Obtaining evidence in difficult-to-reach locations

The technology available to private researchers has evolved over the years.

Smartphones, social networks, and Google (Search, Maps, Earth, and Street View) have revolutionized the way private search organizes and performs local searches.

A recent change is when the camera decides to fly. Also called drones, also known as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). Our Drone services Rensselaer NY can be defined as long-distance passenger vehicles.

Modern drones are inexpensive, reliable, and provide high-quality photos/videos. They can fly right away, see things humans can’t see and are very easy to use. Drones can also be used commercially, requiring users to obtain a minimum Remote Vehicle Driver’s License.

There are many reasons to fly drones, including search, photography, conservation, search and rescue, incident reporting, and development planning.

Private researchers are still starting to use this technology.

The 5 main uses of drones as a private explorer and RePl host are:

1. Spot Inspections

It’s helpful to know as much as we can about a place before we go, although some places are considerably more cautious than others.

Instead of driving by a location in the car or walking past and risking being spotted, we can safely and legally launch the drone up to 120 meters in the air, collect the data you need, and land it in a couple of minutes or less.

2. Gathering Information

Whether it’s capturing video or images from a safe distance while seeing more than ever before, or catching someone doing something they shouldn’t, a drone may be a wonderful means of obtaining proof of stolen property or catching someone doing something they shouldn’t be doing.

In most circumstances, the image and video quality of a respectable drone is on par with, if not better than, that of most smartphones, and will be enough to offer proof.

3. Challenging Terrain

On large-scale rural tasks, you’ll frequently be forced to leave the comfort of your office or automobile, and you may even have to walk long miles to go where you need to go. For a variety of reasons, having a drone with you is a wonderful tool. You could want to send a drone ahead of time to locate the optimal path, assuming there is one.

Lost? Send the drone up in the air to get a better perspective of the route back to a landmark or major road.

4. Rescue and Search

Drone services in Rensselaer have the ability to see far and wide, something an investigator on foot does not have. As a result, our drone service is an excellent ally. Due to resource, geographical, or weather constraints, it is not always possible to get a helicopter into the air when people are missing, injured, or in crisis.

Drones might be deployed to assess the situation and direct on-foot rescue attempts.

5. Inspections of the scene

Individuals, enterprises, and corporations are concerned about car accidents, natural catastrophes, insurance claims, and risk assessments, to name a few. Private investigators are frequently hired to do a variety of scene investigations, but they didn’t have much more than a camera, a notepad, and some measuring tape until recently.

With our drone services, Rensselaer NYin the air, the inspector can now easily demonstrate a larger region from a previously unattainable viewpoint.

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