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Precious stones at all times have been highly valued not only for their uniqueness but also for their magical properties. Rings with stones are popular among both women and men. Such jewelry emphasizes the status of its owner and adds variety to the image. In addition, precious stones have special energy and therapeutic properties.

Today, on the shelves of jewelry stores, a ring with a stone exists in a rich variety of options. However, when choosing such a piece of jewelry, many aspects should be taken into account, which include the characteristics of the gemstone, the size of the ring, as well as the status and age of the owner of the ring.

Stone and its characteristics

In jewelry stores, you can find rings with stones, made of both gold and silver. Precious metals perfectly emphasize the beauty of the stone and give the product itself respectability. In addition, jewelry with any design can be made from precious metal.

What are the most popular stone rings?

Diamond Rings

Considered the most expensive of these. When buying jewelry with such a Diamond, you should pay attention first of all to the characteristics of the diamond. It is evaluated according to the rule of four criteria: carat, color, clarity, and cut. It is also worth paying attention to the shape of the stone, in particular how the diamond will look on the hand. The design of the frame also deserves increased attention from the buyer. Halo Rings are needed more care than Solitaire Engagement Rings Because Halo carries more little Diamonds and Settings.

Red Ruby Stone Ring


The most popular of this type of ring is jewelry instructed by rubies. Ruby is a stone that is second only to diamond in its hardness. A ring with a ruby ​​looks very unusual, and all thanks to the fiery red hue of the stone, arising from the oxide of chromium, aluminum, and iron. Ruby belongs to precious stones that have a very high value. However, many are interested in the question of why, in the days of the USSR, jewelry with this stone, in particular, rings, were in every woman’s jewelry box.

The ring with the ruby ​​of the USSR was instructed not by a precious, but by a synthetic stone (such were grown according to the Verneuil method). You can also find jewelry with rubies on sale that have a suspiciously low price, although the appearance of the stones themselves cannot be called impeccable. Ruby ​​rings are instructed with low-quality stones covered in lead glass. Genuine Red Ruby Engagement Rings and Other Fashionable Jewelry Pieces are very expensive, and the supply of such items is extremely low since the ruby ​​is a rare gift from nature.

Chalcedony Ring


This is a piece of jewelry instructed by a stone that contains chrysoprase, agate, and chrysoprase. Chalcedony has an intense shine and a high level of hardness. The group of chalcedony includes agates, onyx, chrysoprase, heliotrope, carnelian, etc. All these stones differ from each other in their color. A chalcedony ring can be made from either silver or gold. For example, gold jewelry with a carnelian on it will favorably emphasize the fiery shade of the stone. Cool shades of the stone will harmonize perfectly with the shine of silver. A chalcedony ring can exist in a wide variety of designs.

Yellow Stone Ring

In the above image, You can Look that How Kate Middleton Gives Major Goals for wearing Yellow Citrine Engagement Ring is Best in outing Events.

The jewelry is popular with lovers of jewelry instructed by stones. These stones include topaz, gold beryl, zircon, amber, tourmaline, and others. The most expensive will be considered a ring instructed by topaz – a polychrome bright yellow stone. The cost of jewelry instructed by topaz can reach several hundred dollars. Sapphire also belongs to yellow stones. It is considered a rare creation of nature, therefore it is used in the manufacture of luxury jewelry, the cost of which reaches several thousand dollars. High-value yellow gemstones include tourmaline and spinel. Among the yellow stones, semiprecious ones can also be distinguished – Garnet, Zircon, Citrine, and Beryl. The rings instructed by them enjoy a high level of demand due to their beauty.

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An Emerald ring

This piece of jewelry looks great if it is made of silver, which accentuates the color of this stone. Emerald is a fragile Gemstone, so jewelry with it is not suitable for daily wear. Emerald-Cut Diamonds and Green Emerald Gemstone is More Popular Day by day and Looks like a Royal touch to your Fine Jewelry Pieces.

English singer Victoria Beckham Gives major Goals for wearing Emerald Engagement Ring for Parties and Events. This celebrity emerald engagement ring was received in 2007 and features a cushion-cut emerald set in a diamond pave spiral setting. Rings and other jewelry instructed by pearls, turquoise, aquamarine, amethysts, and other stones are popular with buyers.

How to choose a Stone ring?

When choosing a ring with a precious stone, you should pay attention to the design of the jewelry and the shape of the stone. For example, a rectangular stone will visually lengthen short fingers. A ring with an asymmetric or massive insert looks good on a wide brush. The triangular stone will look advantageous on full fingers.

When buying any jewelry with precious stones, you should be aware of the rules for choosing a quality piece of jewelry. To protect yourself from purchasing a fake, you should give preference to Authentic jewelry stores. When buying a ring with a stone, it is recommended to ask the seller for a certificate for the proposed product.

When buying jewelry with stones, do not flatter yourself with their low cost. Products with genuine precious stones a priori cannot be cheap! To attract buyers, many unscrupulous sellers advertise their products under exotic names (green ring, Mallorca pearls, etc.). Each buyer should be aware that in all cases, under such names are fakes.

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How to care for Rings with stones?

Over time, even the most sophisticated and expensive ring can fade and become covered with a coating of dirt, especially if it is worn daily. To keep Gemstone Engagement Rings clean, it is recommended that you know some of the rules for caring for such jewelry. The stones should never be cleaned with products containing acids, abrasive particles, mercury, and salts. Also, stones can deteriorate under the influence of heat, therefore, in no case should they be steamed, boiled, etc.

If the Precious Diamond ring is dirty, then, in this case, you should contact the master who, using professional means, will return the product to its original appearance. Rings instructed by stones are recommended to be stored in places with low humidity in closed boxes. Stones should be protected from the sun’s rays, otherwise, the jewelry may fade!

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