Students who pass out from their graduation and join jobs perform their jobs with hard work and try to perform their best everyday and for this they get rewards also but they often get confused about what should be done by them to increase their productivity level. Productivity is a measurement scale of efficiency and work performance .Students who study in their classroom also focus on their academic performance and when they see their exam results they begin to improve their productivity and become best in their classroom. In order to improve the productivity level, students often opt for education apps like a mobile teacher app. A Mobile teacher app gives so much advanced knowledge to the students that their effort to improve their productivity increases. In the same way employees can also induce many things in their work process to improve their productivity level. This is also very necessary because improving productivity levels keeps employees in the race of advance work procedures and by applying standard work procedures employees can improve their performance and productivity level beyond their imaginations. So, let’s see how an employee can bring improvement in his or her productivity in the workplace:

  • Employees should focus on the work of high priority and should avoid avoiding the important work. To bring efficiency in the work, employees should be habitual of giving importance to the work of high priority, due to this employees gain the attention of the boss for his attentive nature of work.
  • Give 1/4th of your working day to those works of office which are important but somehow get neglected again and again. In this way miscellaneous work which often gets neglected will also be completed in time and you will be called employee of the month.
  • Doesn’t matter if a student or an employee both should focus on keeping the study and work station neat and clean respectively. This is so because a clean atmosphere and work station helps to focus on tasks and targets more effectively. Research shows that under a neat and clean work station employees work 10 times better than under an unorganized work station.
  • While working employees should avoid giving attention towards distractions like any other free employee who just kills time and wants to drag you in the same, an employee should keep his mobile also on silent or vibration so that he or she should not be disturbed by unnecessary calls and messages. This helps employees to focus on their
  • To complete the work at time in most of the meetings employee should prepare his agenda and minutes of meeting, early on priority basis. This helps him or her to perform during the meeting and after the meeting also to accomplish the target given to him or her.
  • Productivity of an employee depends on his healthy body and mind. There is nothing too much at office for this but at home an individual can have a proper sleep of 6-8 hours which recharges the body and mind so that he or she can perform in the office properly.
  • A very important factor is found in research: people who take sunlight properly perform their jobs and complete their task efficiently and with proper productivity rather than those who don’t take proper sunlight. So, employees who work from home should sit near the window to get proper sunlight and employees who work at the office should stroll a little bit in sunlight for a few minutes during break time.
  • Individuals who have an office going they have to spend 9 hours minimum in the office sitting in a single posture which can cause backache and headache also so such employees should indulge themselves in physical activities and exercises as much as they can so that their body and mind should remain fit to maintain their productivity level.
  • For a maintained focus level one must be an organized person and to achieve this level of daily routine one must organize his or her morning routine which should include early rising in the morning and proper breakfast along with some reading like any novel or some good journals which can help in increasing work efficiency.

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