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Reaching your bodybuilding goals and lifting heavy will always be a battle. Instead of fighting against an enemy, you are fighting to improve yourself. There is always going to be an obstacle that stands in your way. Maybe it’s a day when you feel like staying home. Or you’re attempting a PR you just can’t seem to hit. Maybe you’ve hit a plateau on the number of reps you can pump out. Don’t let these barriers cause you to lose the battle. Instead, grab your lifting clothes and follow these tips to face your challenges head-on and come out the other side victorious.

Strive to Be 1% Better Every Day

Your gym is the battlefield, and when you step up to the weight rack, your enemy is your past self. You are trying to beat every personal record you set before. Bodybuilding is all about getting stronger, building more muscle, and improving yourself. To do that, you have to make sure you improve every single day, no matter how small it might seem. It’s important to keep your goals manageable. You should look to improve just a small percentage every single day instead of reaching too far too fast.

Try to improve by 1% every day. Look at your last workout log. If you did ten reps of 225 on the squat rack during your previous gym session, do ten reps of 230 today. Always search for ways you can make incremental improvements. Day to day, it might be difficult to notice the progress you are making, but in the long run, this sustainable growth can help you see your dream physique beneath your lifting clothes. Each battle isn’t about huge victories. It is about small, consistent wins.

Look Your Best and Feel Your Best in High-Quality Lifting Clothes

Some days, you just want to skip preparing for the gym, throw on an old t-shirt and head out. However, this can be detrimental to your comfort and confidence in yourself once you make it to the gym. Your lifting clothes are an essential part of your gym progress. In fact, the right high-quality bodybuilding clothes can transform your gym experience.

The best gym clothes are made with real bodybuilders in mind. They aren’t just oversized t-shirts. Whether you like to wear hoodies or different stringer tank tops, search for clothes that fit the way you know they should. With the right bodybuilding clothes, you can prepare yourself for success. You will feel confident when you see yourself in the mirror wearing clothes built to show off your hard-earned physique. That confidence can help you find the renewed energy you need for your next set.

Establish a Routine—From Packing Your Stringer Tank Tops to Planning Your Exercises

Just like a soldier preparing for battle, you should incorporate a fixed routine into your bodybuilding process. Habits make it easier to focus on each individual step of your routine instead of figuring out what comes next on the fly. You don’t have to spend time planning what to wear, when to go, or how to work out when you get to the gym. There is no habit too small to include in your routine. Even packing your stringer tank tops before work or having a protein shake ready in the fridge can make your gym experience that much smoother. Every small preparation can make a difference in reaching your peak success.

Go Out of Your Comfort Zone to Break Through Plateaus

Reaching a plateau is a common obstacle in the bodybuilding community. You have probably experienced a rut where you can’t seem to improve, no matter how hard you try. These plateaus don’t have to be an obstacle you can’t overcome. No matter how difficult it feels, you can break through your plateau and continue improving. You might just need to try a more creative approach. Your lifting clothes should be comfortable, but your workout should constantly be testing the limits of your comfort zone.

If you are used to squatting and lunging for leg days, maybe try exercises you are less familiar with. Box jumps, jumping rope, deadlifts, and hip thrusts might be a step outside of your comfort zone, but they might be able to help you see more gains. Explore new exercises for your upper body and cardio routines as well, and soon you can see your plateau start to vanish.

Find an Uplifting Community Focused on the Same Goals You Are

You can’t go into battle alone and expect to win. Even when your competition is your past self, you need the support of a community to help you reach new heights. An inspiring community of like-minded athletes can help you find the motivation and support required to win tough battles. The right community can even offer tips and encouragement when you need it most.

When looking for a supportive community, you want to find one as dedicated as you are. Bodybuilders come from all walks of life, but one thing they all share is a dedication to constant improvement. Look for people who go hard every workout or bodybuilders sporting lifting clothes that represent their commitment.

Discover Your North Star, So You Can Always Find Your Way

Every time you embark on a journey, you need a sense of direction and purpose. Your north star is the direction you will push forward, no matter what happens. When you are in the heat of battle, your north star can keep you focused. This north star can be anything that keeps you motivated and focused. Above all, it is the reason you are fighting.

For some people, their north star is simply a desire to get better every day. Others have a dream physique they want to reach. It can be a personal goal or one motivated by friends and family. The point of a north star is that it keeps you enthusiastic about your goals to press on through every challenge of battle. When the noise starts, and you feel like quitting, your north star helps pull you through the battlefield. By making it out on the other side, you can find a new direction that keeps you improving day after day.

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