The need for Educational Apps is always raising nowadays, especially after the pandemic. The e-learning platforms like online tutor apps, online classroom apps, etc are the important factors of the change in the educational system amid the pandemic situations.

However, the change laid the foundation for the new methods of efficient education. People are accepting the change and preparing themselves for that. This change provokes the need for Educational App Development services.

In this blog, we will encounter the future of the learning process, the need, and the scope of e-learning mobile applications in the upcoming days.

Future of Learning Process with Educational App

In the traditional method, learners and educators were in the same place and the process of knowledge transfer was held through physical methods and activities. Later, the pandemic separates both of them by distance. To tackle this problem maximum of institutions get aid from online platforms for online education.

This type of online education is not the newest method. It also has a history of years. But the method was fully adopted by all educational institutes in past three years. Many people and institutions like to follow this education method. That’s why the term ‘Hybrid Education’ is created.

This is the future of the educational process. Presently, very rare places have been following this type of learning process. The hybrid Learning process means a balanced fusion of physical face-to-face and online aspects. For instance, the learner and tutors will present a specific premise and share knowledge through online or cloud-based technologies.

By following this method in schools, students will get the knowledge of accessing new latest technologies and advanced methods to solve a problem technically. So, this will be the futuristic educational method that is expected to be practiced soon around the world.

New Methods and Channels Of E-Education

Let’s explore the area of the e-learning process and methods. E-learning is a common word that includes so many concepts of the learning process and methods. E-learning mobile application is one of the channels used to deliver content to the learners online.  We can classify and segment the types of e-learning application concerning the purpose and the audience group as:

  • Online Students Apps – This has encountered a huge hike during the lockdown. A good example of this application is the online tutor booking app for the best choice.
  • Self And Personal Learning Apps – A dedicated application for the people who are looking for certificate courses, distance education in their higher studies can be added to this type.
  • Corporate Learning And Training Apps – This type of application is not open for all. Only the employees of a particular firm can access and get knowledge through this app. This will be very useful to train an employee during the training period.

Regardless of any type, all these applications can convey the knowledge to the learning in new methods. This can be classified as three in common.

Synchronous Learning – This method of e-learning has boomed due to educational institution has jumped into this. In this method, the learners and the tutor should be present at the same time and connected on the same platform, on their premises.

Simply, all the members in this model are connected with live video/ audio conferences. This Synchronous Learning method is used at live online classes, conferences, seminars, webinars, etc.

Asynchronous Learning – In one simple sentence, this Asynchronous Learning is nothing but pre-recorded class or session. Through which learners can use the source at any time any place with their mobile network.

Most of the online certificate courses, academic reference video classes are based on this method of e-learning

Hybrid Learning – As we read in the introduction part, this is the fusion of traditional and advanced method learning. In which, students will acquire their knowledge through digital cloud-based technologies at the specific place where all the learners and tutors will be present physically. So, that they can share their ideas about their learning in real-time.

Congratulation! you get the basic idea about the futuristic e-learning process successfully. We can go through the need for mobile applications in this advanced education process.

Why e-Learning Platforms Need Mobile Application?

Mobile Applications are the customized tech solution made by the developer or pack of developers to get a better performance or ease a particular process. In the educational industry, the application can give effective ways for knowledge sharing, assessments, and others.

The application can play many kinds of multimedia. This can be used to describe the subject in detail. An in-built video player can support the pre-recorded classes and also the live sessions.

The students can track their activities and improvements, course completion level, and others through this application. Admin can add scholars as tutors for the platform. They were empowered with the uploading tool to upload their class. Live video class sessions will be a major benefit for such e-learning platforms.

These apps also support in-app messaging, chatting, sharing even at the time of online sessions. The assessment process through this application will be very easy. Admin or tutors have to enter the assessment methods and questions. Then the student can easily take the quizzes, topic assessment, final test, etc.

This e-learning application is an all-rounder that can support all types of learning processes and methods. That’s why the future will demand an effective educational app for the advanced method of learning. Let’s check some analysis about the demand and scope of the mobile application in the future.

Scope Of Mobile Application In  Hybrid Education System

Technology is always growing daily. The impact of technology growth reflects in all industries including the educational sector. In accord with the latest trend in the educational industry is e-learning application.

This may be the major player in the forthcoming hybrid education system. A report from Research and Markets shows that the global e-learning market is forecasted to be worth USD 398 billion in 2026. The same was 107 billion in 2015. The estimated value is a 300% boost from 2015.

Another report from the Zion market, says the Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) may reach 25.33 billion USD by 2025.

Through these quantitative analyses, you can see the future scope of the e-learning market. The mobile application can be expected to get market with its impressive features and benefits.

So, it is good to get an e-learning application from the best software and application solution provider for your tutor institution or aggregator business.

Wrapping It Up 

To conclude this, the hybrid educational model is expected to be the conquer of the education sector. The e-learning platforms like educational mobile applications can be the game-changers in the industry as they support innovative learning methods.

So, simply, if you are a participant in this sector, you will need a productive On-Demand Tutor App from the expertise On-Demand Tutor App Development Service. This will help to take your educational service to the next phase.

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