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It is essential to clean your automobile regularly. Auto detailing services make life easier, but many car owners prefer to do it themselves. If you care about your car enough to clean it yourself, you should understand how to do it properly. In this case, knowing where to begin the cleaning procedure is crucial. Some individuals believe that cleaning the Car interior should come first, while others believe cleaning the outside should be the priority.

Where To Begin With

For many automobile owners, the dilemma of whether to clean the inside or outside of the vehicle first is perplexing. Here’s what we have to say about it.

Ideally, the outside of the automobile should be washed first, followed by the interior. If the automobile inside, on the other hand, is excessively unclean, begin cleaning it first. Interior car cleaning services in Calgary and other areas can save you from hassle. However, several factors determine the precise cleaning sequence. Let’s have a look at a few of them:

👉 Car’s condition

The condition of your car is important when deciding whether to clean the inside or outside first.

You should start with the part of the car that is the dirtiest. If the interior is filthy compared with the exterior, you should start cleaning the exterior first. Deep cleaning and seat removal are required when the car’s interior is filthy. Alternatively, you can find interior car cleaning services in Calgary or wherever you live. It’s also logical to clean the dirty interior first. However, if your car is well-maintained, you can start with exterior cleaning. You can even skip interior cleaning in most cases.

👉 Why do car washes start with the exterior?

Most car detailers like to begin with the outside first and then clean the interior.

You can clean a car without performing any work on the interior if you use this technique. If you’re conducting some maintenance washes and the car is well-preserved and not too unclean on the inside, you should clean the outside first.

Reasons to start with the exterior:

🚗 Cars are usually filthy on the outside.

🚗 You won’t track any dirt into the vehicle.

🚗 You don’t have to be concerned about spray getting into the inside while cleaning door jambs.

🚗 Start with the outside cleaning, then the interior, and finally the polish. All of the water from the windows and trim will dry this way, and you won’t have to worry about it when polishing or opting to compound the vehicle.

You should opt for Auto Detailing Services regularly because you can preserve your car’s cleanliness for a longer duration.

When to clean the interior first

However, it is not always advised to start cleaning the exterior first. There are various situations in which you can start with the interior first. Some of them are:

Car interior

1.    When the interior is extremely dirty

If the interior of the car is dirty and requires deep cleaning and seat removal, it is advised to begin with the interior.

In this way:

🚗 Seats and carpets will have adequate drying time.

🚗 You’ll start with the most difficult portion.

🚗 You’ll see some missed locations once they’ve dried.

🚗 You’ll have a dry floor to work on if you need to remove the seats.

Furthermore, washing a filthy inside will take significantly longer than cleaning the exterior, which is one of the reasons you should do it sooner. This is why you should hire interior car cleaning services in Calgary or elsewhere. You can sip through your drink when the detailers take care of your car’s interior.

2.    Washing in the direct sunlight

You should take some facts into account if you’re cleaning your automobile on a hot sunny day. If you don’t have a canopy or a tent, you should clean the interior first until there’s enough shade to keep the car from getting too hot. Additionally, by cleaning the inside first, the paint and brakes will have ample time to cool before being washed, ensuring that they are not damaged.

3.    No proper drainage

If your garage floor is wet for an extended period (due to a poor drainage system), you should first avoid cleaning the car’s exterior.

Cleaning the interior first, in our opinion, is preferable since you’ll have a cleaner and dry floor to work on. Alternatively, you can seek professional auto detailing services to get things done in perfection.


Professional car washers can advise you on how to clean automobiles when you are on the run. We have illustrated several scenarios in which it’s best to clean the car interior first and vice versa. But it all comes down to you in the end. If you think you’ll do a better job cleaning the outside first, go ahead and do it. However, hiring professional auto detailing services for the best interior car cleaning in Calgary or elsewhere is highly recommended.

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