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Any web page that goes online intending to position it among the first places on the SERP will need continuous care because digital marketing algorithms and strategies change. There is a lot more to be said about SEO maintenance. Read on to understand what activities need to be done regularly.

Keeping working tools working and, above all, performing is the first rule of anyone who uses at least one in their daily activities.

Website, e-commerce, blog are now central elements in the marketing strategies of companies and, consequently, it is essential to schedule regular maintenance of these platforms.

Waiting for something to “break” before intervening on a basic digital platform for a brand’s business is not a good idea, because every minute offline, every position lost in SERPs, every obsolete content can result in a loss of money.

Let’s see why, when, and how to do SEO maintenance of web pages.

The Topic Of This Post

  • 1 Why site maintenance is required
  • 2 Things to do every day to maintain or improve your ranking
  • 3 Monthly and quarterly SEO activities: monitor and plan
  • 4 Annual maintenance: ROI of the past, SEO strategy of the future
  • 5 Conclusions on website maintenance

Why site maintenance is required

The most obvious reason why cyclical interventions on the website are necessary is the constant evolution of Google.

Each time the advent of a new algorithm is announced that improves the functionality of the search engine, the SEO specialists take steps to avoid being caught off guard by the new web page classification criteria.

It is not only the great G of Mountain View that imposes timely maintenance of everything online but also internal reasons for individual insurance companies.

For example, it is necessary to intervene on company platforms when:

  • Digital content and tools are implemented
  • Here comes a new competitor in the SERP
  • Competitors earn positions in the SERPs
  • New digital marketing strategies are being structured
  • Business objectives change
  • You lose ranking

Many variables cause a worsening of the online performance of a site and therefore it is necessary to be constant in both monitoring and maintenance.

Things to do every day to maintain or improve your ranking

Whoever is responsible for the performance of a nerve center platform for a company, such as e-commerce, must daily devote time to finding information regarding SEO and future changes in the digital landscape.

This, which seems an excess of zeal, is a very important activity in order not to lose those small evolutions that can go unnoticed and which subsequently become decisive for conquering the top positions of the search engine.

We must reason on the fact that the sensational news regarding the SEO revolutions come to the attention of all digital workers, while to have widespread information you need personal commitment and the search for authoritative sources.

It is equally important to check the metrics that affect lead generation and conversions every day, to act promptly in case of results that are not in line with the objectives set.

Monthly and quarterly SEO activities: monitor and plan

To always be sure that the website, the e-commerce, the blog continue to work perfectly, it is necessary to perform targeted analyzes at precise intervals, monthly or quarterly depending on the objectives and characteristics of the platform.

An accurate performance report that includes significant KPIs must be produced several times each year to compare performance with those of the same period of the previous year.

With the same cyclicality, the SEO activities already performed and those that are about to be implemented must be verified.

Having clear the steps of your SEO strategy, you can proceed more easily towards achieving predetermined annual results.

Monthly monitoring and planning can be useful to never lose sight of the parameters that affect the conversions of e-commerce, while a more delayed control system may be sufficient to better manage the editorial plan of the corporate blog.

Taking care of your company’s online platforms every month avoids major technical problems that could require long and expensive interventions.

In order not to miss any critical issues, it is advisable to always keep the information contained in the Google Search Console under control and use other SEO tools that highlight the problems of a site.

Every error found must lead to an immediate maintenance intervention, so as not to leave out even the smallest detail that can make the difference in the arduous online competition that characterizes almost all the commercial sectors.

Furthermore, every three / six months it may be necessary to review the architecture of the internal and external links to the site because in this period there could be changes that cause broken links or Google penalties that downgrade a site from which a backlink is received.

Link building also benefits from a cadenced control and with it the positioning of web pages.

Annual maintenance: ROI of the past, SEO strategy of the future

The closure of a year of marketing strategies is the time to evaluate the returns on investments made, even those concerning the optimization operations carried out in the last twelve months.

SEO does not give immediate results, this is a fact to always keep in mind, for this reason, it is useful to evaluate its effectiveness no earlier than six months or, even better, a year.

This is why it is important to create a general report that includes all the digital marketing activities carried out, but it is also important to separate the effects of the individual methodologies used: SEO, SEA, SMM, Inbound.

By analyzing the data of a relatively long period it is possible to review your SEO strategy, in case it has not returned the expected results, or create one for the following year that resumes the successes of the one just ended.

Conclusions on website maintenance

The frequency with which the maintenance of a site must be performed may vary depending on the brand, the sector in which the company operates, the types of products it offers, the target it is aimed at, but it must certainly be included in an SEO strategy.

It is advisable to define a list of elements to be checked and analyses to be performed, with dates and managers who must deal with them.

By organizing the maintenance of the website in the best possible way, it is possible to maintain and improve its performance, increasing the company’s turnover.

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