The scars in your body are built as a part of the healing process in case your skin has a wound or has been damaged. The skin repairs itself by building tissues, called collagen, and binding together the wound or any gaps caused by any type of injury. This tissue can be formed in any shape or size. At times, your scar thus formed may be large and visible, at other times, it may be negligible. Mostly these scars tend to fade away with time. However in case, they do not seem to go by themselves, you may use a no scars night soap which is quite effective, or a no scars cream which also shows considerably wonderful results. Here we shall discuss how scar forms and the types of scars.


When a scar initially forms, it is usually pink or light red. With time, the scar begins to turn darker in color and appears as a dark spot on the affected part of the skin. Sometimes, you may feel itchiness or pain at this very spot. However, the formation of a scar depends upon different factors such as the cause due to which the scar is formed, is it due to some injury, or surgery, or burn, or some serious acne issue. Your age as well as the genes depend upon which collagen formation takes place. Also, the location of the wound affects the formation of the scar.


CONTRACTURE: This type of scar usually develops after a burn, and generally causes the skin to contract which makes the movement of the affected part quite difficult. This can be painful in case it occurs over a joint or nerves.

ATROPHIC[DEPRESSED]: These usually result from acne or chickenpox and appear as tiny round indentations in the skin. The most prone body part to be affected is the face and these become more visible with age when skin becomes loose and collagen formation scales down

FLAT: They are initially raised but once they start healing, they tend to flatten down. They are usually not very dark in color and fade away over time.

KELOIDS: They are usually raised above the normal skin surface and tend to overgrow around the wounded area. With time, they may grow more and hinder the movement of the affected area.

STRETCH MARKS: When the skin suddenly expands or even shrinks such as in the case of pregnancy, puberty, or after weight loss or gain, the connective tissues under the skin may be ruined which leads to the formation of the stretch marks

Although you can’t prevent injuries that cause scars, you can always be careful enough to look after the wound, so that it heals fast. Most of the scars tend to fade away with time, but in case it does not you can use no scars cream or soaps. You can find no scars cream or no scars soap details at the back of the pack and also the directions of use to get rid of your scars.

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