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To-Do Business Activities in Dubai you should know about renew trade license in Dubai is rich of business chances owing to its strong economic and legal growth. If you are a trader and have an established firm in Dubai, then you must obtain a trade licence. It is crucial for you to realise that licences are not a one-time event and if you wish to continue your activities, you must renew trade licence in Dubai.

In this post, we will describe the full procedure, the paperwork you will need, and offer you all the information you need to renew your trade licence in Dubai. Let’s check the material we have prepared for you:


  • Trade licence in Dubai
  • How do you determine whether you should renew your trader licence in Dubai?
  • Documents necessary to renew your trade licence in Dubai.
  • What is the procedure to renew your trade licence in Dubai?
  • How do you tell whether trade licence renewal needs extra approvals?
  • Why is Ejari Tenancy Contract crucial for renewing your trade licence in Dubai?

This might happen if your licence expires.

Grace period.

How frequently must the trading licence in Dubai be renewed?

What is the cost and expenses to renew trade license in Dubai?

How to renew trade license in the free zones?

Documents necessary to renew trade license in Free zones.

Is it feasible to renew trade license in Dubai online?

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1. Trade licence in Dubai

Anyone intending to Business setup dubai mainland must comply with a variety of laws and standards that the State wants the firm to be lawful. This indicates that the State will allocate the criteria according to the business activity of the organisation. One of the most prevalent is the trading licence in Dubai which is used to trade, import, or export items and services.

It is important of noting that the dealers must renew trade license from time to time. And it is the trader’s obligation to maintain the licence in force. Otherwise, they may have to pay penalties and fines that will harm their firm. So, the State demands documents and the completion of procedures for the trader to renew the trade licence in Dubai and you should know the Types of trade licences and the Dubai trade licence cost

2. How do you determine whether you should renew your trader licence in Dubai?

The following are three approaches to determine whether or not you should renew trade license:

The first is by examining the expiry date on the original trade licence documents. This way you will be able to know from which date you may renew trade license.

The second alternative is to consult the company’s training agent, who should have all this information.

Finally, you may check the status of your trade licence online.

3. Documents necessary to renew trade license in Dubai.

In order for the merchants to renew the trade licence in Dubai, they must have the following papers.

  • Photocopy of your trade licence.
  • Certified lease contract (must be valid for no longer than three months) (must be valid for no more than three months).
  • Photocopy of passports from business partners.
  • BR/1 form that conforms with all the regulations.
  • Typewritten renewal form.
  • The Ejari registration certificate.

4. What is the procedure to renew trade license in Dubai?

It is crucial to realise that there are a set of actions to take to trade licence renewal dubai. We shall mention them down below:

Firstly, you have to acquire and order all the relevant papers. For the renewal procedure, it is vital for merchants to have all the paperwork up to current. There are certain of them that demand preparatory time. Such as the leasing contract that must have at least one month of validity. Otherwise, the dealer will not be allowed to renew the trading licence.

Secondly, be wary of merchants might apply for the lease. They must utilise Ejari, which is an online registration system where they must record all Dubai leases.

Thirdly, prepare and finish the renewal form. To trade licence renewal dubai, the merchants must submit a form with the name BR/1. And fill all the information that are there.

Then, seek the permissions that are connected to their company. Traders must secure all the permissions relating to the commercial activity they plan to undertake. Depending on the sort of company, they must apply for and acquire certain permits to trade licence renewal dubai.

Moreover, supply all paperwork. All essential documents, including the BR/1 form. Besides, merchants must provide copies of the passports of the company’s partner to the Department of Economic Development (DED) for permission.

Finally, complete the payment for the renewal of the trade licence in Dubai. Once the trader completes the procedure of providing the paperwork the Department of Economic Development analyses the application. In case the DED authorises it, it’ll mail a payment voucher and the dealer must pay it quickly. Once the trader makes the payment, finish the renewal procedure.

5. How can you determine whether renew trade license needs extra approvals?

So, you may be thinking; how can you know whether the renewal of the trade licence needs further permissions. The fact is that this will rely on the sort of business activity you decide to allocate to the firm and how it is organised. For example, in the case of enterprises that have commercial activity in the medical domain, they must acquire the clearance of the Ministry of Health and Prevention.

Other examples include restaurants or enterprises that work with food; they require the consent of the Department of Food Safety before the refurbishment.

To discover the criteria you need to complete to renew your licence according to the commercial activity of your business, contact a specialist consultant that can assist you through the best method to make this entire renewal process easier and more effective and Are you interested in acquiring a Golden Visa? Here’s how

6. Why is Ejari crucial for renew trade license in Dubai?

As indicated above, Ejari is an essential aspect of the trade licence renewal procedure. And it is because the Real Estate Regulatory Authority started an online system where all leases must be recorded. The objective of this is to formalise the connection between renters and landlords in Dubai. So, your rental contract must be validated by Ejari, if not, your application will be refused.

