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Having a Tegaderm tattoo dressing provides a barrier against dirt, external agents, and friction. As it is completely breathable requires very varied aspects. Choosing a design and style, a good tattoo artist, the area. And, most importantly, doing good tattoo aftercare to make sure it heals well and looks perfect. Which will prevent us from having to do a review of it or a cover-up. In this article, we tell you how a tattoo heals and how a healing bandage can help you improve the process.


A tattoo is nothing more than an open wound on your skin that should be treated initially like any other. Hygiene is key to keeping the area free of infections. Clean the tattoo with lukewarm water and neutral soap. At least twice a day and pat dry with a soft towel, without dragging. During the first days, you may notice the swollen and red area around the tattoo. Something that is totally normal and should not worry you

Little by little, scabs will form on the tattoo. Great care! You don’t have to remove or touch them. Maintain daily cleaning and a good level of hydration with healing cream to stimulate healing. And cover it with transparent Tegaderm tattoo film. to avoid any friction or contamination of the wound.

When you begin to notice that the tattoo area itches. you will have entered a new phase of healing, the most annoying and that lasts approximately a week. Do not scratch the area to avoid damaging the tattoo. And continue cleaning the area and giving moisturizer. From the fourth day after you start noticing the itching. The discomfort will subside because the skin will be starting to regenerate.


This is the normal healing process of a tattoo, a process that we can facilitate. By using a healing dressing such as a Tegaderm tattoo. This healing dressing keeps your body’s natural fluids. And enzymes trapped to enhance healing. Your own fluids help keep the dermis hydrated. While breaking down and removing dead tissue much more efficiently and quickly. Then with the traditional method.


The Tegaderm tattoo dressing provides a barrier against dirt, external agents, and friction. As it is completely breathable. It eliminates the proliferation of bacteria in the wound area. By allowing the passage of oxygen. This reduces itching and the appearance of scabs. Which substantially minimizes our discomfort and completes the healing process much sooner.


The complete treatment for the correct healing of a tattoo. With Tegaderm tattoo is completed in six days using only three dressings. The first of them is placed in the study. Just when they finish doing the tattoo, you will not be able to remove it until 24 hours later. Remove it very carefully in the direction of the hairline. Apply a skin regenerating cream. Let the area air out for 30 minutes and then wash it With warm water and neutral soap. Without using sponges and drying it carefully the dressing could come off.

Place your second Tegaderm dressing and do not remove it until 48 hours later. When this time passes, you must repeat the process exactly the same. And finish by placing the third dressing that you will use. Remove it at 72 hours. After these three days, your tattoo will be completely healed and will not bother you.

Tegaderm tattoo

Tegaderm tattoo holds in the body’s normal dampness and mending proteins. Permitting the body to recuperate itself in the most productive way conceivable. After the skin has been harmed, mending components are delivered. To help separate dead tissue and reconstruct new tissue.

Under typical conditions, these mending components evaporate and dissipate which lessens their adequacy. At the point when this occurs, longer recuperating times are required. And scabbing and scarring happen. Tegaderm secures these recuperating components and permits the skin to keep on working as would be expected. Because the gauze is porous to oxygen and water fume (breathable).

Likewise, the Tegaderm tattoo secures against soil and microbes while taking out a contact. And different aggravations that may additionally obstruct the mending system.

You will leave your Tegaderm on for 3-5 days, contingent upon your professional’s proposal. Tegaderm is extraordinary for tattoos. Since it is low-upkeep and can decrease mending time. It is water-safe, so you can shower with it on. However, attempt to keep it out of the water as much as could be expected and keep cleansers/body items from it.

Tegaderm in the shower

You will need to painstakingly eliminate the Tegaderm in the shower. Make certain to gradually roll or pull it away from your skin; DO NOT scam it like a Band-Aid. Cautiously spotless the tattoo with a gentle non-scented antibacterial cleanser on the off chance that you have touchy skin. Circle back to a light layer of moisturizer or tattoo aftercare. Tenderly wash your new tattoo with warm water and a gentle unscented antibacterial cleanser. Try not to scour with a wash towel or luffa – tenderly wash the tattoo with your spotless fingertips. Make a point to delicately wash away the blood and plasma. Wipe off with a perfect paper towel or permit the tattoo to air dry. Before applying treatment for the initial 2 days before for all time changing to moisturizer. You will do this 3-5 times each day as your tattoo mends.

It is typical for the Tegaderm to load up with plasma colored dark/brown by the ink. Make certain to watch out for your Tegaderm tattoo to not ensure anything gets caught underneath it. If the liquid begins to spill out of the wrap or an unfamiliar substance gets caught under it. Cautiously eliminate the swathe, wash your tattoo, and keep up with your normal aftercare.

Tattoo out of direct daylight

Make certain to keep your new tattoo out of direct daylight and messy conditions (this incorporates the ocean side). Try not to lower your new tattoo submerged until it is completely recuperated (2-3 weeks). Totally try not to swim in pools, hot tubs, seas, and lakes.

After you’ve eliminated the Tegaderm and cleaned your new tattoo, it ought to be for the most part mended. The tattoo will start to strip inside the several days. Try not to pick or scratch. You will need to wash it 1-2x every day. And keep it saturated with a non-scented moisturizer. Like Lubriderm Daily Moisture or Palmer’s Cocoa Butter equation body cream. Or a tattoo aftercare item (like Griffin, Redemption, or Hustle Butter). Until it is completely mended. Once recuperated, make certain to consistently apply SPF while in the sun to forestall blurring.

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