriation of capital & profit, easy 100% ownership, and no currency restrictions.

Dubai is a fast-growing business hub in the world. It is also the home to a welcoming corporate environment that is ranking high regularly in the worldwide Doing Business Index. Above all, the tax rate of the country is 0% and it has world-class infrastructure. The strategic location as well as numerous free zones make it best for entrepreneurs around the world.

To ease the process of digital marketing business setup in UAE, it is advised to partner with a reputable company formation agent. The agent could manage the whole process for you be it taking care of the early admin, assisting with the license, account applications, etc. Here are the steps for setting up a digital marketing company in the UAE

Registration of the Company

The first step is to choose as well as register the name of the company. You need to ensure that name of the company implies the naming criteria of the UAE. It is worth noting that you could not include any blasphemous or offensive language. Even you could not include any references to Islam or Allah in the name of the company.

In case you want to include your name in the name of the company, ensure you use it in full instead of your initials or surname. Along with this, ensure you check that the chosen name is available for registration.

Kinds of Setup

Once the company’s name is finalised, it is time to go through different kinds of setup on the offer in Dubai. The common ones are the free zone and the mainland. Free zones provide a range of advantages like no currency restrictions, full customs tax exemption, the ability to expel 100% of the capital as well as profit, etc.

It is important to note that Mainland companies could not enjoy the benefits provided by the free zones. However, they are allowed to trade with the UAE local market directly. Moreover, they do not require service agents and could take on government contracts. In comparison to the mainland, the business setup in Dubai is a cost-effective option, especially for the digital marketing business.

Obtaining the Company License

One of the crucial steps of the process is applying for the company license. At this point, the process is a bit different based on whether you have decided to set up a mainland or free zone business. In case you have chosen the mainland as a base for the business, you would need to make the application to DED directly. Most of the process takes the place online.

Alternatively, in case you have finalised the free zone setup then you could make the application to the chosen free zone directly. Since the free zones are self-regulated, you do need additional approvals for trading, making the process faster as well as efficient. It is one of the many reasons why a free-zone company setup is a straightforward and affordable way of starting a business in Dubai.

Application for Visa

After applying for a license, the next step is to apply for a visa. During the process, you would need to visit the immigration centre for providing biometric information. Remember, the visa application includes the blood test, fitness test, as well as chest x-ray.

Opening Corporate Bank Account

Once you have the license as well as the visa in hand, you could apply for opening a corporate bank account. Dubai has numerous banking institutions that include both local banks as well as international brands. However, opening a bank account could be a complex process for overseas business owners. Therefore, it is advised to make the application with the expert’s help. Consult an expert who is well-versed in the process as well as its requirements.

In order to avoid delays or rejection due to errors and omissions consider using business setup services. Hiring a reputed business setup company for company formation in Dubai would provide you the peace of mind.

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