Netflix is very popular among people for various reasons it is so as the application is very easy for installation and also for further use. We all know very well how the application has helped people with the maintenance of entertainment during the time of the global pandemic. All the play theaters along with movie theaters were all closed and there was more content released online on such OTT platforms. People were now sitting together virtually maintaining social distancing and with the extensions like Netflix party or we can say Teleparty they were now organizing  Netflix watch party and were enjoying so much online from the comfort of their homes.

What is Netflix watch Party?

Still, even for some of those who were using Netflix, the Netflix watch party is something relatively new. So, to define it for them in some simple words we can say that it is a process of enjoyment in which people sitting in different corners of the world can come together virtually with the help of a technical browser-friendly extension and they can all watch something with each other that is available on Netflix.

The extension used for this purpose comes with the name of Netflix party or you can call it by its new name that is Netflix Telepathy.  This extension works almost with all the major web browsers in use. But mostly it is used on the Google Chrome browser. The main feature for which this extension is known among people is its skill of synchronizing playback video. So, yes, it is a good virtual way of enjoying together with a visual treat coming from the Netflix video library.

Now that we have an idea regarding the watch party and also Netflix extension that works for it, we shall further see some benefits and features associated with it. It is so because that is the main demand of the topic here.

Benefits and features of Netflix watch party-

The benefits and features associated with the Netflix watch party are as listed below

  • Very simple and easy to use
  • The users can conduct the party Ads- Free
  • Also, they can save the content on the device and can watch it later sometime
  • Best ever watching experience
  • Chat with friends while watching Netflix content with them

So, now we have a basic idea of what is a Netflix and a Netflix party extension. Also, the benefits and the features we have discussed very well.

But, there are some people who do not even know how they can create a watch party to stream Netflix with their friends. So, just for the sake of providing them with the information let us discuss here that process as well.

In order to create a watch party please follow the steps given below-

  • On the web browser download the extension

  • Next open Netflix in the browser
  • Look for the show or the movie you wish to watch
  • There, click on the “play” button
  • Then Next to the address bar click on the red NP button
  • After that check the “only I  have control” option
  • Next, click on the “start the party” button
  • Once after all of this copy the party link and share it with people to watch


There are so many benefits and features of Netflix watch party as we have discussed here. Also, the creation of it is an easy process to conduct. But, also everyone trying to join the party should have their own subscription to the app.

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