7. This might happen if your licence expires.

It should be highlighted that it is crucial for merchants to remember that if the trade licence in Dubai expires, that might cause complications for their firm ranging from fines and penalties to licence revocation. While there is a grace period, there is a time limit to trade licence renewal dubai before the DED initiates daily fines.

In reality, fines or penalties may vary based on the day and kind of trading activity. Below are some of the penalties you may face if you do not renew your licence on time:

If they are late with the renewal of the trade licence, they will be penalized AED 250 each month.

The government will restrict the business from continuing its trading activity.

The State might revoke the Visa of the merchants, which implies that they would not be allowed to enter or exit the region.

Traders could be penalized up to AED 5000 if they continue dealing with an expired licence.

They may blacklist the firm, which would bring a negative image and make it impossible to continue in business.

Authorities might deport the owner and shareholders of the firm out of the United Arab Emirates.

For these and more reasons, it is vital to retain the licences in effect to prevent the firm going bankrupt. In addition, to prevent that they cancel all the paperwork that is in order. Many organisations like to use outsourced companies to maintain all the vital documents in a strict way to keep all the company’s operations secure and Do you know what a partner visa is and how to acquire it?

8. Grace period.

As noted above, the Department of Economic Development offers dealers a grace period. It comprises of 30 days following the expiry date of the trader licence in Dubai. Once this time has ended, the above-mentioned penalties will be enforced.

9. How frequently must the trading licence in Dubai be renewed?

trade licence renewal UAE

You should bear in mind; dealers must trade licence renewal dubai every year. However, it is advised to start before the expiry date owing to the DED requiring additional papers. And the time it takes for some of them to be delivered and merely All you have to know about Designated Zones

10. What is the cost and expenses to renew the trade licence in Dubai?

You should be aware that not all firms have the same commercial activity. So, the price of the renewal of the trade licence in Dubai will depend on the particular needs of each firm. Some aspects that may impact include the size of the firm, the industry, and the sort of commercial activity it carries out.

Also, it can be conceivable that the trader needs extra permits, which may also impact the cost of trade licence renewal dubai. However, the usual price is between AED 8,000 to AED 15,000, as noted before, pricing may vary.

11. How to renew the trading licence in the free zones?

Please note that firms based in the United Arab Emirates must have their documents up to date. So, enterprises founded in free zones are no exception. While entrepreneurs who form their firms in free zones enjoy benefits, they must also comply with the appropriate papers for the company to stay lawful.

You should remember, as noted above, that an expired licence might entail several complications for the business and its stockholders. For this reason, the Dubai Development Authority gives notice to enterprises to renew their licences, advising them of the expiry date and the procedure to renew it.

It is crucial to emphasise that all traders who have their firms in Free Zones when they are renewing their trade licence in Dubai must study and verify all the data of their Articles of Incorporation and Companies Registry.

As we know, there are numerous sorts of firms in the free zones, thus, the method to trade licence renewal dubai may vary depending to the type of economic activity or how the company is structured. However, in broad terms, the procedure of renewing the trade licence is the same with minor differences, the same as the cost of renewing the trade licence and Check out our entire guide on setting up a company in the free zones.

12. Documents necessary to renew commercial licence in Free zones.

To renew a trade licence in Dubai, merchants must acquire a set of papers and permissions, in the case of the trade licence renewal dubai in free zones it is the same. Of course, depending on the sort of operation, it may need further documents or permissions. Some of the documentation that the trader should have on hand are:

  • The No Objection Certificate, if appropriate.
  • Copy of the trade licence or in certain situations, depending on the free trade zone, the original document.
  • If requested, the P.O. Box confirmation renewal.
  • An audit report, if appropriate.
  • Copy of the passports of the shareholders of the firm.
  • The renewed leasing agreement.
  • Application forms to the renewal of membership to the Chamber of Commerce.
  • And additional documentation that you may require based on the free zone or the operation of your organisation.

13. Is it feasible to renew the trade licence in Dubai online?

As renewing the trade licence in Dubai is a long procedure with numerous criteria, the Department of Economic Development built a portal or website. It permits enterprises to start the process of renewing their licences.

They must start with setting up an account on the internet, then submit all the required paperwork so that they may activate their accounts. Once the trader has their account with “Active” status, they may renew the licence and make payments via the site yearly.

It is crucial to stress that while it looks a simple procedure, it is advisable to work hand in hand with specialists who have expertise of the issue and can aid traders with the right growth and administration of the company, avoiding fines or penalties.

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