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People like to wash the exterior of vehicles to keep them clean. Moreover, it would help if you cleaned the interior of your car too. Your vehicle should always be in top-notch condition. Many people overlook the fact that your car’s dashboard should also be cleaned. It is the first thing that people see when they get in your car.

Being a car owner, you have to be diligent about the interior cleanliness of your car. You devalue your car when you do not pay heed to its hygiene.

Even if you buy a used vehicle, you need to clean it properly. Are you planning to buy a brand new vehicle? Look at the page of cars for sale in Tanzania and find the cars you’re looking for. We’re sure that if you’re looking for used cars for sale in Tanzania, after checking the exterior, the first thing you’ll check is the condition of the dashboard.  Do not forget to clean the car from inside, especially the interior, if you plan on selling your car.

Significance of Taking Care of Your Dashboard

Suppose you want to make sure that your car remains in excellent condition. Then do not overlook the importance of taking care of its dashboard.

This is a part of the car which requires extra care because passengers use the dashboard a lot. When you spend a significant amount of money buying a car, you should spend time on its maintenance.

When you see that your dashboard is piling up with unnecessary things, it’s time to clean it. Keeping the dashboard clean can help with the general hygiene of your car. Additionally, it also keeps the AC vents clean too. For example, your car’s dashboard can hold various cups, allowing you to keep your food and other essential stuff. Hence, you use the dashboard all the time.

If you have not cleaned the dashboard, then now is the time to do so. Most of the time, the dirt particles can accumulate between the spaces, and your car might start to smell.

Car manufacturers spend a lot of time carefully designing the dashboard of the car. Some vehicles are equipped with digital dashboards, others with wooden dashboards, leather dashboards, and so on.

If it’s your car, it is your job to maintain it.

Seven Steps on How to Clean Your Car Dashboard

There is nothing like a car that smells fresh. We all love driving a clean vehicle with clean seats, sparkling windows, and a clear dashboard. Please continue reading to understand how you can take care of the dashboard of your car.

Follow the Schedule

Clean your dashboard weekly to keep your car clean.  If you follow a proper routine, your car will always be clean. Because if you do not have a schedule, you will never find time to clean it. Brainstorm your weekly routine and decide the time and day when you can clean your car without any hassle.

Once your start following your schedule, it will become your habit.

Repair Your Dashboard

The very first step is that you check the condition of the dashboard.  There are chances that your dashboard can be cracked or damaged due to the sun’s exposure. To protect your dashboard from damage, carefully clean it. Your cleaning process can cause damage if you do not follow proper steps.

Examine the dashboard, if it is in good condition. Start cleaning it!

Clear the Rubbish

Before you even start vacuuming and wiping your car. Make sure that you get rid of the unwanted items from the dashboard. Take out the unnecessary tissues, bottles, wrappers, etc. It also makes it easier to vacuum the dirt if you take out the unnecessary stuff before cleaning.

Remove the Dirt

You need to use a vacuum that can remove all the dirt from your car’s dashboard.  It helps in maintaining a clean it. Sometimes the dust particles are not easily removed by the wiping. Millions of bacteria and dust particles can be on the dashboard. It is because the car’s dashboard is the most used part of the car.

No removal can be as effective as vacuuming is. So ensure that you use a good vacuum for it.

Wipe the Area

Make sure you wipe the surface area carefully to remove all the particles left behind after vacuuming.  Make sure you use proper liquid and a microfiber cloth to give a finishing touch. Use cotton swabs to avoid damaging any area.

But, to clean the air conditioner, you can use a toothbrush and be gentle.  All the stubborn stains will vanish away once you’re done with this step.

Clean the Surroundings

Do not forget to clean the steering wheels, gearbox, seat belts, etc. First, wipe these areas to add a finishing touch to them. Then, spray the solution carefully to the different places. Do not just throw the solution all over the place. You wouldn’t want to damage the surface of your car.

Dry the Area

Use a dry towel or piece of cloth to dry the surface. It is the very last step because you want to ensure that you dry the washed areas. Also, if you leave the surface wet, more bacteria will get attached to it.

Save your time, and do not forget this step.

Do not forget to Polish

Nobody likes drying a car that looks boring and dry. So, when you are done cleaning the dashboard. Use polish to add the extra shine to your dashboard. Otherwise, your dashboard will look dry.

You can use the car polish, put it on the cloth and wipe it all over the dashboard. It will protect your dashboard, and you will enjoy driving it. In addition, it will add extra shine to your car.

Be mindful

You cannot use any soap and cloth to wipe out the surface. First, understand what your dashboard is made up of.  If it is made up of vinyl or rubber, you can use a cloth and a mild soap. Put the soap on the fabric and clean the entire area.

Suppose your dashboard has stains. In that case, mix vinegar in the water and carefully spray the solution onto the stain. Keep wiping gently until the stain vanishes away.

If you have a leather dashboard, do not use vinegar or soap as it will damage the leather surface.  The soap contains harsh chemicals which have the possibility of damaging the entire surface. Instead, use an oil-based soap or use a cleaner that is not acidic. Even avoid using silicon-based solutions as they stain the dashboard. Next, use a toothbrush to remove the stains gently from the surface. The results will be satisfying.

Any site advertising cars for sale in Tanzania will also have handy guides for maintaining your car.  Those guides can tell you about the product you should use to clean your dashboard. There are a lot of cleaning products in the market that you can buy. Do not confuse yourself. But be consistent with cleaning and making your car look neat and clean.

Your dashboard will look neat and clean.

Disadvantages of Not Cleaning

If you do not wash the dashboard, windows, or seats, your car will start to stink. As a result, people will avoid driving with you.

Moreover, due to dust and bacteria, there are chances of your children getting allergies or virus. Be mindful of your car’s health as it can affect your health too.

In addition to that, the value of your car will also decrease because no one will be interested in buying it. But, on the other hand, the value increases when you keep your car neat and clean.


We hope that our blog helped you to understand the importance of cleaning the dashboard of your car. Take care of your dashboard before it damages your car.

If you have bought an expensive car, do not overlook the fact that it needs proper cleaning. Because if your dashboard is dirty or stinks, your car’s value will go down.

You can even get your car washed, but you prefer you save your money and do it yourself. Nevertheless, it is your car, and you are responsible for taking care of it.

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