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UPI payments have become increasingly popular these days, thanks to the convenience they give and the deals they offer. The best part about them is the spontaneity, and when you do the UPI scan with FavePay to make payments, the UPI companies do everything to make it more rewarding. FavePay is growing fast and evolving as an app that businesses and customers trust. As a customer, you get assured cashback for every purchase or every order you make through the app. At the same time, a merchant profits by getting recurring customers who stick to their business for longer. 

It is vital to understand the concept better to make the most of this scan pay app and multiply the perks that one can get by turning to UPI payments. So let us get a deeper insight into FavePay and how it can help users get the best offers on doing transactions through your UPI ID. 

How to scan with FavePay?

Before anything else, you should know how to make a payment by scanning the QR code through the FavePay app. The process is simple. First, you need to download the app and register yourself on it. Then, put in the required information and update your KYC details to sign up for the app. Once the process is complete, you will get dashboard access and the QR scanner. Use this to scan a QR code and make a UPI payment for your purchase. The money gets deducted from your bank account directly, and the process is seamless. 

How FavePay multiplies the rewards? 

FavePay provides a user-friendly interface to provide the utmost convenience to the users, but that is not the only perk of the app. They offer many more benefits to reward your UPI payments. Firstly, you get a discount on each transaction you make through the app. It can be in the form of cashback, which will be credited into your bank account on your next transaction. Secondly, you can get offers from the vendors listed on the app. They share discount codes or a flat percentage off to the customers. The best part is, you can club both the offers! Avail of the discount from the merchant and get an additional cashback from the FavePay app for each transaction you make. 

FavePay is one of the very few apps that give assured cashback to customers. Unfortunately, most apps offer such discounts only after the customer purchases a specific value or from a particular brand only. However, if you are a FavePay user, you are definitely in for a treat. 

How is UPI payment through FavePay beneficial for users?

Various factors make FavePay ideal for scan pay transactions. Some features are related to the app offerings, while others are related to enhanced user safety and convenience. Here’s a list of factors to convince every user to download FavePay and start using it for every UPI scan right away. 

  • It provides a safe environment for users. So you do not have to worry about putting your confidential information like your bank details on the app. 
  • Every user gets assured cashback against every purchase they make or every order they place using the app. The value of the reward may vary, but there will always be a reward waiting for you. 
  • You will find multiple brands and vendors on the app, and the pace at which the app is growing, you will find your favorites on the list. 

In a nutshell, FavePay is the platform you can trust with confidential information, and rest assured that nothing will intrude on your privacy. Additionally, it provides assured cashback to all users for every purchase they make through the app. You can connect the UPI ID of any bank and make easy payments. There is a triple chance of getting a reward, one from the FavePay app, one from the brand or the service provider you choose for purchase, and the third one from your bank! This way, FavePay multiplies the rewards for UPI payment. Hence, do not think twice before downloading FavePay and use it to make an online booking, order your favorite food, or make various purchases from the brands listed with it. Let FavePay make your shopping experience all the more exciting and cost-effective.

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