Online education has been the most chosen and highly preferred form of education for the past two years. However, no one knew the importance of it until now. However, there are many complexities involved around the subject of online education. This deals with students’ attention, way of teaching, how effective it is, and is it better than traditional methods of learning.

Teachers and students try to implement the best methods to keep the learning practice very healthy and active. Online platforms are highly trusted now for getting educated and taken more seriously than before.

There will always be questions regarding online education Vs traditional ways of learning.  Looking for answers for all of these can be time-consuming, so here we are only going to focus on effective methodologies of online education which actually work.

1) Include graphical presentations

Online teaching can be very dull if students are told to learn through lengthy notes displayed on their screens. A good way of keeping students interested is by using graphical representation in class. Anything involving graphics is always more pleasing than typical text formats. Based on research, it is found out that 65% of online learners are visual learners. Meaning that they learn through visuals more than anything.

A great way to implement this in online classes is through PowerPoint and slides. It is the teacher’s job to make the slides creative and add speeches about important topics along with them. All in all, presentation highly matters when applying graphical methods of learning.

2) Use recorded videos for teaching

Another highly followed method of online learning is sharing pre-record videos. Online classes are not as popular as traditional classes yet. Hence teachers can share a lot of essential matters through pre-recorded videos. These videos can be saved and watched by students later.

It is better to have pre-recorded videos that are always accessible to students, even without teachers. Teachers can also record secession of their class or important queries answered by them. The main intention of this method is to provide students with video material to look into, at any time of the day.

3) Encourage group discussions

The main disadvantage of online learning is that there is a lack or no sense of communication. This can be improved through frequent group discussions. Group discussions allow students to output their perspectives and communicate with fellow students.

4) Flipped teaching method

The flipped teaching method is the most innovative method for online exam help. In flipped teaching method, instead of the teachers teaching, they allow students to speak more. This involves students answering what they understand about the topic, and then the teachers clarify it out. It mainly consists in doing problem-solving sessions in the classroom rather than following the traditional classroom techniques.

5) Online boards

If visual representations and pre-record classes are not your jam, then this one is for you. Teaching through online whiteboards is similar to teaching through boards in classrooms. But here, you are not in your class, but you are learning online with the help of the blackboard.

Here the teachers explain the topics on the visual board, which is similar to traditional learning methods. However, the most significant advantage is that multiple students can operate on the same whiteboard to put out their thoughts better. In addition, online whiteboards give teachers more room to explain using diagram-based techniques.

6) Game-based teaching

Game-based teaching is another technique that involves and multiplies students’ engagement. Students love playing games, and this method uses it as a teaching technique. But teachers can be more creative with it.

It is like giving an exam but in a more fun way. Game-based teaching allows students to try out an innovative path of learning. First, professors make the games and share them with the students. Then, they can either share screens or discuss the answers to the games in a group. All this allows healthy communication and breaks the norms of teachers teaching in a lecture form.

7) Class blog

The class blog is a standard blog that all the students share in a session. This is the place where students can share their queries or things they want to communicate over. It is a common dumping ground for teaches to know about every student’s issues collectively.

The class blog also allows teachers to communicate. Likewise, students with helpful information can openly share it with the course, accessible for all. This feels like a collaborative community with a similar objective: a healthy environment for students to study.

Final verdict

Online education has proved to be a very effective method of learning. Seeing so many students gravitating towards online education platforms, it is necessary to upgrade the teaching methodologies. Different forms of teaching keep the students most effective and help students be more active towards studying.

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