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Olive butter is a thick moisturizer for the skin. Unlike lotion, olive body butter will not wash off your skin easily, making it a rich emollient, which is good for very dry skin. Esthetician Keeley Selvage says lotions are typically is of 70 to 90 percent water, which makes them more water soluble. Butter gets rid of the water and preservatives leaving you with a rich, thick substance made mainly of oil. Selvage says the body butter may feel heavy at first, but easily soaks into your skin in a few minutes.

Olive butter comes from European Olive Oil sources. Uses Olive butter is an ingredient for the use in creams, lotions and body butters. It can be used alone and applied direct to the skin.

Olive butter is rich in antioxidants and has traditionally been used in the Meditteranean for its anti ageing properties. It Lubricating the skin and improving elasticity and skin tone. Olive butter can also be used as a natural hand and nail cream, excellent for massage into your cuticles.


The olive tree is one of the oldest known cultivate trees in the world, spreading from its native land of Asia Minor to the Mediterranean over 6,000 years ago. Muhammad, the prophet of Islam, advise his followers to put olive oil on their bodies, and he apply the oil to his head. Since then, olive oil is found in many religions and use in religious ceremonies as an anointing oil. According to NaturalSkinCareSecrets.com, Cleopatra use olive oil as a beauty product over 5,000 years ago. Many people of the Mediterranean believe olive oil keeps the skin and body young, and that it not only works topically but also from the inside out. This is one reason the Mediterranean diet contains a large amount of olive oil.

Function and Ingredients

Olive butter is use to increase the skin’s moisture by delivering moisturizing oils to the surface of the skin, then locking it in with waterproof butter. Olive butter is made using a Shea butter base then adding olive oil as a carrier oil. Selvage says you can incorporate cornstarch into the mixture if the basic butter and oil mixture is too greasy for your skin.


Olive oil is a natural, hypoallergenic way to moisturize your skin, according to OliveOilSource.com. Extra virgin olive oil contains antioxidants, including vitamins A and E, to help repair and renew skin that has been expose to harsh, dry weather, sun and air pollution. According to OliveOilSource.com, these antioxidants stimulate cells naturally to return skin to a “firmer, smoother and healthier state.”


Olive butter should be use on very dry skin. The rich emollients in the Shea butter may be too heavy for oily skin. Olive butter is best for the body rather than the face since the thick consistency of the butter may clog pores and lead to breakouts. Selvage says butters are good for those who wash their hands often because the butter is less likely to wash off the hands than a lotion.


Olive butter contains the moisturizing and antioxidant properties of olive oil with the deep moisturizing and skin nourishing qualities of Shea butter to create an extra-rich emollient for the skin. In a study performe by U. Kiechl-Kohlendorfer et.al. at the Innsbruck Medical University in Austria, the skin integrity of pre-term infants was teste using a water-in-oil emollient cream and an olive oil cream, and comparing the skin of both groups with the control group’s, which did not receive cream. The study laste four weeks, and found the olive oil cream to be superior to the emollient cream and that topical skin therapy lowers the risk of dermatitis.

DIY Whipped Olive Oil Body Butter

Olive butter can be apply directly to the skin as a powerful, rejuvenating moisturizer. I use it this way to soothe my crack hands, after coming in from the garden or as a rub for my shoulders after a long day in the sun. However some people find raw olive butter to be too thick and sticky for use as an everyday lotion. In such situations I have enjoy whipping olive butter with other skin-healing oils like olive oil or coconut oil to make a homemade lotion.

This method thins out the olive butter so that it is easier to apply, yet does so without the use of chemicals or harsh manufacturing processes. The addition of essential oils also allows for the creation of a customize scent that enhances the therapeutic value of the lotion, rather than one that diminishes it like artificial commercial fragrances would.

1/2 cup Olive body butter

1/4 cup olive oil

10-20 drops essential oils for fragrance (optional)


Scoop olive butter into a measuring cup and add it to a double boiler over medium-low heat. Once the olive butter has melt, drizzle in the olive oil, add essential oils if desire and stir to combine. However, Remove from heat and allow the blend to cool until it is about half way solidify and opaque.

The timing of this step will vary depending on the ambient temperature. It tends to be a little over 1 hour if left on the counter or about 30 minutes if place in the refrigerator. Using a handheld mixer whip for several minutes or until a light, airy texture is achieve. Scoop into a small container for storage. Lotion is stable enough to keep for a number of months without refrigeration. Enjoy!

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