Picking up Google line of smart assistant speakers is a very good idea for the beginners as well as versatility lovers. Many Google assistant speakers come loaded with the plethora of functionalities that is not commonly found in others. Counting on Google speakers for home is indeed a smart decision as you can nearly get most features packed in a single device. 

Every year, with the evolving technology, newer devices are created and formed for an even better human lifestyle. Smart hub speakers are one of the productive and essential addition in the tech gadgets that can help enhance your daily activities. Whether it’s a mere cleanup or accessing crucial latest google information, everything can be done through voice. 

Today, we have gathered two of our most favorite Google Assistant speakers for your home, and even workspace. If you are on the hunt of finding best voice smart speakers, you are just right on time, at the right spot.  

Google Nest Mini Smart Bluetooth Speaker SPECS 

Speakers: 40-millimeter Size: 3.7 x 1.7 inches Wireless: 2.4/5 GHz, driver Ports: None, Bluetooth 

The Google Nest Mini is a compact stunner that can fit it almost any corner or space of your room. From having it adjust on your bedroom side table to dining room TV table or just a sofa table, you can get things done from anywhere. Besides, you can expect double bass quality, an additional microphone, and an in-house learning chip from this Bluetooth speaker. 

Moreover, the Nest Mini has various offerings including Google Assistant, voice-control, incredible sound quality and mountable design. You can use Google Assistant to check weather update, set reminders or alarms, manage schedules, and ask to google literally anything. The voice instruction lets the smart speaker control lights, switch on/off electrical gadgets such as thermostats, TVs, radio. The voice recognition in this speaker has also been improved for a better understanding  

The volume buttons on the top of the Google Nest Mini are almost invisible and have touch controls. There is also a physical switch that lets you manage whether you want to turn on the microphone. If you don’t want Google to listen your instructions, you can just turn off the microphone button. In addition, Nest is available in four gorgeous colours including chalk, charcoal grey, sky blue and coral orange. The colors range of the speakers is pretty impressive for variating atmosphere and spaces. 

Google Nest Hub (2nd Generation) 

Screen: 7-in (1024 x 600p), Camera: No  Outputs: 3.5mm,  Wi-fi: Yes, 5.0  Dimensions (hwd): 12 x 18 x 7cm  Weight: 558g, Bluetooth: Yes 

 The Google Nest Hub is probably the best Smart speaker relatively and brings through a lot of features for its users. Its touchscreen comes in a 7-inch size that is bigger just by a margin than the largest iPhone screen. A lot of functionalities added into the Google Nest Hub are great for professionals, working individuals and busy people. 

The highlighting feature which is the Google Assistant of this Nest smart speaker follows all the instructions effortlessly. There is also sleep sensing tech included in this Smart speaker that can analyse your sleeping patterns and identify scheduled alarms. You can quite easily manage schedules by setting reminders, making appointments through the assistant feature. The integrated chip into the speaker can tell how much sleep you got and how restful it was by measuring your middle of the sleep activities.  

No matter the sound quality of the Google Nest Hub is kept at its best, if not amazing. But there are certainly couple of extra features that you will find in this speaker including motion sensor, streaming support, sleep monitoring, turning on/off electric motors and more. The valuable screen adds to the greater usability of the device within an affordable price factor. 

Google Nest Audio – Google Assistant Speakers

Ports: None, Wireless: 2.4/5 GHz, Speakers: 75-mm woofer, Size: 6.89 x 4.89 x 3.07 inches, 19-mm tweeter, Bluetooth 

Shom Dom The Google Nest speaker is reasonable, at least more than a lot of its siblings and competitors. You still get every ounce of smart hub functionality with the classic audio quality in this one. In fact, the added woofer is quite an enhancement for listening to audio and high-bass music. The neat and tidy exterior compliments the cloth fabric exterior and also has aesthetic pleasance. 

More so, the Google Nest Audio proves to be a great in-home device for usual everyday chores. In terms of features, it packs a punch and does not hold back in providing a good loud sound experience. You can count on it for updates, reminders, appointments and all the Google assistance. The Google assistant has quite a speedy response that helps in finding users their favorite music or getting updates while you are in hurry. 

The Google Nest audio is an ideal choice for everyday to moderate users and comes with a good package of features. More than that, it is much easier to operate and hears the instructions quickly and accurately. The background speaker audio in this one is kept at a better quality which makes up for the bit higher price it has got.  

Bottom LineGoogle Assistant Speakers

The best Google Assistant smart speakers are worth every penny, especially if you are concerned with making your everyday life works easy. The above-mentioned speakers are great to use at home whether you are a professional or a casual homie. Not only these speakers will help making your life easy in many ways but are also affordable for a broad range of customers. 

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