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Moving is difficult but more difficult is deciding who will be the perfect moving company for you. Whenever you plan to shift a house there are many things concerning you such as the safety of your luggage, moving cost, proper packaging, etc. How will you know if the movers and packers you’re choosing will provide you with the right services? There’s only one way to know it well, ASK THEM! Clear your doubts yourselves. Here are some important questions that you may ask the movers and packers that you’re hiring to know if they’re the right fit for you or not.

Are you a licensed company?

The main question that arises is if the moving company that you’re hiring is properly licensed or not. What type of license do they have? And if they have the license for the particular work they’re doing? There are many frauds going on as many may pretend to be certified movers and packers even when they’re not. A recognized company will provide you with a number of documents as proof for their verification. The documents might be their license number, service tax details, personal identification, etc. Verifying these documents will let you know if the company is genuine or not.

On what scale do you operate?

Moving companies operate on different scales such as locally, interstate, or internationally. You should ask your movers and packers if they provide the service required by you and have experience in the same forte. If you want to move locally, then it is best to go for a local moving company to get the right benefits and services as they have a network of vehicles and manpower. Similarly, interstate moving companies know all about moving within states, and those for international packers, know all the paperwork and policies demanded. The right moving company will get your work done easily and effectively on time.

How long have they been in business?

Before hiring a moving company, you should know about their experience in the business. The quality of work done can be determined by the years of their experience in the field. Even if they’re new in business you can always ask for their previous experience in working with other established companies.

What are their contact details?

You must have all the necessary contact details of the service providers for the worst-case scenario. You would not want to get into any situation where you can’t contact your moving company or any other related person. Always check for their permanent address and alternative contact numbers or emails and do verify it if possible.

Are you willing to put up a contract?

You must always ask for a contract to know if they’re honest and committed to their work or not. A well-established and reputed company will accept your offer happily for a good client relationship. If they’re hesitating for a commitment then it might mean they’re trying to hide something that may affect your moving and you need to be aware of that.

Are they doing it themselves or will give the contract to someone else?

Some moving companies might give sub-contract to other moving companies. You should always know about the process of moving your luggage and who will be relocating the same. If they’re hiring other companies for the work, do check if they have experience and are licensed to do the work or not.

Who will be loading and unloading your luggage?

You should ask about all the teams of people who will be working with your luggage. Generally, in distant moving, there might be different people working at different places. You need a team of professionals for loading and unloading your stuff for safer and more convenient moving. You would not want your stuff to get damaged or replaced due to a human error.

What type of insurance do they provide?

It is important to choose movers and packers Hyderabad that is connected to an insured company or a company that provides goods insurance service on your move. Insurance will cover the loss if your goods are somehow damaged or lost during the relocation or transit. There are different types of insurance such as transit and full liability insurance which the company might provide you and you should be clear by the terms or it. Transit insurance is cheaper and it covers your damages during transportation while full liability covers everything, protects your stuff, and is provided by the moving company itself.

What is the packaging material that you use?

It is very important to know how your luggage will be packed. Proper packaging is necessary for the protection of essential items and convenience in moving. You should ask whether they’ll be using previously used cartons and should demand new cartons for better protection of your luggage. You must ask about all other packaging items such as bubble wraps, tapes, etc., and insist on using new and fresh materials.

What are the criteria you follow for the quotation breakdown?

The quotation breakdown and estimation might become complicated and you should ask for details for a clear understanding. Moving companies may easily manipulate their charges in the quotation and. You should know all the services and their charges for a record to prevent unnecessary miscellaneous charges by them.

What are your payment terms and miscellaneous charges?

Payments terms are a very basic thing that makes a huge difference and benefits you in cost-cutting. Do ask them if they have flexible payment terms or not. You should always ask for the payment on the day of moving and the remaining amount after the service is conveyed.

Is this a binding or non-binding estimate?

Binding and non-binding estimates are common ways to help the client for their estimation of their moving costs. Binding estimates guarantee the overall expense of the move and mention the extent of increase in the estimate if at all. While non-binding estimates are subjected to increase or decrease on behalf of the exact weight of the move and if there are extra additional charges in the contract. You should clear everything in the beginning to avoid any disputes at a later stage.

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