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Vaping is currently the most demanded and popular technique for consuming marijuana and tobacco. A vape, also known as ‘an electronic cigarette’, is originally known to heat the liquid filled inside the bottle and create vapor when inhaled. Vape devices are available in various sizes, colors, and shapes. There are a few types of vaping equipment commonly used in every age group, e-cigarettes (JUUL), pens, and hookahs. Vape devices are designed to produce an aerosol byproduct when the liquid filled in the device is heated. There is a huge variety of flavors of vape liquids available in the market. The researchers explain that vapes are comparatively less harmful than cigarettes.

The liquid in the vapes pours out marijuana, nicotine, and a few more drugs. A small mouthpiece is first taken into the mouth, and the vapors produced after heating the liquid are inhaled and then ousted through the nose or mouth. Vaping is quite popular amongst youngsters. According to The National Youth Tobacco Survey data, 3.6 million high school and middle school students use e-cigarettes with vape e-juices. At the same time, 9% of US adults vape regularly. As per the makers of vapes, vaping is considered a healthier alternative to cigarettes, but according to the experiences and real-life stories, there is a huge list of health risks. At the same time, the advantages and disadvantages of vaping are another debate; how about considering a few do’s and dont’s. The experts and regular vapers suggest a few do’s and dont’s for the freshers who can help enhance vaping experience and may cause a little less harm. Let’s find out;

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Follow The Do’s:

Keep Your Device Clean

Cleanliness is a habit and must be applied in all aspects. A clean vape device enhances the flavor and keeps the unwanted hazards away. In addition, the build-up residue affects the quality of e-liquids. The tank is generally cleansed while changing the e-juice, but the recommendation says it should be cleaned by emptying it and washed with warm water once a month. It is suggested to use a device that is easy to clean, and each part is replaceable.

Proper Storage Of E-Liquids

The e-juices have a good shelf life but cannot be spared lying around casually. The storage sustains the flavors. Direct sunlight exposure or leaving it in humid and hot areas may spoil and damage the essence and flavor. Keep it in a cool and dark place.

Change The Flavours Frequently

‘Vapours tongue’ is the famous term used for the most common problems that all vapors face. A tasteless vape is a condition. It happens due to the numbness of the taste buds, and the olfactory glands of humans need a break. This only happens in the case of e-juices and not regular food. The solution to this situation is quite simple, switching to another flavor. The flavors need to change every then and now to avoid ‘vapors tongue.’

Regular Oral Hygiene

Vaping requires proper oral hygiene. Brushing your teeth is not enough one must also use a mouth wash and proper tongue cleanliness to have a good vaping experience. In case of improper oral conditions, one can face oral issues.

 Choose Your Vaping Device Wisely

There is a pretty good variety of vaping devices in the market depending on choosing to vape, quit smoking, or as a hobby? It depends and suits one’s needs.

Wait a few minutes before puffing once again.

When you’re first starting out, it’s a major no-no to chain vape. Before you vape again, make sure your wicks are soaked. It’s recommended that you wait 15 to 30 seconds before taking another hit, but you have the option of waiting longer if you’re getting dry hits more frequently.

When you’ve been used to not having to wait for anything, like when you smoked, quitting might be difficult. Chain vaping is not necessary if you use high nicotine e-liquids to assist you become used to vaping.


Permissionless Vaping; Not Allowed

No matter what [place it is, vaping without permission is unethical; even if it is 0% nicotine, many people do not like their places filled with clouds. As per genuine ethical courtesy, never forget to take permission and avoid vaping in public spaces.

Never Disobey Smoking Rules

The majority of the public spaces allow and provide separate spaces for smokers. But a few of them might have issues with the vapors. It is unsafe to vape in closed spaces since vaping produces fire off thicker clouds. But for, those who tend to quit smoking and have switched to vaping must get a mini vape pod that functionally allows them to vape surreptitiously.

Avoid Charging Overnight

The most common mistake made by all fresh vapors is charging devices for hours or even overnight. Overcharging destroys the batteries.

Do Not Get Dehydrated

Frequent vaping causes dry mouth. Do not challenge the thirst and keep the body hydrated before it even demands. One of the ingredients in the e-liquid absorbs the water molecules, which causes dehydration. Those with a similar condition are most likely to experience ‘vapors tongue.’

Do not expose it to direct sunlight          

Always keep your vaping in a cool, well-ventilated area. If you’re parked in the sun, don’t leave it on your car seat, on a stove, or anywhere else that’s hot. The consequences of a vaping gadget catching on fire are dire.                                                                   


The above do’s, and dont’s are the most required points before switching to vaping. In addition, it is beneficial to get the correct vaping device, punctual oral cleanliness, and proper care. And yes, avoid all the not so impossible dont’s.

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