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In the current world, The IVF Process is very much in demand among couples who cannot conceive naturally. And while couples are getting educated about IVF treatment with the help of videos and other resources. People are curious to know how many IVF injections they should have to take. One of the highly experienced IVF doctors tells us. Usually, IVF injection takes up to 8-14 days for the process. Some patients feel uncomfortable admitting that they face fear and difficulty sharing their issues with someone. However, You should talk about the issue with someone or a doctor to find the right solution for yourself. And if I talk about IVF injections, You will feel temporary discomfort during the procedure. But, the situation will get normal after treatment. Some women have a phobia of needles, making the process more challenging.

What Can Someone Expect from IVF Injections?

Firstly, Not every woman finds the IVF shot painful, That is only in some cases. Moreover, There are two types of injections that you will encounter during IVF treatment.

  • Subcutaneous injections:- This kind of shot involves giving yourself the required dose of medicine with the help of a small needle, Which you have to inject under your skin. Some subcutaneous injections are Gonal-F, Lupron, Follistim & Menopur. Usually, doctors recommend taking these shots around the belly or front side of the thighs. Take a minute and remember, Have you seen any person with diabetes who takes insulin shots? If yes, then try to remember the needle which is used. That needle is used in most of the medications during IVF. And all the IVF injections are given with an injection pen. You will only feel a sharp pinching sensation while pinching injection to the body. It is a pretty straightforward procedure of taking a subcutaneous taksim escort injection.
  • Intramuscular injections:- Progesterone in oil as an intramuscular injection (fertility medication) is put directly into the muscles, With the help of a long needle. You can also take shots by yourself, But some people take help from their partners. Some of the patients find the needle terrifying during injecting. But at last, you will only feel a little pinch at the end of the injection process.

How Can a Person Make Injectable IVF Medications Easier?

Mainly you can make the injection less painful by giving proper time to get it done right. Every woman has a separate sense of feeling pain.

Here are some tips that patients have found useful are listed below:-

  • Talk to your healthcare attendant/Nurse: Before the procedure starts, Your healthcare attendant at the clinic will talk to you about everything you need to know before you start giving injections yourself. At this time, you can ask all your follow-up questions that are in your mind. This conversation will make the process more understandable and easy for you. Also, They will mark where you have to take injections to make it clearer to you where you have to take the injection by yourself.

If you are nervous while taking injections, you can get help from a nurse to get a demonstration of the first injection. Many patients find it hard doing it for the first time but after 2-3 times, It is so much easier after the first try by themselves.

  • Try to be calm: If you’re not relaxed while taking shots and your muscles are tense, it may hurt you more. There are some exercises like – deep breathing and relaxation exercises that will surely help you calm down before taking an injection.
  • Consider heating pad: While taking intramuscular injections, The best-recommended advice is to use a heating pad to the injecting area for 8-10 minutes. A heating pad will make the process easier for you in winter.
  • Try an icebox: Many patients have experienced that rubbing the ice cubes to the area you chose for injecting makes that area numb and less painful to them for injecting.

Change Body Positions

Your body position may affect how the needle goes to the body. Always try to be in a relaxed position and straight body before taking an injection. For instance, if you’re taking shots on your own, choose a spacious chair for support. And, If you have someone for your help, lying down on the bed also helps some women while injecting.

Try to be quick and direct to the process: One clean and direct motion for injecting is much more comfortable than a slow and hesitant motion.

Reward Yourself:

After taking the injection. For example, a favorite movie, some of your favorite food, or whatever you love to do can make you feel happy. This process will also help your brain get positive energies that are much needed for your body.

When a person knows exactly these points – what will happen, Why and how, then half of the problem is already solved, then you will not be in so much panic. Of course, taking the first shot is always the toughest part mentally, But most patients get comfortable with it after taking a few injections, and after some time, the whole injecting process becomes routine for them.

Process of Giving IVF Injection:-

  1. Choose the place for taking injection (thigh, abdomen, or back portion of upper arm)
  1. Clean the chosen place for injecting with alcohol or cleanser, start from the beginning at the middle of the chosen place and move outward in a circular motion. Allow your skin to dry before injecting to avoid a cold sensation.
  1. Try to remove the needle cover without loosening the needle from the syringe.
  1. Make a grip on a syringe-like you make a pencil. Now position the needle at a 90-degree angle to the skin surface.
  1. Hold the syringe like a pencil.
  1. Hold the skin and spot the needle at a 90-degree angle to the skin surface.
  1. Try to insert a needle as quickly as you can do it correctly.
  1. Then slightly pull back the plunger to check if there is any blood. If you found nothing, inject the medication by slowly pushing the plunger.
  1. After injecting the medicine, remove the needle calmly but try to make it quick. However, If you see any sign of bleeding occurring from the place of injection, Apply a ball of cotton and hold it with gentle pressure for 10-15 seconds, then remove the cotton ball.
  1. Sometimes use Alternate places for injecting the next shot of injection.
  1. After getting done with the procedure, please Dispose of the syringe into a glass container and make it out of reach from kids in your home.

What is the Cost of IVF Injection in India?

Various factors depend while considering the cost of IVF Injection or other treatment. And not all treatments are costly. However, I live in Jaipur, So I have the idea of the best IVF clinic based on the success rate and cost of treatment in Jaipur. Generally, The IVF Cost In Jaipur lies between 1* Lakh to 1.20* Lakh per cycle. Factors that can change the pricing of treatments are- causes of infertility, the age of the patient, and the treatment used for curing infertility.


Lastly, While choosing a fertility clinic, you should never choose a clinic just because of treatment costs. Always look out for the Fertility Specialist who will treat, success rate, and reputation of the clinic. Moreover, If you look at the cost of IVF in India. It is reasonable as compared to other countries. Ask any couple who got pregnant using IVF. They will tell you that going for IVF treatment is the best choice and worth it.

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