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A missed abortion is when the fetus or embryo perishes in the uterus. The episode is usually unknown until medical tests and scans prove it. Thus, it is possible for a woman to not know about the same due to lack of symptoms. While the surgical method is the first choice for emptying the uterus in this case, many may choose abortion pills.

For a regular pregnancy termination, you can Buy MTP Kit Online and get both Mifepristone and Misoprostol. But for a missed abortion you can depend on Misoprostol tablets solely. You have to take the tablets either buccally or vaginally. The former intake method is the safest, with fewer side effects.

Misoprostol was originally developed for non-gynecological use. It was meant for gastric ulcers and to prevent nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medicines. Eventually, it was also found effective to end an early pregnancy. It is a synthetic prostaglandin E1 analog in contrast to the anti-progesterone abortion pill – Mifepristone.

In this post, we will discuss why women choose Misoprostol pills over surgical methods to treat a missed abortion, how to use the tablets, the effects, success rate, risks, contraindications, and a lot more.

Misoprostol Pills vs. Surgical Evacuation

Surgical evacuation has a success rate of around 95%. But to deal with a missed abortion, you will need hospitalization in this case. Now there are several complications associated with surgical tools and anesthesia. Some women are not comfortable with these aspects.

Also, there is always a risk, even if slight, for infection, injury to the vagina or cervix, disrupted fertility, and others. So, to avoid all this chaos, many opt for Misoprostol pills from the MTP Kit rather than undergoing an invasive treatment. It is possible to take the pills at home, preferably in the company of a reliable person.

But having someone over during a pregnancy termination is not necessary. It only acts as an added precaution, rather than assistance in case of an emergency. Not to mention, a friend or trustable individual during the event can also help with emotional and psychological support.

You have to take 600 to 800 mcg of Misoprostol buccally, or as advised by your doctor. Keep the pills in the cheek pouch so that they will melt gradually. Intake of the contents without water after 30 minutes. After a certain duration, you will start bleeding vaginally.

If the medicine works, the uterine contractions will force the pregnancy portions to emerge from the vagina. To tackle bleeding, you must use large sanitary pads. In case of abdominal cramps and pain in the body, go for over-the-counter or prescription pain medications.

Administration Routes for Misoprostol Pills

When performing a medical abortion, the doctor advises intake of Mifepristone and Misoprostol tablets. But this is not so in the case of a missed abortion. Here, combined usage of tablets can cause excessive bleeding. Thus, single-use of Misoprostol is much better as per studies and researches.

  • The administration mode for this medication is sublingual, oral, or vaginal
  • The dosage ranges from 100-800 mcg
  • Vaginal and oral are the most acceptable administration routes for missed abortions

Precautions to Follow

It is important to know the pros and cons of MTP Kit use or Misoprostol use in a missed abortion. Though it is not mandatory to get admitted to a hospital to take the medication, you must follow other precautions. For instance, if you notice signs of infection or heavy bleeding, then do not avoid an immediate visit to emergency care.

Do keep a stock of anti-emetics and painkillers to cope with the side effects of the medicine. After 2 weeks of the treatment, it is a must to follow up with your physician. A physical examination of the uterus is necessary to know the status of abortion. If Misoprostol abortion fails, then you have to

Risks of Misoprostol Use in a Missed Abortion

While medical abortion is the choice of several women, this method has a set of cons as well. If immediate intervention is necessary, then medicines are not the primary choice. In this case, surgical evacuation will work better. Also, excessive bleeding from the missed abortion can ask for blood transfusion.

So, discuss with your doctor the right choice to go with here. Misoprostol pills work if you miss an abortion in the first 10 weeks of pregnancy. After this duration, it is better to stick with surgical evacuation. The medical method is not eligible to deal with pregnancy growth from the second trimester onward.

Contraindications to Abortion Pills

In an early miscarriage or missed abortion where pregnancy is less than 14 weeks, an ultrasound scan is mandatory. This will help to detect the kind of pregnancy the person has. Misoprostol is not viable for use if a person has an ectopic pregnancy. Also, this medication is not for females with pelvic infections, allergic to the medicine ingredient, sepsis, unstable hemodynamic, and other serious health issues.

The female must not have a history of cesarean section, uncontrollable hypertension, bronchial asthma, mitral stenosis, use of non-steroidal medicines, glaucoma, and no access to hospitals. If you take any over-the-counter products, have a history of substance abuse, then confirm the safety of these with your doctor before taking MTP Kit pills.

To Sum it Up

If you want a non-surgical method to treat a missed abortion, then you can take Misoprostol pills. 800 mcg dose in case of vaginal administration, and 600 mcg in case of the sublingual route of intake works well. But there is more research required to know the right amount of dose to clear the uterus of pregnancy parts.

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