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Squid game is a high rated and most seen TV series of 2021. Fans of this season are actively looking for squid game APK download. People want to play 456 survival game on an android mobile. That is why, game developers have published a variety of squid games in the play store.

What is the Squid Game?

If you are not familiar with the squid game? Don’t worry, we are here to let you know about it. Squid survival challenge is a top-rated TV series of Netflix. 111 million new users have joined Netflix to only see squid games. This season has only 9 episodes and you can easily watch the complete season in one time. We suggest you first watch this TV series. Then you’ll automatically search for squid game apk download to play it on your android phone.

Types of Squid Games

Actually, there are 6 games in this season. Red light green light is on the famous survival game of this Tv serial. There are more interesting and thrilling games that also engage users. Because every game has its own taste of thrill to win or die. It is a 456 survival game in which players have to perform every task accurately and wisely to win.

Here are all types of squid games:

  • Dalgona candy sugar honeycombs
  • Marbles
  • Red light green light
  • Tug-of-war
  • Glass stepping stones 
  • Squid game

After watching the series, you’ll realize that one of these games is your favorite from now on. And you want to play that game on your mobile by downloading the squid survival game apk mod.

Squid Game APK Download

There are dozens of squid game apps available on play store and apple store. It is up to the taste of users which type of squid game they want to play. Most players love to perform as 456 player to survive in red green light survival running games. But you can also find other games on store.

456 survival game is a new idea in the rush of similar squid games. It will make you crazy to run and jump to collect coins and avoid killing dolls and other enemies. It is not added to the first season of squid game. But after playing this squid survival game, you’ll wish to see this 456 survival run challenge actually in upcoming season 2 of squid games.

456 survival game

Theme of 456 survival run game

Idea of this mobile game is unique from the original squid games. It is not a red light green light game or dalgona candy type game. Developers of this 456 survival run game have enhanced the gameplay of survival running and squid dolls.

First of all, you are not a 456 player, you are an enemy and you have to survive from killing dolls and other enemies. It is fun to play as a powerful squid enemy and compete with squid doll in squid game apk download.

Moreover, it is an endless survival running game for android. It means you are not bound to complete a specific task. You are an endless survival runner and you have to survive to gain a high score on the leaderboard. If you have played the same type of squid mobile games. And looking for unique and new squid survival challenge. We are sure this squid game apk download will make your day.

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