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Today’s life is very hectic, so in today’s time meditation has become very important for human beings. Especially those who live in a very stressful environment, they should definitely meditate. With regular practice of meditation, you can have a stress free and worry free life. This keeps you physically healthy.

But sometimes practicing meditation doesn’t help you. Its regular practice is essential to reap the benefits of meditation. And it doesn’t take much of your time, just a few times a day is enough.

When you start doing it every day, meditation becomes the best part of the day. According to the sages, “Meditation is a seed and when you grow the seed with love, it blooms as much.” By going deep into the depths of meditation, you can also enrich your life, but before that you must know the rules of meditation.

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  Follow this rule while meditating:

1. Meditation Rules Choose the morning time:

  • Morning is the best time to meditate. You can choose the time from 4 pm to 7 pm for this.
  • At this time there is peace in the environment, due to which you can do meditation activities without any disturbance.
  • You can also know the benefits of meditation here.

2. Meditate on Asana:

  • The place of meditate should be clean. A place with solitude and air circulation is best.
  • Do not sit directly on the ground to meditate. Use a blanket or a woolen seat and sit cross-legged.

3. The seekers of meditation should take pure diet daily:

  • Those who practice meditation should take nutritious, pure and sattvic diet.
  • Consume meditative fruits and milk. Whereas, do not take more vengeful substances like onion or garlic.

4. Choose an easy way to meditate:

  • It is not possible with everyone to easily practice meditation with their eyes closed.
  • Therefore, if the thoughts of the mind are not allowing you to meditate, then focus your attention on one point.
  • Sit on the ground in front of a wall and make a point exactly in line with your eyes at a distance of dead feet from yourself.
  • Keep watching that point continuously until it disappears, then repeat this process again.

5. Do empty stomach:

  • Practice meditation on an empty stomach, if you are hungry then do not meditate, otherwise you will be thinking about food all the time.
  • At such a time you can eat something and then after two hours you can meditate.

6. Make sure to warm up:

  • You should do some yoga before meditating.
  • It improves blood circulation in your body.
  • It is quite capable of removing restlessness and stiffness of the body.
  • This makes the body feel lighter.
  • This will allow you to sit still for longer periods of time while meditating.

7. Take a deep breath:

  • Before meditating, close your eyes and take deep and long breaths and exhale.
  • This Nadi Shodhana is similar to Pranayama.
  • Doing it before meditation is beneficial for the body.
  • Due to this, the rhythm of the breath becomes stable during meditation.
  • It also helps in calming the mind.

8. Slight smile:

  • If you meditate with a small smile on your face, you will automatically feel the difference in yourself.
  • Meditating with a constant smile will bring a lot of peace.
  • It helps to create the experience of meditation.
  • Or there are very good Meditation Techniques.

9. Open your eyes slowly:

  • When you reach the end of meditation, slowly open your eyes.
  • Take some time to become aware of yourself and your surroundings.
  • Don’t be in any hurry to open your eyes comfortably.

10. If you want, use candle and music:

  • Many times it happens that people have been trying to meditate for a long time but are unable to concentrate.
  • For this, meditation can also be done by listening to music and lighting candles.
  • This creates a flow in meditation, which helps in focusing.

11. Meditation Process:

  • You can also sit cross-legged or you can meditate while sitting on a chair.
  • Choose a place that is quite quiet and comfortable and where there is no noise.
  • Now close your eyes and put ear plugs in your ears.
  • If there is no ear plug, use cotton.
  • Now take ten long breaths. Relax, breathe slowly and deeply.
  • As you exhale, countdown from 10 to 1. Remember that counting is to be done only while exhaling.
  • Now focus on your inner voice and listen to the voices of the mind.
  • Keep your mind calm, slowly the voices will be heard on their own.
  • Maintain stability in your body. Don’t let your thinking wander.
  • If the thinking goes astray in the middle, then do not worry, start the whole process again.

12. Try to refocus your mind.

Through Meditate Tips, we told you what are the things that you need to take care of while meditating. All these rules are capable of getting meditation done in a better way. All the process of meditation should be done comfortably and with the mind focused.

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