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Do you like to play ninja fighting games with extreme ninja sword fighting games? Shadow ninja fighter: a new mobile game to chop & kill zombies will be your next favorite game. Because it has many samurais to fight with zombies. Let’s have a detailed look at this new shadow ninja fight game.

Ninja Games for Android

There are many famous ninja fighting games for mobile. Shadow ninja and a few more are some of my favorite ninja action games. People who love to play games with different sword fighting techniques continuously search for the unique one. We are sure this shadow ninja fighter will fulfill your thirst to play ninja fighting games.

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RPG Killing Zombie Games

It is not a simple ninja fighting game with common powers or missions. We have blended the ideas of zombie survival games with shadow ninja fighters. Yes, you are a ninja assassin with a sword and many other weapons. Keep running to explore the map and kill unlimited zombies with unique sword moves.

Shadow Ninja Fighter: New Mobile Game to Chop & Kill Zombies

This ninja fighting and zombie hunter game will make you crazy. Because there are many ninja heroes waiting for you to play this best zombie survival game for android. Unlock amazing shadow fighters and enjoy unique ninja fighting styles of different weapons like katana, stick, big sword, and many others.

Your shadow ninja fighter is running here and there for revenge. Huge waves of zombies are coming to you from everywhere. Update your sword or other weapons of shadow fighter to kill zombies with more attacking power.

Keep focusing on the health bar of your ninja fighter. Because you have one chance to chop and kill maximum mad zombies. Unlock ultimate sword moves and battle skills of each shadow ninja fighter. Use them time by time for sudden strikes and kill zombies.

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Super Powers

Each shadow fighter of this ninja action game contains 9 fighting styles including 1 superpower. When your shadow ninja is stuck in the rush of zombies. You can use an unlocked ninja sword fighting style for a heavy strike in zombie games for android. If you have used all of your ninja fighting techniques, use superpower to suddenly kill all undead creatures as a zombie hunter.

Heroes of Shadow Ninja Fighter

There are many ninja warriors in this samurai fighting game. It is not only a sword fighting game, each shadow fighter in it has a different weapon. Because the purpose of the game is to provide the finest experience of shadow ninja fighting games to the players. So users will be able to kill zombies with different heroes of weapons of their taste like katana, big sword, hammer, blades, stick, and more.

To enjoy the ultimate weapons of ninja fighter games, you need to unlock them. For this, you have to kill maximum zombies to earn the highest scores. Once you have enough score points as a shadow ninja fighter! You can convert them to buy diamonds. Different ninja heroes require different amounts of diamonds to unlock.

You can also get one diamond quickly by watching a video ad for a few seconds. Chop and kill as many zombies as you can by using different samurai sword fighting techniques. Unlock better shadow fighters to enjoy the finest moves and fighting styles of new weapons to kill zombies.

shadow ninja fighter zombie survival game

No Irritating Ads

The best part of this shadow ninja fighter: a new mobile game to chop & kill zombies with no irritating ads. In other zombie games or shadow fighting games, there are a lot of ads, which irritate users. That is why we have not implemented irritating ads after every few seconds or clear a level etc.

You can see ads for a few seconds with your own will. For example, if your shadow fighter dies at any stage as zombie survival! You can watch an ad and resume the game from where your ninja died last time. The purpose of this ad is to give another chance to users to kill maximum zombies and set the highest record.

Moreover, you can get diamonds by watching ads in this shadow fighter zombie killing game. The purpose of these ads is to make you able to unlock more ninjas quickly. Because you need diamonds in different quantities to unlock more trained and skilled shadow ninja warriors.

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Adventure of Ninja Action Games

There is a lot of thrill and adventure in ninja action games waiting for you in it. Smooth controls use several ninja fighting techniques and different weapons are enough for you to play it. Moreover, you can choose any environment from the given maps to revenge with zombies by killing them. You only need to upgrade your weapon time by time by spending a few points. The purpose of updating your fighting weapons is to enhance their sharpness and attacking power.

It is interesting to kill zombies as ninjas. Otherwise, the only gameplay commonly available anywhere is to target and shoot zombies. But this ninja fighting game is a new addition to the era of zombie games. Once you’ll start to play this shadow ninja fighter game to kill the undead. You’ll enjoy the unique ninja fighting style, thrill, and adventure of zombie hunter games.

Another good thing about this shadow ninja fighter is its awesome music. The realistic audio of ninja weapons and background action music is amazing. It continuously motivates you to perform more sword moves to kill zombies with different ninja sword fighting styles. We are sure you’ll love this shadow ninja fighter: a new mobile game to chop & kill zombies.

It is not necessary that only the lovers of ninja fighting games will enjoy this game. Everyone who likes to play fighting games of any type can play this shadow ninja fighter game. Every android user who likes to kill zombies and looking for new zombie-killing games will love it. Give a try to this shadow ninja fighter: a new mobile game to chop and kill zombies. Enjoy awesome sword moves and other weapons of different ninja heroes.

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